To Those Blaming Capitalism for Our Problems: We Haven't Had Capitalism in a Century

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Well, I'm okay with that claim as you long as you also don't claim that all of the lovely technology that we have is because of capitalism.

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yeah dude 1916 was great getting blown to pieces by shrapnel for your country's royal family is what we should all aim for


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What about salon? Is salon legit left?

Salon is liberal trash

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It's genuinely pissing me off how correct he thinks he is. So fucking delusional

I swear, none of the idiots who claim that the nineteenth century was "true capitalism" have ever bothered to open a history book. It is not like it was any better that right now. Between the slavery and the genocides, the era was a string of economic collapses, which is remarkable since it had three entire continents to expand into. Capitalism flies apart without all the state intervention and regulations that they hate so much.


Dont be so sectarian

Well that's because lolberts are historically illiterate

Well it's not really shocking that a man who went to a mental asylum for smoking spice so he's pretty much another drug addled Sam Hyde alt right type. The alt right sure attracts a lot of ugly don't you think?

*ugly people

Wow, guys, it wasn't real capitalism!