Idpol vs. Idpol: Vidya edition


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That was an awesome petition, it really triggers bigots even more.

Considering the lead writer confirmed there are multiple LGBT heroes i cant wait for the homophobe tears, i mean the "i am not a homophobe and i dont care but i ll have an emotional reaction over a gay fictional character but will try to pretend it isnt personal by making up excuses"

Your comrades won't like it seeing as almost every communist country was/is homophobic.

I don't give a shit either way and I never will. Go back to Holla Forums if you care about dumb petty shit like the sexual orientation of a fictional character

Pretty much

What was your reaction? #Overwatch

05%I like Tracer less now.
20%I like Tracer more now.
75%It doesn't matter to me.

5,329 votes

Only a tiny autistic minority cries about it, most of us are either happy or dont give a shit

but sjw's always complain about shit like this, they call it whitewashing

We already have a thread about this. Overwatch is a bland generic shooter that was clearly designed by commmite anyway. It's not worth sperging out over.

Nah sjws are happy, outside an even bigger minority that whines because she was the safe choice.

Most of the people causing shit is homophobes and the "i am not a homophobe but i ll whine about it cuz i totally dont have a problems"

I'd tell you to take this to Holla Forums, but I hear there is an infestation of pic related. Anybody know of a good board to discuss vidya that isn't?

As opposed to glorious capitalist countries, which were of being homosex paradise!

I am nazbol who believes in CIVIC nationalism. I don't care if your a white straight guy or a multiracial demisexual transman. I just think we should prioritize class or idpol.

I don't care about overwatch or the sexuality of the characters *I don't even care if it gives me visability as a Bisexual person** Like I said with post above, these people could be doing actual changes through class struggle but instead are concerning themselves with pointless identity bullshit.

Because games no longer obsess over gameplay, they have multiple aspects.

A good gameplay game with shitty graphics or story wont go that far unless it hits some autistic market like minecraft.

And the game from the getgo had a progressive theme if you read the comics and watched the trailers, and we slowly learned more about each hero, this was planned.

I meant that the people who make these god-awful petitions could be spending the time raising class conscience or making a soup kitchen.
Instead they're complaining online about

It is literally a joke, and the people who make petitions are an incredibly tiny minority i dont see your point


fuck off solomon

It's socdems', like you, fault that the class struggle has been actively obscured. You have nothing to blame but the ruling ideologies that a majority of devs aren't hardened Marxists.
Petty-bourgeois feel-good lifestylism. Stop posting.

Upsetting reactionaries is just going to entrenches them further. If you're doing this centering around video games, you are doing this to a lot of kiddos who might still be open to coming over to the left. This also puts emphasis on highly personal shit like sexuality as fit subject matter for politics. To be truly emancipatory or empowering or whatever, activism should seek to remove identity's relevance to politics. This liberal shit is a problem beneath the surface narrative because it reinforces the liberal/conservative paradigm. It's exactly the kind of thing we should be jump on at this point in history when both liberal and conservative ideologies are weakening. Leftists should, whenever this kind of subject comes up, interject for a moment to draw attention to class and point out the narrow band of the political spectrum in which the argument is happening.


While I do think it would be funny, its a waste of energy to bother doing this kind of shit.

Good post.

They no longer bother trying to improve gameplay either. Nothing ever offers much of a challenge apart from the rare game like Ninja Gaiden which is based on an eighties franchise that was notoriously difficult. Instead we get pretty graphics and a cookie cutter story making us wonder why we did not just put a movie on instead.

In an army, people identify by their rank, in a football match, by their position on the field.

The SJW obsession with sexual orientation can be explained by this, it's a pornographic ideology.

Also, it smells like "trolling for a good cause" which is always shit.

Which bigots? Because almost no one gave a shit, so much so that the indie clique literally wrote fanfic about a raging homophobic nerd.

Someone made a good post a few months ago about how gone home was basically just voyeriusm. I'll post the screencap from my laptop later.

I dont actually care about them being gay, I just dislike that all the cool masculine girls have to be lesbians. It really enforces the stereotype.

That would actually be pretty funny. Gamer boys usually cannot handle gay male characters,especially if they are not stereotypically gay looking.

No point in an ass like that if dick isn't going in it

If course she is bi. White 15 year old males (i.e. Overwatch players) love bi girls.

Blizzard is just bringing the canon in line with what's been long-ago established by the legendary likes of Sinner, Incase, etc.


Nobodys really cared in the past. Plenty of gay characters in mainstream games over the years. The narrative that nerd media has ever been more racist or sexist then mainstream media has never made any sense to me. It's always been fairly progressivie. It's just click bait bullshit.

Nah blizzard on twitter said she is a lesbian, nott bi

This nigga here

Archetypes aren't stereotypes


makes sense