What was your first guild after pic related?

what was your first guild after pic related?

Mage's Guild. I was playing a wizard!

Fighter's Guild. No rat would stand before me.

I wanted to fug pic related.

Went to the fighters guild. Then when I realized I could get free stuff there, I hooked up with the mages guild, too, just for the free stuff.

Fighters guild




I just went straight to the fighters guild on my first playthrough.


Imperial Legion of course.


Thieves Guild

I set all the main quest papers on a barrel the moment I got out of the tutorial and never touched them again. Empire is for faggots.

Mage's because I made a lizard wizard.

Ok niggers, which house is the best house?

inb4 Sixth house.

House Telvanni, because wise autistic wizards.
In terms of architecture House Hlaalu is the best dough, at least from the 3 houses in the game, but their name is retarded.


Do I need to be a dark elf to join one of the houses?

Redoran obviously. Wizards ain't shit.

No, you could be a literal ligger and still join them.

He tells you to gather information and get good since at the start he doesn't have a complete picture of the situation in Vvardenfell to actually give you any orders and because the PC was just up until recently an emaciated prisoner.

Compared to Skyrim where you're killing a literal dragon at level 3.

Do you mean "nigger" as in Redguards (black), "nigger" as in Nords (niggers), or "tigger" as in Khajiit?

a liger is a crossbreed if a lion and a tiger, the fuck do you think he means

Any of those and you could outright be an argonian and still join, they are basically fantasy ancaps.

No, I mean 'ligger' as in 'lizard nigger' as in 'argonian.'

It could also mean little nigger, bosmer.
Or lanky nigger, Altmer
Or legion nigger, Imperials
Brenton's are alright.
And you don't need any special word to refer to Orcs.

This user just found the apex racial slur in the Elder Scrolls universe.

I know what kind of culture vidya is in right now, but I'm pretty disappointed that Elder Scrolls in general isn't more racist since in the lore they undoubtedly are. The game would feel more alive if, as a ligger, you didn't have access to some guilds, inns, shops and some quest lines.

This. There should have been more actual consequences for being a foreigner. They even let Argonians and Orcs join the fucking Morag Tong.

All the houses are full of smug elves living in decadence. I swore to destroy them all.

It's all Todd Howard.

I first heard the word ligger in Space Station 13, and it felt like a good way to address argnonians.

In the beginning at least. In the example of Morrowind, once you work your way to becoming the Nerevarine any negative relations you have due to your race disappear, besides maybe some flavor text from major NPCs.

Fighter's Guild

mage because teleport

I really wanted to be a Dunmer supremacist and join the Sixth House, and really thought that would be an option. Such a bummer that it wasn't.

fighters because I heard that was basically the tutorial for the game, then went mages after a friend showed me the art of making spells.

The imperial cult

Dark Brotherhood! WE KNOW xd