Capitalism is Great

Capitalism has lifted more people out of poverty than any other system. This is an undeniable fact.

Milton "free enterprise includes child trade" Friedman

Yeh it was produced by slave labor in the south, soooo is this an argument for slavery ?

pretty sure the islamic caliphates, and Rome had lower rates of poverty while subsequently being centuries older.

as well as the genocide, and relocation of natives, and stealing about all of mexico's land from them

It's Friedman. Do you really want to know the answer?

And - no. It's not slave labor alone. There has been Hamilton's economic policies (state intervention, yes), among other things. After all, it's primarily industrial North that has been "making US great".


The wealth of the south was destroyed after the war of northern aggression. It was free enterprise afterward that built all the wealth.


That's not so much "capitalism" as Judaism.

so if your socialist system was made on genocide would you support it?

Not an argument.

make up your mind Holla Forums

People are poor because the are lazy, lack intelligence, or any valuable skills. Why should I support those parasites?

Jews are jews, if capitalism brings them power, they will capitalists, if communism brings an opportunity, they will be communists. You're looking at ideology from a protestant perspective, they don't share such.

The cotton economy was the base of all the economic development of the US don't forget that this cotton was labor free so it was pure super profit

Dunno fam if your economic system require the enslavement or systematic killing of the people to function it seems for that it is a bit JUST a little bit unethical.

The people working 40 hours a week are anything but lazy. They run society.
No. They are poor because of exploitation and the stratified nature of capitalism.
Capitalists are the parasites living off the labour of the workers.

It's always enlightening to see how bourgeois and middle class Holla Forums is.

We're not buying your antisemitic crap. Jews are no different to anyone else.

Remind me again when the war of northern aggression started. What was the value in 1900. The south was destroyed.

The reason Holla Forums hates capitalism is because it benefits white people the most.

But you do believe they are, when whites are over represented, it proves there being a conspiracy of white supremacy, when jews are vastly more over represented than whites, any such suggestion is anti-semetic conspiracy. For the philo-semite, the jew is a magical creature than break every bound of logic, for the anti-semite, they are equals among the races.

But nigga without that tasty free labor the US has no chance to become a superpower, with out slavery the us will become a second tier economy.

chose one plz poltard.

Are you trying to suggest that what little value cotton actually had, gave rise to the US today. That's retarded. The US wasn't even remotely wealthy in the 1800's.

That is nothing to do with questions of white over-representation. It refers to an ingrained political and social system of discrimination and racism at all levels.

Why do you think we oppose Zionism?

Capitalism was a vast improvement over feudalism, which was in turn better than ancient societal structures. Now capitalism is unnecessary and is degrading society instead of improving it.

Neoliberalism is the embodiment of this decay.

stop it.


this. capitalism is a part of human development. but it's been decaying for well over a century

Is that why it won over communism?

It does since it is constantly presented as evidence of said system of discrimination. If there is such a system, it discriminates against goyim. If the whites truly ruled as you said, then it would be them that aren't allowed to be criticized.

Capitalism dominated the world and socialists faced an uphill struggle from the start, yet we still did pretty well. A temporary setback. Capitalism didn't spring into existence overnight.

Yes, because we're talking about a football match, not revolutions and wide-ranging socioeconomic changes that encounter global opposition, failure, corruption etc.
I'm sure capitalism sprung up immediately in the western world, worked flawslessly and didn't cause any violent counter-reaction.

What the fuck is it with burgers and Chavez's little shit show? Even if we do accept that it is socialist (which it isn't), it isn't even close to the kind of fuckups that tankies have managed before.

Hell, even Bolivia is doing okay, despite professing the exact same "socialism of the 21st century". And muh free market has openly failed the people of Honduras, but that doesn't make for a convenient argument.

by who, liberals and other idpol fools?
criticism of white supremacy is cracked down on though. look at the Black Panthers. plenty of whites also recognise racism and take a stand against it. redneck revolt