I want to ask you lefties something:

I want to ask you lefties something:

Why do you really believe in communism?
The communism without a state?
Don't you know that it does not work?

Thing is: you want to create a society in which the worker doesn't have to work under such strict conditions as they supposedly do under capitalism, they should be able to not work and not get prosecuted, right? Thing is this WILL create a scarcity of resources, don't tell me that it's a spook to want to relax for an hour. Even without the scarcity, under communism, you'd be assigned the tools and products of the most minimal quality, since it's enough to live and work. Entertainment isn't a thing in stateless communism, since the workforce has to be focused on actual resource refinement and production, because entertainment isn't vital to surviving, you wouldn't have luxury either, no good clothes, not more or better food, not a bigger house, because the resources have to be spared and used when the community really need them.
In capitalism, it's a bit different, the production is aimed for efficiency, better tools and "lower cost", you also have luxury and entertainment, since those are things that interest exist for. The living standards are relative to your buy-power. Everybody could join, anybody can start a business.

Why isn't moderate capitalism the thing for you to go for, tell me.

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The only time I could communism be actually beneficial would be in an anarchist atmosphere, in which it's actually beneficial to you to support others. I.e. tribes.

Are you dumb? Capitalists seek to extract the most out of every individual worker, that means minimal leisure time bub. With work distributed according to needs and wants instead of profit you can expect more leisure time, not less. With the amount of automation and worker productivity we have now we should be expecting to work a lot less, capitalism's drive to maximize profits is to blame for the endless toil of work. Mein fucking gott OP

Anybody but not everybody. We can't have everyone self-employed under capitalism.
But that's the aim of socialism.

You are a real slow one, you can easily implement a minimum wage and worker-groups, it's all not a problem. It really isn't. Back in the day, the wage was $1.25, which would be $25+ today. Productivity rises and income stays the same, the reason is the abolishment of the gold backed dollar.

Ah, but thats where you make a mistake in your reasoning.

If you are tlaking to marxists, not anarchists, they will tell you that you cannot achieve communism until you can fullfill that fact. If you can't fill positions with volunteers, dont abolish money yet.

>stateless communism is no luxery because i say so
No, why? This just goes off your initial false assumption that communism (which is inherently stateless, so you dont need to put it in front of it) is poor as dirt, which is false.

No. Capitalists production is focussed on profit, nothing less, nothing more. That it may coincide with other effects, bad or good, are not inherit, and for every example where it does good there is an example where it does the opposite. but lolberts call it crony capitalism if its bad

No. Starting a business takes money, which workers dont have, it takes reserves in money to feed yourself, it takes connections etc. You are then up against the big corporations and the establishment which dont want you to take a part of their market share, so they will pull every trick in the book to fuck you over and out of the game.

And even if you, a lone worker, slave away for 20 years to cobble a small bussiness and grow it to a decent size, this doesn't change anything. For someone to be the boss, others must be the slaves. And ask yourself this. Why should you be required to slave away if what you do is supposedly "good for society" IE produce goods people want. Why do you have to suffer so much, while the rich kids get small loans of a million dollars, why must you subjugate generation after generation to this meaningless suffering when the goal is to produce goods society wants, with efficient methods, so that standards of living improve.

Why is capitalism, the private ownership of the means of production, required for all the good stuff you talk about? Doesn't a market-socialist system does all of this but much better? Everybody qualified can get a position, everybody gets a vote in how it is run, everybody is a stakeholder in the economy and your effort reflect back on your pay.

Why do you need a boss who steals from you, will try to fuck you over when you start your own business, just to make commodities for society? Why does your boss have the right to the work you did, the better tools you made, the inefficiency you designed away, just because his name happens to be on some piece of paper?

You know goddamn well that the bootstraps meme is bullshit and that the rich kids get richer and it has got nothing to do with hard work. Unless you think your corporate overlord works 1000x harder than you, which you can then explain to me. And no, he doesn't run any risk, he has a limited liability company and stashes of money and gold. Even if his company goes under, he has plenty of stuff to retire on, while you will get kicked out of your house because you can't pay the mortgage anymore.

You do realise that the memes of production are already owned by the population and that everybody can found their own corporations, funding those corporations is easy: tax cuts for investors.

Nigger are you for real? Do you even know how the economy works?

Now that's a meme if I ever saw one.

Reading comprehension = 0/10

Oh god its a fucking ancap again.

>Just need to incentive investors.

Tell me, genius, why not just say fuck those investors, confiscate their money and invest it as a collective society?

Gulag OP please

Do you autists actually believe I'm for full-on capitalism? No! Of course it wouldn't be good for most, that's why you search for the middle, moderate capitalism is right. The only way you commies would actually be able to create a working society would be without scarcity of resources and a large amount of iron workers.

We will send you to a moderate gulag where you will get 20 lashes instead of 30

Are you one of those "It's corporatism! NOT true capitalism!" guys?

You don't know shit about capitalism or socialism.

Another good point to write off your ideology again: conform or die/ we will all die. In capitalism, you only get fired at most, you still have some capital and you could easily get employed again, start your own business or anything else.


The state and the corporations shouldn't work together against the worker.
That's mainly what's happening right now, the state should protect the worker with, at least, minimal safety and social requirements and stay out of the businesses' business.

Read a book you dumb cuck

The "middle" is called socialism, not [prefix] capitalism. As in, the middle of the journey from capitalism towards communism.

Capitalism as an economic system has inherent properties that make it impossible for it to ever be stable or be "moderate". The following is an example why, in simple terms:

Except, you know, become homeless, starve, get imprisoned. And ehm, oh yea if I made enough money to "just start my own bussiness" I wouldn't have been working for some parasite, I would have started my own business. But I dont make enough money, so I cant make a company to compete with my boss, so I have to work for him, which lowers the wages, which means I dont make enough money to start a bussiness to compete with him. Convenient isn't it, and that all without "cronyism".

The corporations shouldn't exist as a separate anti-almost-everyone force. It is completely unnecessary to society and causes unnecessary friction and problems.


Actually read what I write faggot, there should be help for the work-less and investments for the small businesses. It's SO easy, why do you not grasp the concept of moderate capitalism that does not progressively get less moderate like Islam, because maybe the state cares about the population?



Gulag is a meme and we pretty much do not like the way the Soviet Union was run.

In socialism, your basic needs will be guaranteed. Most workers live paycheck to paycheck, nobody has any money saved.


That's why it's part of the population's property, not some invisible class that you can't enter or that has more rights than you.

No it doesn't, it cares about the ruling class. Even in the most social democratic nations on earth, the politicians are in the pockets of the rich, getting cozy jobs after they retire politics.

And I already live in "social democratic paradise" and its still shit.

That's communism for you.

Speak for yourself. Liberals and reactionaries belong in slave camps.

Fascists are liberals

Thats communism for you

It's shut because it's social.
The state has to serve it's populace, especially in democracy.

Actually, apart from the "invisible" that is EXACTLY what is the reality of the world. We actually have a pretty clear picture of who is and isn't in "it" because its simple to define in terms of their relation to the means of production.

colonies were a mistake

Do you live and breathe memes? Starting a small business is not a realistic or reliable option. The whole point of the bourgeois class is to make sure as few people "make it" as possible. That means one of them has to become poorer.


You don't even know what communism is and you keep throwing the term around.

Yet it doesn't under capitalism. It doesn't do it in social democrat paradise either, so what makes you think the state is going to do so simply because you want it to?

The world isnt a game where you can set rules that everybody will magically follow, neither compassion nor NAP.

Oh shit, what are you doing? I'm not from America.

West germany is now full of turks and muzzies, while east germany isnt

How does this make you feel

Whites are getting displaced

Wow this asshat managed to contradict himself in the same sentence


I don't "believe" in communism. I want to make it happen before the rich go full genocidal on the rest of us.

State not state. State apparatus will still exist.

Given capitalism's contradictions, it is the only thing that can work.

What will bring about communism is most people's inability to find work.

This already happens under capitalism. Most people can't afford the best. Most can't even afford the basic.

You seem to think that communism requires full employment, when in reality it's the opposite. Communism requires that most people are simply not able to work to make a living.

So scarcity only matters in communism?

There is no such thing. Capitalism is a beast that grows to eat everything around it. It is how it must be.

I'm not an ancap-mememan.
Capitalism serves the consumer, which (oh shit) the worker and the factory owner alike are.

God, burger politics are a joke…

That's a good argument against globalism for me, thank you.

It's 03:50 and I'm from Germany.

No it doesn't. You just keep saying shit like this, but the definition of capitalism is:

The consumer doesn't have to be served, it isn't a goal of capitalism. The goal of any good capitalist is to extract as much money from consumers as they can.

Prove it, rotmof.

Not being a burger makes you ignorance of the the relationship of the state and corps and the MOP between the bourg and prole even more sad and appalling

Communism with a state has been tried and it became shit.
If your meme Communism is going to be used, you'll have a new overlord in 4 years, one tribe or colony will take over.

Try to get profit off a product without appealing to the consumer.

Wow he is actually fucking stupid


No, it doesn't. It serves those seeking to make profit. Capitalism dictates that to make the most profit, you offer the lowest quality at the highest possible price. This means that the non-capitalist class is getting ripped off twice. Once when they sell their labor to make the product, and again when they buy said product.

Are you a
kinda guy? Or do you go outside and follow actual important politics like the development of the conflict in syria?

pic related

try harder.

Further proof germanics should all be gulag'd

You mean, the complete trade of cultures and people is capitalism :O! You changed my worldview! It's not mental or partially made up or anything!


Hey now, anglos are much worse.


Read a fucking book you huge faggot

There is going to be conflict between two corporations and it will be about producing the best product for the cheapest price.
There is no fucking way that you'd buy the worse product here, would you? NO, you'd buy the product of the other company.

Monopolies allowed by the state is not my specific brand of capitalism.

Unless those corporations merge. You only have to look at your internet bill to know this isn't true.

And yet people buy Apple prodcts, MS Windows, and other stupid shit. You would think that this isn't the case, and yet it keeps happening. Your argument is demonstrably false.

oh right

Planned obsolescence isnt a monopoly, and neither is comcast. Everyone is free to compete with comcast and verizon, they just conveniently crush any new companies and stay out of each others turf.

Privately owned gulag for you

It gets more correct once you've read the other posts, state promoted Monopolies are not what capitalism inheritely is.

Point me where we used state-promoted monopolies mate?

Capitalism eventually captures governments. This is also a feature of capitalism. It is inevitable that at some point government and corporations will be one and the same.

MY GOD YOU DUMB FUNDING FAGHOTS, you don't know how to differentiate between company merges that happen because of socialist regulations that make it harder for smaller companies to exist and therefore get bought by larger companies? Do you not understand it? Can't I say something like that without you whipping "le funny grony gabidalism" meme?

Capitalism needs a state to defend private property



Read a fucking book faggot

Are you a 15 year old girl, or did you just run out of arguments?


Capitalism serves the consumer the bare minimum and takes the max profit while while still trying to taking super-profits from other companies. This means that the consumer market is more akin to an absurd arms race where manufacturers try to lower the quality of products as much as possible (also intentionally making products shit so you have to buy it again) and go to extreme lengths to manipulate you into buying shit you don't really want and will never need. The trick is making the consumer think that they are being served (like in your case) while really what little wages that weren't stolen by a capitalist needs to be spent on more overly expensive dogshit consumer products. It's more akin to a ridiculous form of slavery combined with mass brainwashing than the wonderful uptopian paradise capitalists concoct in their minds as they live paycheck to paycheck.

Fuck this is some heavy idiocy
Jesus man once you've got a monopoly its really really really easy to hold on to it. You got all your suppliers in your pocket, you got the consumers hooked on your brand, you have piles of money to undercut whatever cheap shit someone makes for a good amount of time and smoke them out.

Are roads socialism as well OP?

It's just not true, I don't have to tell you the position of the sun and the moon to tell you that that's not universally true.

Billy said, failing to provide proofs.

Socialist policies are not inheritly bad, but they could be hazardous for the economy.

You mean like when socialist anti-monopoly laws cause corporate mergers because they had to pay too much minimum wage to the lazy bums dying in gutters right?

Read a book faggot

Also define socialist policies.


On the other hand, you live on the bare minimum, because luxury and entertainments are spooks and you don't need more.

As soon as a better product with more advanced technology comes out, they'll all drift towards that new product.

But it is true. Who else bribes the government?

It is universally true. The only reason that the governments made social reforms in the 20th century was as a bribe to the working class, in order to stave off communism. Now that communism is perceived as "dead", they are rolling it all back.

Communism swallows all, including governments. You can deny it all you want, but you wouldn't be able to show me a capitalist country where corporations are not constantly trying to bribe the government for favors.

Don't you think that I'm trying to prevent that?

I wish this caught on already.


Shit, you are one autistic liberal. I almost feel bad for you.


You are tryong to prevent being less stupid by not reading at least one book given to you ITT


I could give you any of my books and you wouldn't accept any of the concepts in them, why would you even try?


How is it not capitalism? And if it isn't capitalism then why are all "capitalist" nations this way? What does your special snowflake brand of gabitalism do to prevent gorporadism?

Ok, give me one, i bet I have already read them

Litterally book-burning tier. Even if you dont agree, you will at least understand how your opponents think.

nice well since we're allowed to cherrypick I declare as absolute fact that 0 people have ever died under communism so therefore you're just gonna have to accept that capitalism is an inferior system

Funny how I mentioned socialist policies helping create monopolies and they get mentioned in this video

Gulag this faggot

how dumb can one man be? find out with his next response!!

The history of capitalism by Jürgen Kocka

The history of globalism by Jürgen Osterhammel and Niels Peterson

Special gulag for you

Holla Forums has really transcended conventional shitposting

Because all "capitalist" nations are full of Bastards like you that want to do something good and actually help the big corps.

Because your specific brand of communism hasn't been tried yet?

Please read a book faggot

Look, there is no way you'll get me on your side. You might just stop and listen.

If you are allowed to arbitrarily ignore things that have happened under capitalist systems than I'm allowed to arbitrarily ignore things that have happened under communist systems. It's really only fair user. Unless you would like to clarify about your specific brand of capitalism which clearly doesn't include lobbying amirite

This isn't your blog you liberal faggot.

The title is Gobalization, a short history you dumb dumb

>This is advanced autism<

capitalism = hurr durr, they controll the gubbernment?


What do you think socialism is?

In either case, there is an incentive for capitalists to bribe government officials or do other sorts of corrupt things. This is the profit motive at work. If you think that there is a way capitalism can work without this happening, then explain how.

Sorry that I'm reading the German version, you dumb faghot, why do you think I posted the authors as well?

A strong, uncorruptable government.

Why are you posting here then?

To convince you.

how can you be this naive

Not even in such a polluted language like german is Globalization and globalism the same thing



Ok, mind explaining me, if you understand global trade erodes local cultures, why do you support it?

Do you get your information solely from memes you autistic faggot?


Wew, lad
You really don't understand how the system of government is not the same as the system of economics.

Hm.. maybe the titles are different in other languages, you absolute twat?

The drawing is feudalism, which would be anarcho capitalism. I can already call that this is bullshit from the drawing alone.

Read a book fag

Thats irrelevant, Globalization and globalism are different things

Again, if you understand global trade erodes local cultures, why do you support it?

Wow, OP. You sure convinced me!

Maybe I don't?
I do maybe not automatically have to like one and the other, eh?

in your special little utopia that exists in your mind the corporations would stay out of politics and everyone would live in peace and harmony. the government would be incorruptible and the lobbying money would stay in capitalist's pockets. however the rest of us live in the real world where economics ARE inherently political. you like to imagine they all somehow exist separately but they don't, they never have and they never will. therefore it's fucking retarded to put your fingers in your ears and pretend that they aren't inextricably linked. capitalism can't even exist without the power of the state enforcing private property in the first place so please do enlighten me how is capitalism not inherently political?

If you dont, why do you support capitalism, a system of ever expanding global trade?

I told you to read a book

Maybe you're the retard here or tell me what's different from feudalism in that comic?

There isn't a real difference between globalism and globalization. Globalism is just globalization when Holla Forumsacks disapprove of its effects.

Nigga, your ideology doesn't exist in real life and creating a government that isn't easily corrupted isn't even that hard.

Maybe because you can control and moderate international trade and there's still national trade.

Maybe, globalisation is one aspect of pure capitalism that not everybody a proves of and therefore does not support?

Lol as if capitalism doesn't do that by design. How do explain the massive amounts of food we throw away each year? Its not all spoilage, a lot of it is to create scarcity, we make more than we need. Yet people starve on the streets.

Or what about all those empty houses that exist? More than enough to put a roof over every homeless person in this country.

Repeat ad nauseum

Lol wut? No, all it does it transfer ownership and control of companies to the workers. The workers can invest in better tools, even automation if they wish.

Once again, pulling this out of your ass. Think of all the "starving artists" out there, and what they could do if they weren't limited by a paycheck and were guarenteed a universal basic income.

You don't really need it. We are bombarded with advertisement telling us we need all these ridiculous and useless products. They twist our desires, make us want things we don't need, all in the name of consumerism, keeping that wheel turning.

Oh really?! You sure about that?
You sure its not aimed at profit? 50 years ago things were built to last, cars, appliances, houses, ect. Now, things are built with cyclic consumerism in mind. In other words, things have short expiration dates to keep you buying.

How? With state intervention? I tought you were against that because it was socialism and it blocked muh invisible hand?

Told you to read a book, now you contradicted yourself

Any plan that requires the state to act benevolently of its own accord is doomed from the start.

than why hasn't it happened yet
there have been numerous attempts at socialism that have existed and currently exist with varying degrees of success but to say that it doesn't exist at all is fucking insanity

also i noticed that you didn't attempt to answer my question deflecting faggot so i'll ask again: how are politics and economics NOT inextricably linked under capitalism

Then why do you support capitalism?

Read a book fag

Be honest OP, how long past your bedtime are you?
You really shouldn't be on here if you're underaged.

It is simply capitalism on a worldwide scale, with everything that such an arrangement entails.

Yes, magic could make capitalism work, but we live in reality.

Food spoilage is if anything a sign of many resources.
Artists can't be provided when everybody has to work and the entertainment would be on a much smaller scale in any case.
You always think of a world in which resources are infinite and can simply be provided equally to everyone, like in a have and have not pie chart. Guess what, there is a reason for holodomor etc. Bad planning and no personal property.

by using spellbinding arguments like:

…and that's pretty much it

I never was an cap in the first place, faggit, AND STOP PRETENDING TO BE INTELLECTUAL WITH MUH READ A BOOK!

Automation makes communism (I don't know about pure stateless communism, but a post Capitalist society with no markets or wage labor or money, where any labor people do is voluntary because they enjoy it) an inevitability, given a long enough time to advance (even if it takes another 100 years), in my opinion. Even if there's no socialism in between, capitalism would still evolve into this. Look at the internet. The only way to monetize on producing media is through advertising.

Arbitrary definition without evidence.

Because government action necessarily must respond to things like environmental impact of industry, contract law, and other things, yes capitalism must be necessarily political. Unless you are arguing that government shouldn't exist, in which case corporations will be your government. You cannot get around this fact. Capitalism swallows government.

Because politics works for the people and companies for the consumer, it's that simple and we simply have to keep those two from becoming one. The thing with a good government is: it's not universal and it's not democracy nor fascism.

This read a book shot is getting on my nerves, I've read mobs dick and haven't learned anything about politics in it yet.

So why can't I not approve?

wow i'm sorry we can't understand your genius ramblings. so according to you how are we gonna stop muh globalism? usually you do need regulations for that and that service is provided by the state which is indeed a contradiction based on your disdain for 'socialist policies' (even though you clearly don't even understand what that means). so how do we stop globalism and keep the gubmint from being darn commies?

What a dream world.

Lol emo faggot

I had to read countless books in order to become both a historian and an economist, the books provided by you just prove what I've known all along, that capitalism is an invasive system due to several factors like the Tendency of the rate of profit to fall, lack of natural resources and markets control

Again faggot, how are you going to counteract the drawbacks of "pure capitalism" ? With a state? I tought you were against that?

Thats what happens with bourgeoise literature, its just the spectacle

Trace my posts and read the books provided

Communism doesn't require endless resources. The economic system you're thinking of is capitalism. It isn't communists that demand economic growth year after year.

Yiff in hell

Nigha, are you actually retarded? I've argued against socialist policies on another background.

If we had unlimited resources, sure!

You don't know what socialism is you liberal fag

Capitalism doesn't deal with politics, politics deals with Capitalism and that's the same with every other economical system.


You can feel however you want to about globalization, it doesn't care what you think, and will happen regardless of your opinions on it. Besides, countries like Japan maintain ethnic purity while still participating in international trade, so the whole globalism boogeyman on the right seems idiotic.


This much confusing my arguments against policies like minimum wage and economic boundaries.

The profit motive says that if you don't bribe politicians to your favor your competition will. This incestuous relationship is inevitable. Capitalism will always do this and it has never not done this.

You're absolutely right, which is why communism, a system that takes this into view is a superior system. Capitalists will ignore the reality that they must interact with government and that corruption will inevitably happen. Communism is about eliminating the incentive.

Doesn't mean that I can't support is.

I do, and when I finish I put it in the trash

Yes, just ask japanese conservatives how much they like anime and videogames, along with the destruction of small villages

Your arguments are trash because you dont read books

my god man how naive can you get. do you actually live in the real world?? protip: we generally try to talk about how the world is based on history and current events not based on utopian idealist fantasies like the one you have concocted.
what da fug

Lol fag

Without govermemt intervention, how do you control capitalism

OP is either a troll or severely mentally ill.

heh, just prax it out my man

He's a liberal kraut so in all likelihood both.

Yea, and yet they are highly wasted. Something like greater than 10% of food that goes into a supermarket is thrown away. Resturants toss food out, and if you try to take that food that would be tossed out, often times you can be fired for it.

Very few donate food to charity. What I am getting at is despite an abundance of resources food is wasted because if they simply gave it away to poor people, nobody would buy it. They'd simply get it through free avenues.

Which seems obvious, but I think it highlights that the system is flawed.

Same goes for houses. If banks simply let poor people stay in houses despite foreclosure, everybody would foreclose and get a free house. It is unethical to me that a bank, of which the board of directors probably has multiple houses, can kick a poor person out on the street.

Don't a lot of Japanese anime fans have far-right sympathies, even by Japanese standards?

You can control your borders, but if you don't participate in international trade you will just end up like North Korea. If you do participate in international trade, you more or less have to carry out neoliberal reforms to gain the trust of global finance.

Lol no, japanese conservatives hate neets and anime

Something japan cant because theyve gotten shit-ton of south-east asian and chinese migrants due to neoliberal reforms

I was imagining something like Japanese conservatives being the equivalent of our movement conservatives in the US, and Japanese netouyo as being like the alt-right.

This is becoming so tiresome.
I won't make myself clearer, faggots.
The reason why capitalism will be the system to go for is because of how the human mind reacts to shortages (inb4 spook).
The same reason why some men have many women and some have none.
Because they're better or stronger in some way. The same reason why blacks don't succeed in western cultures: their competition is too good.
The reason why socialism and communism are not good for any of us is because of mob rule.
If everybody works 12 hours, you will too, even if you want to sing a song.
It is true, full on capitalism will create something close to feudalism, that doesn't mean that we can't regulate and moderate the economy.
"Trve Kvlt communism" will ever only work, as you intended, if you don't have a shortage in resources, everybody can eat and you can do whatever you want to.
We don't live in a world like that, though.
As sad as it is, capitalism is what you have to live with for the rest of your lives.
The more you vote for socialist economics, the more you vote for monopolies.
You either work with and for the system or you work against the system as a whole.
The only scenario I could realistically see communism work well would be in a tribe in which sharing is actually beneficial to you.

Not to mention their declining birth rate due to their xenophobic immigration policies

And with that, I leave you, it's 5:10 now and you've done nothing, besides proving my points.

Lets hope you die in your sleep


I won't, because capitalism gave me some good medicine standards

But big pharma works with the goverment to mantain a monopoly!!

communism has been struck another fatal blow by this brilliant right-wing internet philosopher

pack it all up boys this guy pwned us with his epic idealism

Is that guy admitting that material conditions like nutrition affect intelligence? :^)

No wait stop you might overload his brain!!!!

It can only affect you in a negative way. ;^)

they should both belong in the neoliberal spot with GOP just above DEM

I'd go for "moderate" capitalism if there was such a thing. What we've been seeing for years though, is a systematic attack on all the worker benefits achieved in post-ww2 welfare states. Social democrat parties are nothing more than a name, completely submerged in the neoliberal consensus.

So tell me, if capitalism inevitably leads down this path, as it seems to be doing, why should we support it? At the very least, you need a mass movement of the working class to institute a market socialist system.

what the heck

He fell for the efficiency meme.

Entertainment would be limited to public executions, making things explode and making fun of outsiders, which is how capitalists entertained themselves before TV was invented.

From L2R it should go Nazi, fascism, then State Capitalism.

This is true. Without markets, everyone can afford goods and they run out because it's quicker to spend money than to manufacture a product.

Communism is all about shortening the work day.

Workmanship doesn't count since the work gets done in the same amount of man-hours. The people have to be shielded from evil capitalists with their clean lines.

There's no freedom of speech, so you can't satirize political leaders. In Cuba, most comedy is black jokes or tranny jokes.