Why do you fags hate the frankfurters?

why do you fags hate the frankfurters?

not an argument

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Really? because I remember that a lot of people here like the frankfurt school with the only exception being Herbert Marcuse

I don't mind them, it's just that some of their ideas are dated.

Adorno is pretty good

Does anyone really dispute the Culture Industry theory?

revisionism/ cultural marxism


Right wingers use the Frankfurt school as part of their continually evolving Nazi propaganda.
Cultural/Sexual Bolshevism => Cultural Marxism

The Frankfurt School is just a newer Jewish boogieman, alongside Saul Alinsky (Gramsci also gets namechecked sometimes). None of the people who write or spread stupid trash like in your pic have ever read a damn thing Adorno wrote, they just use his name to look intellectual.

people who denounce cultural marxism have never read a damn thing Adorno wrote, they just use his name to look intellectual.


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adorno is ok

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That is what I said and it is true.

Among people who have read Adorno, the main criticism is that he was a grumpy old man who hated jazz, popular culture, and the emergent postmodernism for destroying traditional, and better, artistic forms (opera, classical music, etc).

he just hated fun a lot, it would be easy to take him for a reactionary if he didn't use marxist theory and dialectics all the time.

what is fun, tho, and why do you think we are obsessed with it?

The Franks were very good and a nice way of red-pilling liberals to get them started into radicalism.

I'd highly recommend getting them started on Benjamin's Theses on the Philosophy of History, Adorno and Horkheimer's Dialectic of Enlightenment, and Marcuse's One-Dimensional Man. Fromm has chill texts too. Good stuff all around.

Almost entirely subjective, and constantly changing to be honest, we're obsessed with it because it allows us to recede from the problems in life?

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Frankfurt School is a giant meme.


the Frankfurt School had some of the most ingenious ideas about fascism of the 20th century and they are extremely relevant today.

Horkheimers Eclipse of Reason is basically a prophecy of the alt right.

One-Dimensional Man redpilled me completely, I still didn't fully understand things like alienation or Warenfetisch until I read that but looking back I still don't get what was his problem with radios and books being sold in supermarkets