Fucking disgusting scum.

How we should deal with such a vermin?

germans will soon be umvolkt anyway

Honestly, being a single mother trying to scrape by in New York City through freelance writing sounds like punishment enough.

Bullets and ditches.

Have them read Bordiga.

Advice time

Should I read Adorno?

triggering tankies gets very easy


tankies that whine more about the culture under capitalism as opposed to the economics of capitalism are pitiful. It's clearly a jealousy issue at this point.

If you don't want people to think you're just envious, talk about the economic inefficiencies, imperialism, and other contradictions of capitalism.

aka grow the fuck up and be a real marxist


What has capitalism done to us?

but she's right, you don't need mathematics for gulag

Why are liberals so obsessed with breeding with African men?

Into the trash of the gulag you go.

I feel like it's just extreme overcompensation to make themselves feel woke
I'm sure even black guys cringe when they hear that shit it's fetishsing something that just shouldn't matter and it would feel creepy if I heard a girl say she wants me because I'm brown. It's an extremely shallow thing to say to someone.
Just look at all those weebs slobbering over Asian girls and saying they would only ever date them. Shits pathetic yo

Wow a dumb teen girl wants to be a journalist and in a relationship with some guy she finds attractive. I'm sure you fellow leftists will have a problem with this.

WOW this will make more people communist I'm sure. this is irrefutable proof.

she is just a teenage girl who still thinks whatever she imagines can actually and will happen, so she doesn't even feeling like limiting herself. the way she dreams might have something to do with the culture she borned in but that's only normal too. it's a heroic scenario for her if you think about it. i had pretty cringe worthy dreams, plans where i was the hustler who "makes it" as a hero. who didn't? just chill. reacting to such things makes you more immature than her imo.

It's just the fact that she doesn't understand that she will be dumped by the black guy, become a whore, raise another liberal and the cycle will continue.

Most of them still don't know where dreams end and reality begins, even at the age of 30.

People like her are the reason Trump won and fascism surges.
People like her claim to be communist, while they don't even know who Marx was.

Lol basically letting everyone know you are an impotent lineral

t. someone who buys the Cultural Marxism meme from Holla Forums and hasn't actually read Adorno

Is there any difference between Holla Forums and tankies? Or is this just falseflagging?

This has nothing to do with leftism lol

Lol basically letting everybody know you are an impotent crypto-ancap

Except the NAP is a spook :^)

It has,faggot.

Because your ideology is made on your desires,wishes and dreams.

leddit, leave.

anarchism is complete idealism tbh

Holla Forums falseflags as tankies all the time.

"From each according to their ability, to each according to their need"
r-r-right guys? That's still a thing right??
HA, good luck kid
Okay whatev I guess
Seems like your typical knight in shining armor fantasy, nothing out of the ordinary
A bold endeavor indeed! I don't see the problem here.

I'm sorry I really don't see the big deal here as an ancom. This is entirely in line with our worldview.
I do see how it could trigger fascists tho, which is pretty kek.
Like, she's just a kid guys, relax.

All Liberal irrelevant shiters should be hanged


This is no different from Holla Forums threads calling liberals scum with the op image being a screenshot of a fifth grader' "black guys are hot" tweet

If you got upset by this you don't belong here


there isn't a gulag desolate enough for people like you.

>>>Holla Forums

She's literally fantasizing about being a single mother with a biracial child under capitalism. That's not something I'd wish on anyone.

Yes, as a child repeating what she's taught. And I hope you aren't implying irrelevant shiting is wrong

you are a short sighted retard

this is a symptom, nobody is mad at the symptom

but you are kidding yourself if you think this wasn't socially engineered

they are pumping capitalism into the minds of the young

What does this webm have to do with liberalism again?

If we dealt with the stupid dreams of 8th graders harshly basically every kid aside from the mentally ill and the already severely down trodden would have to be gassed. Shes at least in part saying what she thinks "responsible" adults want to hear from her.

Give the kid a break and some time. Attacking little girls for no reason is the way of Holla Forums.


Her fantasy is peak liberalism.

Because we love Holla Forums's ideas on what a proper family should be,
Better work the porky, no arguing here.
True communists live in villages? All right, then, fuck Marx for willingly moving to London.
Are you a virgin? You sure sound like those Holla Forumsyps whose opinions were informed entirely be their personal failures.

You are always working for porky under capitalism. You sound like a liberal.

You sound like a fucking retard. How fucking stupid are you? What the fuck is your problem? Fuck off.

As far as things liberals do, this doesn't even hit revolting and is just sad.

not him but come on dude, that's just a fallacy

as for this girl, who cares, honestly?


I fail to see how whether someone has or has not had sex is relevant, ever

Spoken like a true incel. :^)

you kys

Yes, I am. Now what?

Nigga do you expect me to believe that?
Post the original with sound or I'm calling bullshit.

white bois BTFO

How can you even compete against the bbc?

Jesus fucking Christ.

how many stupid things did you say in 8th grade ?

Single motherhood isn't good and liberalism has accidently made it seem romantic as a side effect of calling it a brave struggle all the time, while being too pussyfooted to say that in modern, American society raising a kid as a single parent is unromantic ("it's not my place to say"). This kid in the op wants to be hero but just has some screwed up ideas about what makes you one.

convert them to social democracy (this part should be easy enough), then force them to listen Oi Polloi until they spontaneously radicalize

Is there a source? Or is this just Holla Forums tripe

You simply can't

Why I'm not surprised?

the word faggot gets tossed around a lot on the chans but nigger you are the literal manifestation of it.

You realize these are just jokes to trigger you guys because you lack the slightest bit of irony? It's no different from you guys triggering SJWs

It's like taking candy from a babby

Is every ML a previous Holla Forumsack who is pretending to be a leftie?

OP missed the part about "Too each according to his ability/need"