Stefan Molyneux

Is this guy running an actual cult or is he posting these comments himself?

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sounds like the type of fellating the alt-right always do, I wonder when that blonde whore from rebel media will do a piece on him.

Someone had a caption of him trying to post as a girl.

Seems to fit the pattern.



… |-_-|

You tell me, does this sound like a cult leader?


These are actual people but I don't know why you consider them being part of a cult. I'm a Molyneuvian because he says a lot of good stuff. There's no cult to be found here.

I dunno, man, Stefan's latest video really made a lot of sense to me.
Really makes you think.

He is a cult leader that gets angry when he is even questioned in a non supplicant way.

Two of these are not like the others

not an argument ::DDDD


They all seem to have daddy/mommy issues.

No he waffles for hours dishonestly and retards think that because he says "facts" that makes him intellectual. His facts are always irrelevant or just bullshit.

There is a reason he has had to self publish his books



anyhow, the guy has been caught fakeposting his own vids on many videos.

Yes to both.



For a catalouge of Molymemes insanity:



Are these actual quotes (Except for the obviously bait ones)

Only one of those is fake.



Does anyone know if is a parody site?

please tell me that's real, you could ruin his entire life with that, although I'd feel sorry for his daughter.