What are your thoughts on ironic racism or "hipster racism"?

What are your thoughts on ironic racism or "hipster racism"?


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an excuse for Holla Forumsyps to be cunts

That pretty much describes the average reddit/chan user

Physical violence usually stops it pretty quick.

Jokes are not oppressive. And cultural appropiation is a retarded concept.

Cultural appropriation is literally private property for ideas.

Stopped reading at "appropriating cultural dress".
Cultural appropriation is bullshit.

Correct. It is one of the many things that display the SJWs bourgeois nature.


The chans used to be like but for some reason it became serious

Bullying functions through oppressive institutions such as school or the workplace. It does not function through, at a fundamental level, through jokes. You're only looking at it in a very surface level way.

Oh, you meant all jokes?

check this shit: youtube.com/watch?v=Ahuj1B0ow4U

that guy is such a fucking autistic tryhard

I mean, no joke is inherently oppressive. But they certaintly can function as part of an oppressive apparatus, given the right conditions. But the fundamental source is not the jokes. This is (one of the reasons) why obsession with language use in general is stupid.

so it's the school and workplace that is the problem, not the dickhead making fun out of the new kid?


Fuck off racist.

Not a racist.

stop false flagging cunt

Hand-waving tactic for closet racists so they can say "see I'm not really racist, not like those other guys!"

Something only very sheltered kids think is cool.

What's so bad about cultural appropriation?


There is nothing wrong with being a racist. Race exists on a biological basis, and no amount of autistic screeching can change that.

Literally nothing

I never used that phrase.


t. Brocialists
Of course nobody "owns" any ideas but don't fucking wear headdresses guys seriously?

headdresses aren't a symbol of culture if they're divorced from their own tradition though, they're just an accessory. I hate people who get angry at others for enjoying another persons culture.

The concept of cultural appropriation thing always seemed very anti cosmopolitan to me, don't these people realize that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?

Whites who call themselves Buddhists are the worst people to be around on the planet and I should be able to discriminate against them.

They're all fucking liberals. New Age liberals.

They see Buddhism as exotic and peaceful, and yoga, and this and that

Fuck off with your outrage at minorities not wanting whites to wear their cultures like gloves for a phase of their lives.

Nigga close your eyes haha

It's a typical refrain of people who make your other arguments.

this isn't exclusive to whites though, and that's just what commodity fetishism does though. Western culture is rather secular so to them Buddhism is just another secular phase, also Buddhism can be taken as a philosophy.

Jeff Bridges is a budhist. So you take that back and apologize, namefag.

He's a hippy shit.

I do like Starman though….

yeah nah Bewlay Brothers was his best track

It's not about "only we can wear headdresses you fucking normies REEEEEEEE" it's about "dude you gotta earn that shit we don't hand those out to just anybody".
Let's be clear 95% of examples of cultural appropriation are about aboriginal cultures with a couple other examples out there. It's not about using things you're not "allowed" to, it's about using things without understanding their significance. Like if you went around talking in southern AAVE and you were a yank that's just being obnoxious since there's no real significance but if you went as far as "celebrating" Kwanzaa that's bad.

I call myself a casual (Theravada) Buddhist Universalist but I'm an abospic, what does that make me?
Also that's not cultural appropriation unless they legitimately are using Buddhism as a fashion statement.

what the fuck

No objects hold any inherent significance.

is that like a mexican in australia?

That's the concept of property, sir.

But people think they do and you're being a dick to them which is the important thing.

Aboriginal is the non-burger term for New World natives, it's shorter, more genetically accurate and less specific than Native American. I'm like 1/16th or 1/32nd Cherokee through my dad and like 1/8th Taino through my mother.


And where is the importance of this? Rights end where other's feels begin?

LOL it's entirely within your rights and always will be to prance around with a headdress wearing golden chains repeating "nigga, nigga, nigga" but you will always be a dickburger for it

I get that, but the offense you take at a person outside of your own tribe, or group appropriating your culture is insignificant as they're not a part of that culture itself, merely celebrating it in whatever trivial fashion they can. If you want to talk about the reduction of the culture at hand, that's just a product of capitalism.

Bueno asi si te acepto, pues el concepto de apropiacion cultural es senda idiotez.

Por favor deja de tripmariquear.

No, I get that headdresses are never maliciously used by someone trying to "steal" them or something, it's just that most Native American cultures would prefer it if people didn't and the most technical term for their issue with it is cultural appropriation. That and LARPers that want to parade culture around as fashion.

Bien pronto voy a ser una figura y no un cualquier, tengo un libro saliendo y tambien quiero empezar un podcast o algo asi. Ademas inicialmente adopte este trip porque personas estaban interesados en lo que esta pasando en Puerto Rico y porque se mas de teoria izquierdista que un cualquier.

Kill yourself

Let's be honest, all tripfags should kill themselves

Stop being a pussy snowflake is my thought.

Go back to tumblr you stupid fuck.

God forbid someone gets their fee fees hurt. Why do you care so much about what people do on their own damn time?
If a black guy listens to classical music does that mean he is culturally appropriating it from another race, and therefore a piece of shit?
Nobody gives one fuck about your feelings. This is the real world, where I can dress, talk, and act how I damn well please.
Getting offended for someone 'appropriating' an item from another race is retarded.
Can Mexicans not wear Kimonos, because a Japanese person might be offended?
You are a racist piece of shit.
Fuck off to stormfront or tumblr if you want to socially or legally wave your retarded authoritarian dick in my face, fucking scum.

I hate to be a douche but I know white Americans who are more indigenous/"POC" then that

No one cares about your feelings either. Either stand by your shitty behavior and face the criticism or STFU.

People like you are really just butt mad that your shitty behavior isn't socially acceptable. No ones obligated to accept what you think is normal or inoffensive either

flimsy wristed pansies that secretly hate anyone that isnt of their personal spook group pretending they dont really believe the shit they spout
its like liberals being all taboo and talking just like pollacks because it gives them the thrill of being naughty

That's what Liberals say when they are called out on worshiping the devil

or when they make shitty art that is literally feces being thrown at a naked person with a bad haircut

Anfem is a living example of what liberalism does to ones mind.

People have attempted to ban behavior considered "cultural appropiation". I'm pretty sure that's what he's angry about.

People have attempted to ban behavior considered "cultural appropiation". I'm pretty sure that's what he's angry about.


Codeword for cultural purism and right-wing reactionary thought.

So, youre mostly european.

Also stop appropriating the english language you abbo cunt.

Asian anfem you can do better than get pissed about 'cultural appropriation'. Isn't anarchy about true human freedom? It's very authoritarian to restrict the avaliable religions for one ethnicity. What's inherent about white people that keeps them from being true Buddhists?

Hipsters are scum and racism is lame so it sucks

You don`t have a culture or any right to it, since you`re an american.


It's ok with me until it does not kill ppl.

Irony is the heart and soul of any functional community. I know this from repeated experience in places that tolerate trolling like imageboards and USENET, versus places that don't, like most larger webfora and social media.

The constant browbeating of sarcastic discrimination, profanity, porn, gore, and general trolling helps to ensure that nobody takes anything seriously without careful judgment. The fact that there are a handful of genuine racists/rapists/serial murderers/etc lurking among us amplifies the effect.

In contrast, environments without such perpetual hazing always degenerate into a torture chamber of overly serious, embarrassingly gullible anti-intellectuals. Worse, they tend to create an atmosphere of receptiveness toward identity, hierarchy, and unchecked authority.

Much as I wish I could discuss anything online without shitting dicknipples every dozen posts, I've found that anything beyond a group of a dozen close friends goes into a total death spiral otherwise.

Hey thats pretty good, got any theory on that?

Don't take the name of the Lord in vain!

gulag-able af

why do we let her post again?

Why not. Give me one good reason

Find me a single Buddhist monk or preacher who would deny somebody guidance on trying to achieve nirvana based on skin colour. I thought leftypol was just sexist and I've defended you a couple of times but you really are fucking dumb as fuck

I don't think Sam Hyde is funny


In this case cultural appropriation turns common ideas into private ideas

I'd ask you to think before you opened your mouth, but it's pretty obvious that wouldn't help because your thinking is pretty stupid too.

That was capitalism, not the fact that you sang a similar song


Can't into music at all

he's not at all

he is however a gigantic scum bag

Me wearing a headdress doesn't stop a native person from wearing one, it literally just hurts their feelings.

Like this, sempai?

Races are a social construct?


Please, just don't. It's okay to note that other aesthetically unapparent divides among people hold greater genetic variation (much as with genetic analysis that's shaking up the family tree of animal/plant classification) than racial ethnicity, it's okay to dismiss the extremely small cognitive differences between human racial ethnicities as beneath any consequence in everyday life.

But claiming that historically homogeneous populations didn't genetically drift apart to produce aesthetically obvious differences is simply being a contrarian faggot. It's not even good trolling, since it produces genuine disbelief among normalfags, on par with "sex is a social construct", and draws support away from our side.

We should call culture out for doing what it does, which is appropriate things done by individuals and call it 'its', to stop culture and nativity being treated in and of themselves as things to be respected, worthy of praise and exempted from criticism.

Culture is individual appropriation which is praised by people all across the political landscape from liberals all the way to both fascists and anarchists.

If you're so mad at cultural appropriation anyway, why do you base it on race instead of the fact who appropriates in the first place?

Hint: the appropriator gets a pretty penny from it. ;)