Oh shit, comrades…he's on to us!

Oh shit, comrades…he's on to us!

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even in his twitter pic he looks like he's about to cry

I thought according to PJW we don't actually have Capitalism, but we have "corporatism"

I would love to stab him

I beg to differ Joe. The whole general sentiment of Christmas is about emotional well wishing over material goods.

Celebrating things at the end of December predates X-tianity. Christmas was tacked on window dressing for earlier pagan holidays.

The rest are ok.


Guys come on, it's not nice to make fun of literal retards.

Am I the only one who thinks that he is hot?

I wanna torture these pieces of shit

I've seen some shit taste, but wow that is revolting user.

wait I thought some Christians were wising up to their religion being exploited by porky

"reason for the season" and all that



Paganism + caring for the poor + red everywhere + giving free stuff = Christmas
This is why rightists hate Christmas.
It's everything they despise.

Holy shit and they're saying the West is falling because of "SJW"


Isn't Santa also Turkish too?

Christmas isnt even a christian holiday, it used to be called Yule before the Christians absorbed it to try and trick pagans into worshiping jebus


The Christians got rid of all the heavy metal parts of xmas


yeah, Jesus's birthday was around fall sometime between late august to early October. I don't know if it was because they wanted to convert pagans so they pushed it back.

war on boys, tbh fam

Christmas was illegal in many parts of the US until 150 years ago.

Santa Claus wears an outfit that is similar to an outfit worn in the Masonic lodge during some of the degree work. He was designed as a PR stunt by an industrialist, I forget which. Before then the name "St. Nicholas" appeared in A Visit from St. Nicholas.

The name Santa Claus is similar to Sinterklaas who has a black assistant named Zwarte Piet. This is proof that Europe isn't the snow-white paradise that radical retards likes to portray it as.



he's pretty good looking, no homo

cunt tho

Who is this guy? (Please no "lurk more".)

one of many of the "le anti regressive left" classical liberals to have popped up over the last year or two

presents himself as an outsider while being a complete shill for the elite

Paul Joseph Watson. Writer for info wars, makes fun of SJWs, but like some right wingers, generalises all left wingers under one brush.

Guys with British accents are so hot. Too bad about his reactionary ideology though.


yo can one of you twitter fiends link him this article bbc.com/news/world-europe-38429388

these yule lads look awful semitic

He meant to say consumerism but kek at accidentally being spot on

Xexizy is sexizy

PJW is a bug eyed freak though

He's sort of got a point though

Fuck off heretics.

It was conceived as a Christian alternative to the Roman holiday Dies Natalis Solis Invicti. The Norse just added their snow fucking rituals to it.

He looks like a low-rent David Blaine

Space_ has all your needs bby ;^)

Nice contradiction.

Yes. I question your tastes.

He only says whatever Ted pays him to say, so…


Wow, as if he could get any more of a douche. I love he how just uses Holidays (a holiday that should promote good will towards all people) to attack leftists, and an abysmal attempt might I add.


Christmas was made by Catholics as a way of converting pagans. They basically cucked pagans out of their solstice holiday. Pretty alpha, tbh.

And he's fallen at the first step