Women are being more picky when it comes to men

How do we further this phenomenon?

I think the reproducing should happen as seldom as possible and should happen with superior genetics.

Pic unrelated (or semi-related I guess)

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Even if I could have a family I wouldn't want one.

stopped reading there. fuck off natalist, you are literally the root of all humanities ills. You are worse than murder. You are worse than omnicide. Kys pls.

one spook to rule them all

FALC especially if we're all immortal
nobody's gonna be making babies if we're all immortal

tfw have a gf.

No they're not you're just insecure.
No they're not you're just projecting and pretending your failures are a personal choice.
Superior genetics is bullshit.
Kill yourself fampai.

Spread the word about horse pussy.

Anchor this.

Give women the most unrealistic expectations of men possible and teach them to be as demanding of men as possible, while giving men alternatives to women for sexual pleasure that are not demanding at all as well as substitutes for romantic and fatherly relationships. The women seem kind of left out, so I guess give them alternatives too. I'd say that would make them less likely to lower their standards but that's not likely to happen anyway.


Yeah you being a fat, ugly NEET posting on an anonymous communist forum was completely up to you.

Excessive reproduction is a tool of bourgeois to perpetuate the debt based economy.

It should NOT be furthered. It is not eugenics, rather the opposite.
Women don't choose the greatest men, it's the opposite. Women do their best to choose the most brutal and violent men.

I wouldn't mind being sterilised tbh. Most people are bad parents

You're retarded. This is a good trend to further though because it will fuck up the traditional family structure and lower birthrates. When the revolution comes people will be fully alienated from each other and more open to new paradigms for relationships.

There is a reason that prostitution is the oldest profession.

Someone's mad, and projecting still.

This hasn't worked in my experience, I still don't particularly want to have a horse wife.


That shit's expensive. Give them VR waifus and kidfus. There were a few popular games recently where you play as a man taking care of a surrogate daughter.

Work against conservative and feminist control over the media in order to make fanservice and sexual objectification completely acceptable and encouraged in media in general.

I dunno OP. After having some women cheat on me, lie, etc… im waiting for the right one

that sounds lame, but seriously real fairy tail shit, im waiting for a princess

can you guys read

I think I know what the answer to this conundrum is: "White man nature is good, all other human nature is bad."

I never said human nature whatever. Female brains are not updated for civilization.

Being ugly may not have been up to an individual, but being fat, NEET, and posting on maoist kaleidoscope imageboard quite clearly is.

Basically have enforced sterilization and an Autism Level test before you are allowed to reproduce.

This does mean that blacks and to a lesser extent Latinos would end up being bred out.

What the fuck is with the intenet's sudden domination pregnancy fetish.

Man the fuck up. Stop with the autistic mommy issues.

What anime is this?

kys cunt

What anime is this?



ok, it's apparently "New Game!"

why do we want accelerate this?
it sucks

I don't see the problem, OP. What's your point?

How long do you want people around like this bitching about the extinction of the white race and "I must impregnate as many white women as possible" as the motivation of his politics

It should be accelerated because men like this need to be shot

Recently? Has the new Princess Maker finally come out?

Show some respect for human life. Stop wanting to kill anyone who disagrees with you

Nazis and corrupt nationalists are enemies of human life, as protection of human life, they must be eradicated. That is all.

why live

Ah, the one good thing about tripcodes.

Give it 10 years.


This is not good, however. You're right.

wow, it's like the thread quality doubled!

get your vision checked

I'll eradicate your bagina :DDD

I'll snap your neck between my thighs

Keep promoting extreme feminist faggotry, and the backlash will continue

"the backlash" to what? Whites being natavist

Keep up the good work on alienating the future working class.

There are many innocent, non violent nazis. Respect our humanity.


I don't give a solid shit about innocent people spewing toxic ideology about violence needed for identity politics above class.

I don't. I couldn't give twice less of a shit when push comes to shove then as I do now.

Please do


No, but they just put it on steam so all the normies are just now catching wind of it.

Keep moving incels this is a chad board

reminder to bully incels until they leave or kill themselves

Yes, me of all people. Do you think I'm not a collectivist? You're fucking delusional.

Incel = You

Vocel = OP

I was giving the reason why it happens because I dont have much of a solution other than the fact that the more developed a country is the lower its fertility rate. So building up education and living conditions helps lower birth rates.

Backlash was probably the wrong word. I mean the overreaction to extreme feminism that goes beyond wanting equality, basically wanting females to be treated superior.

Confused egoist with egotist = You

Excuse me missus but I am chad ok

hi chad i'm dad

I've had that fetish for years.

Many nazis don't believe in violence. You've watched too many skinhead movies. I don't deserve to be hurt or killed, and you should learn the lesson of mercy

How long before horse girlfriends become a thing?

How are you going to get all us icky brown people to leave without violence?

Change your opinions before someone who hates what you represent does. Because I have no pity or mercy in my heart for white nationalists who wish to put their own goals of nation building above my rights and the rights of others to their own labor.

No matter how pacifist and bureaucratic and political, I will never respect your own political or personal opinions.

You have no power over anyone not white but we have power over you.

Hopefully never. Tour fate will be the same as the furfags.

Yes you do lel, nazis aren't people they don't deserve what people deserve. Way I see it, anything is free game if it happens to a nazi.

Probably longer because while horsefags have lower standards than /jp/ neets their fandom is going to flame out before AI is good enough for stuff like this.

Maybe try to make a better world instead of enslaving half of the population to preserve the old one
btw eugenics is shit and me chaste romancing chads is not oppression

I don't care so long as they leave me in peace.

This. Chads are socially optimal men anyways. They will be the vanguard for the revolution.

lol this analysis

It's mostly niggers who are breeding the most. All of the intelligent folks are the ones jerking off to porn.

Good fuck off nobody gives a shit about your own false sense of intelligence over others in the working class

Get out of here with that fucked up shit
actually gib sauce pls

Fuck off bitch. You're the biggest shitposter here.


I'm glad I am. Because somebody needs to remind you that you're about as bright as black people

That statement doesn't even make sense. If you're insulting me by calling me stupid then you're also calling blacks stupid, which proves my point.

I'm saying you're just as intelligent as the people you hate, and quantifying intelligence as identity is a vapid exercise

Loving vigilante violence is a sign of political immaturity. When tumblr was doxxing people with racist posts, a Holla Forumsacl created a fake account of one of the doxxers, and other doxxers got him fired from his job. It can happen to anyone, even you. There may be no one left to speak for you if I'm dead.

I ask again, show me mercy. I seek to freely express my political opinions without being bullied or hurt for them. You admit that I have no power, so why not respect my humanity and life and allow me to freely debate, share and challenge ideas?

Your goal is to deny other people the right to challenge your ideas should you ever get into power. I'm not saying I give a shit about stopping your hate speech or whatever the fuck, this is an imageboard, but you do see how it's a little bit silly right?

You don't respect the humanity of my own friends or my own people so I ask that when I seek to respect them towards higher political power you fuck off and quit whining to me about how bullied you are

Because you people are sickening disgraces of men. You don't give a shit about other people, other people don't need to give a shit about you

I hope that they included the nude scenes from the Japanese release.

We should keep all nazcucks and other genetic idealists in a specific gulag to see just howpoluted their gene pool becomes

stop being autistic

jesus fucking christ what am i doing on this board


That's an oxymoron. If they're socially optimal, they'd be content or conformed, and thus have no incentive to revolt.

Their being socially optimal is disproportionate to their actual standard of living. There are poor chads, black chads, chads in prison, etc. These men will be liberated.

Maybe you should get them windows 10

birth control pills

The virgin ressentiment is so thick you could cut it with a knife.

Stop saying females just say women you fucking nerds

Drop the victim act faggot. I'd tell you to kys but it's obvious living as you is a fate worse than death.

They're not being picky. They trying to use marriage as an avenue of upward mobility, just as their mother's did and as they were taught to by media and their own cultures.

Women are reaching parity with men in terms of economic power. In some instances like college education, they've actually gone past men.

Millennials (25-35), are going to be the last generation to try to use marriage for upward mobility. Sorry, but marriage has ALWAYS been used by women for that, regardless of what the larger culture had men and women believe.

I don't spaghetti at normies like most people here so I actually still have friends who are in their teens and early twenties. I'm seeing a shift in attitudes toward relationships and "nice guys".

Gen Z (18-24) are genuinely starting prioritize traits like kindness, emotional stability, maturity and stoicism in partners, and not just paying lip service to it like my Gen (Millennials) did.

This isn't because they're smarter, they just see from Millennials that marriage isn't a realistic way to raise your status anymore and are seeking out positive traits in partners.

Just a short note: generations are generally 20ish year cycles. "Millenials" is anyone born between 1980 and 1999. The point is that its someone who was born prior to the new millennium but became an adult after it.

I could imagine that

good. men should do the same.


95% sure I know who you are irl.


Please don't have kids Holla Forums

Hopefully if enough godless commies stop breeding, by 2100 the world may be free of the cancer that is πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€MarxismπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

the irish didn't invent marxism you dork
read a book before assuming everything is because of the πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€hiberniansπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ you dilute the truth


You did

I was not going to have any kids, but now will have 10 to spite you

top kek

why did you use the clovers then

In all seriousness to anyone who is thinking of having kids please consider adoption. You would have none of the reproductive stuff to worry about and you'd be giving someone who already exists a better life instead of creating a new life.

this board is a cesspool

fuck off schopenhaur

My beliefs are centered around pissing off right-wing cuckos like you

Seems to be perfectly ok

How is that compromising belief

I don't really give a shit about dumbass straight kids having babies

But you're in the unlucky population where you can't even afford to be with women who respect you or themselves so at the end of the day, you really don't have any ideals about this to uphold

You care too much about sex anyways

Women are on this board what a stupid fucking board :(

I'm so popular and liked fuck you leftists :(

He was right. You can lessen someone's suffering if you adopt them, and it has a knock-on effect for the people they interact with and any kids they raise.

How exactly do communism or socialism, two political systems that abolish the capitalist class that exploits workers good for Jews? Under socialism banks and the state would still exist I suppose, two types on institutions that Jews apparently thrive in.

A central tenet of communism could be that there is enough for everyone's need but not enough for their greed (it is a Ghandi quote but it applies perfectly). Isn't your entire view of Jews based upon them being greedy, wealthy, and wishing to get ahead of their fellow men by any means necessary?

According to the Holla Forums definition of Jews, it's obvious Socialism would weaken then and Communism would prevent them from taking advantage of anyone, so how exactly does it benefit Jews?

Or rather instead of helping one or two kids devote your life into making the orphan place better

I hope you're not being serious, if so then you commies are much more pathetic than I thought. I used to believe you lot actually had an ideal. Now I know you're just bitter at the world and people like me, I feel sorry for you tbh

Is this news to you that we hate you

Fuck off

Feel sorry for yourself and the inevitability of your own ideological change again and again depending on the mood of shitholes per election cycle.

Feel sorry you don't even have anyone this Christmas

Wrong, I am not a commie

Cry me a river

Socialism and Communism don't work and will never work. Jews push for it to dismantle countries so they can achieve greater control and profit out of the chaos.

Or maybe I wont, maybe i wrote i was going to have kids to piss you off, maybe i will have one

The point is to make people like you angry

Holy fucking shit hahahahahahaha

Plenty of Jews went to Vietnam and so did plenty of Blondes and plenty of Saxons and plenty of what have yous

You all died equally.

People are a lot more likely to adopt than devote their life to a cause. Advocating adoption is a more efficient way to increase kids' well being, since more people are closer to the edge on the issue. I only have limited time, so why would I pick a less efficient argument to minimize suffering?

Nah fam, there's not widely accepted exact definition by sociologists, marketers or even culture pudits.

Generally generations are defined by shared marco societly wide experiences.

These are the general experiences that generations share.

Baby boomers
Largest demographic ever until Millennials came.
Vietnam War draft.
Childhood during Cold War's height of tension.

Laughably take credit for the Civil Right's movement.

==Gen Xers== -

Born after Vietnam War, never feared being drafted.

Called Gen X because they have no War to fight, no cause to rebel for like Baby Boomers protip - This derogatory definition of Gen X'ers was defined by baby boomers

Born before 9/11.

Adults during 2008 market crash.

Childhood during the relatively prosperous 90's, shared in Clintons post Cold War "Peace Dividend"

Grew up with the Internet.

Generation Z

Born around or after 9/11

Childhood during the height of the turbulent "War on Terrorism" and 2008 market crash.

Do not remember a time before the internet, some don't even remember a time before smart phones.

Generally far more pargamtic but also fascists then previous generations.

Most educated demographic, since the time you could live a middle class life with just a high school degree ended long before they were even born.

Just because there is an international jewish banking cabal doesn't mean all jews are sympathetic with it

bit racist of you to imply tbh

*Born AFTER 9/11.

It develops in countries that HAVE been destabilised, then fails after capitalist and imperialist forces attack the country, stage coups or impose economic sanctions on the country, all while it's trying to reform a country that has already been driven to the edge by poverty, war and exploitation. Then the Jews (read: people who like to make money at others expense but aren't necessarily Jewish) set up a dictator so they can do as they like with the country for profit. Have you ever read a fucking history, book, this has happened so many times.

fuck disregard this post, I suck cocks.

What a sad way to live a life. People like you don't make me angry tbh, you make me feel sorry for you. But then again some people are better than others. You cant help being inferior tbh.

Can you tone down the language please? No need to swear tbh its distasteful. No wonder you people lost the 2016 Brexit/Trump votes.

Lol, keep thinking you will be able to form a comeback

Sure you are, slave morality

If I was American or still live in the UK i'd have voted for both, actual leftist movements have degenerated into SJW, liberal garbage under 8 years of Obama, and the UK is being fucked over by the EU.

Where do you live now lad?

There are more Holla Forums posters who voted for Clinton than people here

This is called 'eugenics'. There is positive and negative eugenics. Using coercion is negative eugenics; using incentive is positive eugenics.

We agree on so many things, guise… We could accomplish so much together

New Zealand, it's pretty nice living in an irrelevant country in the middle of nowhere.

Kinda hard when half this board is into femdom

[spoiler]me included[spoiler]

Rarity is a Good pone But I'm married to fluttershy

I wasn't planning on a boner this hard today

Having social skills and attractive qualities does not mean that you are content. It does however mean that you have a lot to give to the revolution.

You're going to help us revolt against the kikes? :DDDD

It also really doesn't help when anfem starts bluffing about her physical characteristics.

so that's what creepy women look like

'Sup, Discord.

Gen X'ers are the worst humans alive

I actually would take 3 generations of entitled boomer scum over them

Totally evil fucks


So really only the women here are the chads. Gotcha. I agree.



Nice thread you fucks
What a theory you have here

I hate this place, now plz kill yourselves you faggots no one will miss you.

The point of theory is not to categorize what we see, but to change it.

You're going to have to learn how to demonstarte to proles how our theory can effectively describe their plight with problems and examples they are familiar with.

Often times once they have some inkling of how to apply theroy to their own lives they can take it from there.

All according to plan, the less people the better.

Stopped reading right there untermensch.

I almost agreed with you because sexuality is the driving marketing force in America.

You can't kill an idea m8. And I don't know what the Irish have to do with this. Besides, Engels was a germanic white.

Not all of us are commies here, m8


Our instincts that are free form illusion of free will demand it. They demand us to continue our bloodline, even by force!

I was in favour of Britain leaving the EU, as it was fucking over the working class. I was also in favour of Trump considering he was a better alternative than Hillary.

There is literally nothing wrong with wanting to bang pregnant women

Why are you talking shit about femdom?

Pregnant women always make me think of the movie Alien.

Sandwich porn is objectively the best porn.


go back to pol

Why not adopt a kid and have a kid?

So what is it that's specifically driving this cabal of Jews to aspire to dominate the world?

Why not Zoidberg


Marry the revolution and actually stay dedicated to it, faggot

They find a boyfriend.

Spend more money on artificial birth when birth rates get low and you are fine :3

Don't you see anything weird about it that only intelligent people are anti-natalist?

We don't need to further anything. Let it run its course.

Just don't replace these people with third worlders, that's all I am asking or the whole thing was pointless.

Japan did it.
They took a relationship, disassembled it and sell it and sell it to affordable prises to boys and girls.

You like to cuddle with a female for 30 minutes?
You like to go to your girl's evening and show off with a boy?

You can order all that, this way you don't need to be in a committed relationship.

An insane amount of millenials in Japan are single now.

And the boomers in every fucking country are pissy they won't get grandkids and won't get taken care of.

So you're telling me nobody needs to do anything because everything you just listed is already happening, right?

could you give me some exampels or a source?

Read Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land

is "new paradigms for relationships" a codeword for rabbit utopia without restrictions?


press both
what's next captain deprecated modes of thought? Cartesian dualism? Platonic ideals?

Yup, he means hippie dippie free love bullshit.

The results so far from you academic ivory tower types and your psychotic social engineering are reason enough to thoroughly gulag each and every one of you when the revolution comes. You are dealing tangible damage to a society because you've engineered "issues" to "tackle".
Nothing says "build a better society" like "make everyone in it feel alone and hopeless"! Maybe then your social propagandizing will take hold!