Wow, the boys is getting reviewbombedWho did it piss off and why

Wow, the boys is getting reviewbombedWho did it piss off and why

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>>117478210have you read the reviews?the majority of them are from absolute neanderthals who are mad that they're releasing the series bit-by-bit rather than the whole season at once.Jesus fucking christ I hate those people

I guess the far right whitoids it accidentally attracted

>>117478247Episodic releases are so much better than full season dumps though. Objectively speaking. Zoomers have mental issues.

>>117478255You sure?

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>>117478272>zoomer have mental issuesOf course! Who in their right mind would want to fast forward through movie or watch a movie at 1.5 or 2x speed.

It’s too problematic

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>>117478247Reminds me of steam users review bombing when a game can't be ran on their toasters.

>>117478247But they're right...

>>117478292>>117478325[spolier] spoiler detail what did stormfront do that made people crazy

>>117478303>watch a movie at 1.5 or 2x speed.I legit hate people that do this. Had a friend say it once in passing I have zero respect for him now. Legit couldn't believe it was a real thing.

>>117478272>Episodic releases are so much better than full season dumps though. Objectively speakingAbsolutely.Full-series-dumps absolutely obliterate any sort of hype or discourse, as it is pretty much only limited to the two-three weeks immediately following a new season.Not to mention that the bitches who don't care about engaging with the community can, believe it or not:Just pretend that the series was not released yet, watch two months, and binge it then.There is literally no downside to episodic releases

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>>117478387Called a chink terrorist a yellow bastard as she killed him

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>>117478387Killed a block of blacks

>>117478387Murder a lot of black people who were just vaguely standing in her path - not even impeding her in any way - and then called an asian man a "fucking yellow" as she killed him

>>117478325Well at least he's blaming the character and not attacking the actress as well.

>>1174784132x speed is for YouTube tutorials

>>117478247I've noticed a disturbing trend with Zoomers recently where they NEED to have a series running nonstop in the background at all times. Kinda reminds me how you could always tell if someone lived in a trash household if they never turned their TV off. People want to be entertained at all times and if they don't they start freaking out

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>Show makes a character who is a piece of shit for audience to dislike and cheer when they get their comeuppance.>People legit Upset that fictional character is a piece of shitThis is almost levels of "believing wrestling is real" kind of stupid.

>>117478292> This is the point


>>117478247They're not wrong but I wouldn't seethe about it in a review. That's kinda pathetic

>>117478325niggerspeak is problenatic

>>117478445Oh no god forbid I can't discuss episodes on a weekly basis with you retards. How would I cope?

>>117478210Apparently there's ads for it that have been put into UFC 4. Wouldn't be surprised if it got shit on for that as well. Seems they have a very aggressive marketing campaign.

>>117478272>>117478247This is a paid service,if someone only want to see The Boys he needs to paid for all the months it take to complate the serie,and if he waits for it to finish he'll see a shit ton of spoilersI'm 100% with you that it kills the hype,I think that Kipo for example would have been as famous as TOH and Amphibian if they didn't released it all at onceBut I understand why people complaing

>>117478210Tumblr was flooded with unavoidable ads for the show every 5-10 posts for weeks on end so naturally users got sick of it and bombed it. Deserved, honestly.

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>>117478247Post them

>>117478210>Who did it piss off and whynig nogs trynna get a hand breezy

>>117478247They should have stayed consistent in the release format between seasons, but seething over it is stupid

>>117478682people on tumblr don't deserve rights.

>>117478661prime is paid annually though

>>117478292>television show about evil superheroes shows a superhero being evilWOW REALLY? HOLY FUCK! DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING BRAVO NOLAN

>>117478682Wtf you talking about? Tumblr loves the boys. Especially those gay shippers

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>>117478822Stop looking at twitter screencaps, it's just about getting the loudest and most irrational people and posting them here. There's no purpose other than to make you mad at dumb people.

>>117478799Depends of your subscription,many people just pay a month

>>117478896Who they ship him with ?

>>117478292I hate fake nerds that pretend to be in fandoms but know little to nothing of the source material and get mad when they realize it’s nothing they pretended it to be

>>117478967Butcher obviously

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>>117478210>reviewbombedName a worse addition to the internet vocabulary.

>>117478292>>117478325Wait, do these people not now what Stormfront even meant?Do they also think Stormtroopers is a totally original thing George Lucas came up with too?

>>117478247Adhd riddled fuckwads

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>>117478292>>117478325Did people really not google the character she was playing worked for for Adolph in his childhood?

>>117479120>>117479141Y-you know you're dealing with braindead twitter posters, right?


>>117478210>>117478247The weekly release virgin VS The binge watch chad.

>>117478247I want to think it’s that, but Stormfront literally murdered an entire apartment building of black people. And knowing the current political climate, people are just going to overreact to it regardless of the context that’s she is a racist lunatic.

>>117479207>portraying raciststhat's racist

>>117478292The same idiots thought she was going to be a YAAAAS QUEEN SLAY character when it was pretty obvious by the name that she was gonna be a Nazi sympathizer.

>>117478934thousands liked these tweets though

what the fuck happened with you murricans? your IQ dropped below mexican who think telenovelas are real. now you guys think your netflix series are real and get mad at people being evil in fiction? what's the next step, rounding up and lynching the actors who play the villains in your movies?

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>>117479447We literally had a ton of cop shows get cancelled because of the BLM protests lol

>>117479120Yep people didn't know, the same people calling out >>117478325 were also fawning over the character when she was announced not knowing that she was based on a Nazi character and what her name really meant. But the fact that guy left his tweet there before realizing what this character was lead to reactionary types to attack him.

>>117478210>>117478247>>117479207Just went to take a look at the Holla Forums thread and yes, The bad reviews are because of the weekly release.

>>117478445I don't watch TV shows because I want to discuss it with people online or watch someone's weekly review video.

>>117479536That’s possibly even lamer, how hard is it to wait a week? We all did it as children waiting for new episodes of our favorite cartoons. Not everything has to be a binge.

>>117478682Go the fuck back there then


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>>117479536>bad reviews because a show is released weeklyThat proves a point about review results. Yet everyone still gives a shit about those. Especially Youtube.


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I think for the most part, I prefer the overall story structure of the comics, but I like the characters and their general interactions with one another more in the show.What do you all think?

>>117479696Only parts the comics was much more interesting with is the boys having superpowers early on, plus the supes not aging so you had cool shit like stormfront being an actual Nazi, and having flashbacks to things like 9/11 with the same seven members, whereas in the show they age normally I guess

>>117478292Nothing about this tweet is actually critical of the show. It's not saying the content of the show is bad, just that it might be too graphic for some people, which is objectively true.For someone not familiar with comics or WWII history, Stormfront murdering an entire building full of black people would be a genuine shock.This tweet is just a overly polite way of saying "don't watch this show if you're an oversensitive crybaby."

>>117478450>>117478479based. I think I might watch this

>>117479447The Bible was a containment board for the part of the human psyche that needs to be told what to think. Now that part of our brain is running wild, assuming that every symbolic representation of reality is intended as a metaphysical claim

>>117479745Yeah I'd agree.

>>117479664They're right you know

>>117478463>superheroine lowers crime rateNice

>>117478292>>117478325Secondaries being completely oblivious and then horrified to what a character named STORMFRONT was really about is the most hilarious thing I've read all week

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>>117478325I want her to annex my sudetenland