Instead of fighting against Porky, why don't you become him? The majority of the population are dumb proles...

Instead of fighting against Porky, why don't you become him? The majority of the population are dumb proles, surely people as capable and intelligent as you can rise to the top and exploit them? They don't know any other lifestyle anyways, as long as they're kept fed and under the illusion of security, who cares?

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Socialism or barbarism. Porky's existence is unsustainable.

It would be really easy for a man of my means to be bourgeois, but the idea of doing so nauseates me. I have all that I need already. Taking from others in order to collect empty luxuries does not appeal to me.

Because it isn't indeviduals who are the problem, its the system itself. I also don't want to be bourgeois, it seems shit. As long as I have alcohol, cigarettes and the means of production everything is fine.

My intelligence is book smarts, it doesn't have much in the way of practical financial applications.

I don't have the "capability" to become porky - not all of us inherited capital or got in on the ground floor of a booming industry.

I'm a prole because I have no choice but to be a prole.

The revolution will occur anyways. Its better to be in the winner faction


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Even Porky isn't free under capitalism.

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Do me the favor of reading anything by Daniel Clowes and then swallowing your words

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I don't want to

I'm not the kind of person that wants to exploit others for material gain.

It has crossed my mind.
But then I think of people like my family who aren't in that position and I couldn't exploit someone elses family because I'm not a prick.
Stirner isn't 100% applicable to socialism tbh

Because I don't like the idea of exploiting others while I sit on my ass gaining money for shit I pay others to do and get double what I pay them for work I didn't do.

Also . It's not about income inequality but about the fate of human civilization

Being porky is shit. It's a lot of work and a lot of pressure to stay competitive and keep your position. It might seem better to be porky than prole, but what's actually better is abolishing class.


I could build initial, reasonable capital for investment thanks to my work but stepping on the next guy was no part of my education, so in no way i could become a successful Porky;

In late capitalism being a porky sucks too
we have more social mobility but there's a flipside
abolishing class is the only solution

I can't become a porky. I'm too dumb and have no work ethic. Fuck I'm a loser.

Because, unlike your idea of why we support our cause, it isnt about jealousy.

Capitalism is inherently unstable, it will fall about due to its design, the planet is dying and capitalism cannot and doesnt want to save it. The problems in the world, which effect every human alive, are not caused by some "sekrit klub of ebil poeple", but due to the fundamental structure of this economic system.

Me becoming a rich pig will not change the things I want changed. Even with all my wealth, I will be forced to play by the rules of capitalism. Even the people in power cannot "do what they want" due to the fundamental nature of power and this economic system.

That is why I support socialism and communism. Because its not about me not being important enough, its not about my delusions of "if I was in charge It'd be different", its about changing the fundamental causes of much of the problems in the world so that I, my children and our species can continue to live and prosper, instead of falling into distopian mad-max tier savagery where nations fight over scarce resources, and ethnic groups battle over the last bits of arable land, because we were too busy making "profit" to care about the irreversible damage we are doing.

Because becoming a porky is more luck than anything else

Thanks for the laughs, user. It's your stock-standard 'wont someone PLEASE think of the porkies!' bullshit. The wealthiest work longer hours than their historical predecessors because thanks to IT/globalisation it really is possible to work many more hours if you're so inclined

Really it's just a rehashing of the old 'the new elites earned' their power and prosperity, the old elites are just decadent dandy's frittering away their patrimonies' to retroactively imply the new elites acquired that dominance by ruthless meritocracy (and therefore if you weren't such a lazy shit that could've been you if you just out your mind to it)