31 Minutos

Why is this show even called 31 Minutos?Also, best song?

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>>117454812>best song?Baila sin César, without a doubt.and also El Dinosaurio Anacleto

>>117454812boludo, no me vengas a hablar de títeres en un board de cartoons.

>>117454854Puppets are /co

>>117454854Puppets are animation. Pendejo

youtube.com/watch?v=uOKqLyAo5Wo>gringoChilebros, you can't use that word...It's offensive...

>>117454880>Puppets are animationWell, not technically, but they have a place here./co is where I've seen the best 31 Minutos threads ever.

>>117454875>>117454880coño, son live-actions. No me vengan con esas mariconadas.

>>117454854>boludotenias que ser argentino, pinche puto.

>>117454933My dude, check the archives. Search 31 Minutos, you'll see hundreds of threads that reach the bump limit, image limit, last for days and engage hundreds of users. /co is a place for puppets.Some of the threads go back to 2012, and those are only the ones archived. Don't be autistic.

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FMI Corchetis.Did you know she wrote a second, currently unreleased song?

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>>117454854let me tell you about the FALKLANDS

>>117455540Let me tell you about Corchetis.

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What the fuck even is Tulio?

>>117454909I was expecting cringe but that wasn't that badWhy is the Gringo market not ready for 31 minutos?

>>117456271No dubs?

>>117456140a sock monkey

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>>117456140a beautiful man

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>>117454812Because the contest said the project needed to be more that 30 minutes to be picked up. granarenamonticello.cl/novedad/por-que-31-minutos-se-llama-asi/

>>117456140A monkey sockpuppet.



>>117456140A stand.

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>>117457527Fuck, I'm out.

>>117456442Makes sense.

>>117456271Most of the songs are pretty catchy.

>>117454812IIRC it's a parody of a chilean newscast>>117454854títeres son Holla Forums, ahuevonao de porquería


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>>117456140Un mono viejo con cara de tonto.

>>117454812>Also, best song?youtu.be/jzwuKToN0_Q

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>>117462041don't-hug-mebros... I'm scared...

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>>117454933esperaba un chileno ser el pendejo del thread


>>117461780Cringe? Why?

>>117462537Anime versions of characters are cringe by default.>>117454933>titeres>live actionCierra la puta boca si no sabes una mierda del tema del que estás hablando ¿Quieres?


>>117454812Parody of 24 Horas.

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>>117455540You could sing a song!

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youtu.be/f6hXL4FsFSMBest (and most erotic) song.

>>117463681Galieri is my waifu.

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Still the king.

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cucky best girl

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>>117465403>the fucking duckGood.


>>117465403The perfect lifeform.

>>117454812>why called 31 minutosit lasts 31 minutes, also something abot a parody of a chilean news program

Lewds where? I dig that cueca nerd.

This may be one of the most recent addition to my collection of niche interests thanks

>>117456593> A la mierda.Me sorprende que hayan usada esa palabra enlugar del usual diablo.>>117455171Do you mean Primavera?>>117454812That's Ritmo sideralyoutu.be/jzwuKToN0_Q

>>117454812Chileanfag here.31 Minutos it's called that way because it's suppose to be a parody of 24 Horas (24 hours), the name of the real newscast of the chilean channel where 31 Minutos originally aired.The joke is that it's a half-hour show so it's called 31 minutes

>>117454812for me it's doggy style youtube.com/watch?v=z1CSneHgd6c

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Marilu's song should have been in the show but I think it came out after the return ended.youtu.be/f6hXL4FsFSM

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>>117470172>for me it's doggy styleSure, but what is your favorite song?

Post the best momentsyoutu.be/mughdodcheQ

>>117463781Finally someone posts it


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>>117454812>Why is this show even called 31 Minutos?because the channel wanted a 30 minutes long show, so they called it 31 minuts

>>117456140a jojo

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>>117454812>best song?Dracula Caligula

>>117465505That name didn't age well, did it


I wanna marry that puppet. Or at least finger it.What do?

>>117475557Considering the character, i'm sure she's into such things...

>>117475875You can literally fist a puppet

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>>117476983You sick fuck.

>>117476904What gives you that idea?

>>117469448You are lying man. "The name and logo of the program are a parody of "60 minutos", a newscast of the same channel, broadcast in the between 1976 and 1988." Fucking wikipedia.