Now that the movie's out, what did you think of it?

Now that the movie's out, what did you think of it?

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>movie has to explain why hot Asians are doing flips and are flying in the goddamn air in a fucking wuxia movie

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Here's your "realistic" remake, bro!

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>>117441004wuxia fight scenes are fucking shit no matter the movie.

>>117440940Hero was a better live action wuxia movie about a signifant part of China's cultural history

>>117441040Nah this >>117441004 is a special kind of shit, it feels more like an american trying too hard to emulate chinese movies that it ends up being obnoxious and retarded.

>>117440940I don’t watch Disney remakes.

>>117441004Man, I dont even wanna pirate this shit

>>117441004This is like Bollywood but not even funny.

>>117441004This literally looks like a Chinese gum commercial

>>117440940I have no interest. My bf is asian, and even he has no interest.

>>117440940Didn’t watch it.

>>117441412How does yellow cock taste?

>>117441306The Lion King remake was kino

>>117440940Ignoring preconceived notions about what Mulan should be, and only as an action film/wuxia homage? Terrible.Disney blew $200 million on a film that uses gimmicky shots and too many cuts to hide its weak and under-rehearsed choreography. Not only is it inferior to Asian films made 20 years ago on 1/1000th of its budget, it's not at an acceptable level for modern Western-made martial arts films either. I would put the fight scenes in this below Birds of Prey's.


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>>117441533I bet like bananas


>>117441004Wow This is the power of Disney

>>117440940Even China, the country Disney bent down and over for, hated it. Let that sink in.

>>117441600Ya know it was kind of cool when GoT did it,

They took away Mulan working hard and over coming adversity with her skill with OH YOU WERE SPECIAL AND MAGIC FROM THE VERY BEGINNING. Throw that in a weak PG-13 wuxia and a completely dreary, joyless group of characters and you just get a dull pile of sludge. I'm sure the Chinese market will love this garbage as they seem to enjoy anything that's artistically bankrupt.

>>117441600How did they shoot this and not realise half the screen being covered by scaffolding fucks the shot?

>>117441762Racist retard, if you did a modicum of research or even scrolled up, you'd know even China hated it.This isn't another epic tortanic or the HAPPENING, it's just trash and thankfully everyone sees it's trash.At best the only thing that might get it any money is dumb karens trying to keep their kids busy and away from them during the 2nd wave.

>>117441004Yeah, I'm going to watch Crouching Tiger instead.

>>117440940i like this new format of releasing blockbusters online so the whole world can watch/laugh simultaneously

>>117441580So it's not even good as a cheesy wuxia movie? Lame.

>>117441004Remember when Holla Forums took scenes from The Last of Us 2 and made a sea of OC of it, including flat out reanimating scenes frame by frame?I'm begging you guys. Mulan 2020 is begging for the same treatment.

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Remember how in the original movie Mulan was just an average girl who had to work hard to become just an average soldier and she only stood out amongst other soldiers because of her cleverness?Well, not anymore

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Can't have the emperor be just a frail old man like in the original!

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>>117442977Is this overpandering?

it's shite on a stick

>>117442954>>117442977I cant wait for people to call the complaints and criticisms racist and sexist

>>117442954I got flashbacks of Artemis Flow surfing.

>>117442990Emperor Xinping wouldn't allow the leader of China to be depicted as frail or just a figurehead.

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>>117442977The physics of those attacks with the cloth curtains makes no sense at all. I think he's supposed to be snapping them like a much bigger version of the trick people do with a rolled up towel, but for some reason instead of snapping them he instead awkwardly points the curtains at people and they just randomly go rigid.

>>117442990I'd say so, even if I'm not Chinese. It literally looks like a Blaxploitation film, but Chinese.

>>117443074Clearly an airbender

>>117443074It is just standard wuxia Ki/ Chi / aura shit which he "channeled" into the cloth

>>117442228That's what happens when you put all money on post-production CGI.

>>117443107Xu Xiaodong needs to beat down more grandmasters china can get rid of this nonsense. But I fear for his life.

>>117443132Xu is a fraud. He had luck the masters were holding back.


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>>117441004Alright I remember watching my dad's old kung-fu movies and while things were exaggerated at points it still felt like it made sense through good camera angles and particular body moment.But this shit? It feels somehow incomplete and the arrow just seems like its doing its own thing despite the 2 quick shots of Mulan rising to kick it.

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Did the director even fucking see the original?

So this remake is basically Kungfu jesus styling on all the normalfags?

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>>117443075So chinkploitsation, aren't all modern Disney movies like that?

They should have gone Kung Fu Hustle on it

>>117440940Everyone agrees these remakes are terrible by this point. Even Lion King got mauled by critics and reddit/4chan both hated it.And yet it's the highest grossing animated film of all time.

>>117440940shameless chink propaganda

>>117443353Yes, except the emperor. The emperor is the only character allowed to be stronger than Mulan

>>117443339I remember when people said it would be more like the actual legend, but even in the poem there isn't anything about chi/midichlorians.

>>117443359Not even Aladdin had this much circlejerk

>>117443257ALL of the masters were holding back? [SPOILER]Cause none of the masters won[/SPOILER]

>>117441701Yeah, but.EVERYONE hates it.Hating this movie is a universal, unifying human experience. While, yes, it is especially egregious that they can't even pander right, this movie sucks on all levels so it's not strange that it is bad in one particular regard.Not like the Chinese are completely removed from the human experience just because their government is a shit show.

>>117443545>Not like the Chinese are completely removed from the human experience just because their government is a shit show.Of course they are, they're communists.

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>>117443074Coincidentally, Donnie Yen played the antagonist opposite Jet Li in Once Upon a China 2, and his weapon of choice was a rolled up wet towel. They made it look great back in

>>117442977This editing is worse than a bollywood film

>>117441004>we can't do singing because soldiers don't sing and its unrealistic but you can have this instead

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>>117443339You and I both know that the director had no say in this movie.

>>117443685>we can't do singing because soldiers don't singBut that's wrong

>>117443718It is, but Disney said they removed all songs because soldiers in real life don't sing while marching

>>117443685>what are marching songsSeriously I think they are going for a records with how many different groups of people they can piss off

>>117441533Like msg?

>>117442977Ah yes.This is the principle of Wu Wei in action.This is shit because the Emperor is changed too much.From a dignified monarch, to a badly executed action hero.He should, just from an ideological and cosmological perspective, be the immovable center axis of events, and not stir the pot.He is the fucking Son of Heaven! Why the fuck is he alone and fighting like a common soldier?Where is his fucking Guard?Instead he walks around like any old fool and gets trapped by ropes like an animal!This is as insulting to the ideological concepts of Chinese tradition as it is to the connoisseur of action movies or the fan of the original movie.

>>117441004So does Mulan join his harem at the end?

>>117441040They work great for puppet

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>>117443797>This is as insulting to the ideological concepts of Chinese traditionbecause if anything is deserving of the utmost respect, it's chinese tradition.

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>>117443797based and heavenpilled

>>117444104>Taiwan puppet show>Japanese dubbingwhat?

>>117444318Look at that smug face. It's like in the bat's final moments he saw the future of what's to come.

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Why is the emperor a badass? That honestly bothers me more than anything I've heard, and I've heard a lot that bothers me. I just don't see what purpose that could possible serve the narrative other than to have someone steal the show from the main character.

>>117440940I don't watch live action Disney shit. It's all fucking terrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrible

>>117443321Simple, they want to make a Wuxia movie but don't know how.

>>117444401They got Jet Li to play him, they have to make him cool

Why is this so heavily departed from the original? I feel like even the Jungle Book live action movie wasn't this divorced from the original Disney movie.

> Making the villainess evil because she was treat badly cause the main bad guys are sexist> forget that the nomad actually treat their women better than China at that point.

>>117444446My guess is that they are trying to pander to China audiences. Like most of the change i saw only work for a CHinese audiences.

>>117444482You can do that easily without a lot of these weirder changes, like having the emperor fight like a soldier and giving Mulan special chi.You don't even need explicitly stated chi shit to have wuxia action scenes anyways.

>>117444482The thing is it's not anything like the original tale either. And supposedly the Chinese didn't like the animated movie because of it's divergences from the source material, and this new version is just as divergent, if not even more so.

>>117443858Going by sui-tang dynasty account, she'd commit suicide before she'd do that.

>>117444516>ChiMy guess is that they want to pander to martial art tradition in China. The CCP have been using martial art to promote patriotism for awhile now, to the point that endorse people who said that they have super power (chi) by practicing martial art.>having the emperor fight like a soldier Probably want to show their leader as a badass.

>>117440940What the fuck is a wuxia? fuck off with your chinese buzzwords, retards

>>117444529Chinese people watch foreign films to see stuff that they don't see in their country. They like watching white people, famous actor (the Great Wall). That why the Transformers movie were so success in China. Why would they want to watch something that have been adapted a dozen of times by them and most are better?

>>117444585It a genre of fiction in China, mainly about martial art, hero journey, great hero fighting corruption official, protect the weak, wander the land and learn powerful martial art technique.

>>117444585It's the flying wire karate stuff

has Disney never watched a wuxia film before?

>>117444594Ok. Still doesn't explain why they'd watch this version of Mulan.And work on your grammar.

>>117441040They are cool, but in more light hearted movies, plus theres the problem that it doesnt fit Mulan at all

>Jet Li, Donnie Yen, and even Jason Scott Lee are all in this shitFucking kek, what a way to waste them.

>>117444661Even through his broken grammar i can tell he's explaining why Chinese people WOULDN'T watch this version.

>>117441004I get that parents just autobuy disney movies now to distract their kids for a couple hours but come on. Just buy them the older mulan movie this time


>>117444643The fact that they had to push chi into the main focus when so many many wuxia movies, even ones with oversea success, just expect the audience to accept crazy wire-fu as a staple, tells me whoever was in charge probably saw wuxia for the first time during development and was experiencing culture shock, and refused to just let the movie have crazy choreography without an explicit in-universe reason.

>>117442768You can’t be racist against insects

>>117442954even the kid actor looks kinda bored while acting in this movie

>>117442933Nope, Mulan is ok in their context no one expect nothing, TLOF2 was a sadly reminder or how normies and SJW fuck all videogame industry

>>117443670This clips are giving me a morr found appreciation for Bahubali

>>117444706So we're actually in agreement about this not actually going to appeal to the chinese, which is obviously Disney's intent, just from different angles?He is right about the Chinese doing the story in live action better.Mulan 1939 1967 Hong Kong

>>117444720You can watch the original animated disney mulan movie on D+ without paying an extra thirty buck even.

>>117444814If it flops in china it would actually improve my opnion about them, even if it just a little bit

>>117444372Yeah it's made by Gen Urobuchi he's collabed with a Taiwanese studio and made this show it's pretty good. It has two seasons and two movies with a third season in production.

Honestly this is the best part of the movie.They can't even say based off of or inspired by.

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>>117444901>suggestedokay that is funny

>>117444743Anyone who has watched Wuxia before can tell you that great amount Chi are always the result of build up overtime or transfered from someone else. That the point, the power the characters have came from training and hard work, that why some of the most powerful characters are old people in Wuxia, because they spend their entire lives train.

>>117444777Was that the one with the Tree catapult?Edit: Yes it was.

>>117442990dat Kung-Fu Pander

>>117443754WHAT THE FUCK?!?!

>>117444847But see, all this doesn't matter: kids with Disney+ have already seen the original, and now they'll see the ads and be like "wow mom, can we watch this", and their parents will pay for it like good little consumers they are. It will be a success, like the rest of them, mark my words.

>>117443685>through Flanders Portugal and Spain, king George commands and we obey

>>117444562But emperor isn't supposed to fight unless the enemies are at the final fucking lineEmperor isn't fucking general

What has been China's reactions to the movie?

>>117445065Like Disney would care for historical accuracy

You can tell that much like Tenet, this was supposed to be enjoyed at the theater

Is she really Rey from Star Wars? Can anyone confirm this?

>>117445081>"But buh-boos, we can't do that, it's historically inaccurate.">"Huh-haw, history is written by the winners, you idiot."

>>117441004Jesus.I was already avoiding it because 1. It looks joyless2. The lead actress is a Statecock-Sucking piece of shit3. Fuck live action remakesBut now I can add "it can't even do action right" to that list.

>>117445116>The lead actress is a Statecock-Sucking piece of shitWhat does this even mean?

>>117444977Just tell your kids to wait till december when they remove the premium price.

>>117445122The lead actress actually not very good in the mainland, she only get the role because her family connection and CCP want to promote her.

>>117445122She let it be known how Hong Kong protesters were traitors in her mind, and she supported the Chinese police response.So yeah, she's a terrible person. Not that her being a good person would've saved the movie, but fuck her extra hard. Hope this ends her career.

>>117445122"Hong Kong bad, Glorious Peoples Republic of China good."

>>117445122She used the spotlight the movie put on her to say that Hong Kong shouldn't have any freedom and the CCP is awesome.


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>>117440940I ain’t paying for this shit, link me and I’ll tell you

>>117445065They were, the Emperor is very very arrogant and wants to kill the main villain the same way he killed his father. It was treated as some big honorable duel.

>>117445172Behind Chang

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The character of Mulan is not likeable. She's someone you root for because you're told to root for her. I felt like her character was ruined because rather than using her superior intellect and cunning to her advantage, she is seen as a flawless person born with superpowers running through her veins.

>>117445172ok shill.

>>117445172How does Chinese leather taste

>>117445219>>117445227I'm saying the actress has a 2 INT. She's a fucking moron.

>>117445217they turned mulan into a low end marvel superhero movie

China has done nothing wrong as a country. Why the fuck are so many people like CHINA BAD. ITS NOT YOUR COUNTRY, why do you care

>>117445266Oh for sure, really should have kept her mouth shut on that one

>>117445159hong kong was an eventual lost cause anyway because it had an expiration date, but I don't get why the ccp is so bent on making hk-ers bend to the evil empire's will a few years early

>>117445303Because that country happens to hold power and influence?

They cut Mushu because China hated him. Thought a "mini-dragon" trivialized their culture.Then China hated the remake even with the "give China anything it wants" changes.Hey, remember how Kung Fu Panda was a retarded franchise-killer because the Chinese writers wrote things into a corner so there was basically nowhere for a fourth movie to go? Good stuff. Never give China an inch.

>>117445303every powerful country's government has a checkered past and horrible decisions, why should the ccp be exempt from being criticized?

>>117445331Does China really hate it or this is all a guess?

>>117445331Why does there need to be a 4th movie

>>117445303>It's not your country

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>>117445346I'm not saying there HAS to be. Would've been nice to get SOMETHING with the whole Po-Tigress angle they had in the back of 2 and 3.I'm just saying that Dreamworks was going "we're going to do 4 minimal, possibly as many as 6" and then China took over the writing on 3 and gave Po retarded dragonball chi spirit powers that left them with nowhere else to go. The Chinese can't write for shit.

>>117445137Thank you, obvious Chinaman.May the VPN be with you.

You can see who critic shills are giving this movie good reviews.Meanwhile YouTube people like Angry Joe, Stuckman and Jahns are calling the movie dogshit.

>>117445375Let me amend that. The CCP has made it impossible for the Chinese to write well. You're stuck telling only the safest stories possible that you know were already approved, because you're terrified that anything different will get you shut down or worse.It's poison for the creativity of an entire massive culture.

>>117445395Its Disney, critics don't want to lose their chance to be first in line for the next Disney movies.

>>117445303>China has done nothing wrong as a country. Why the fuck are so many people like CHINA BAD.Human rights violations, Being a brutal dictatorship.>ITS NOT YOUR COUNTRY, why do you careCaring about fellow people out of human decency regardless of national boundaries.

>>117445303>ITS NOT YOUR COUNTRY,Not yet.

>>117441004Is that Shang Tsung?


>>117443858That was a later version

Why do critics shill so hard?

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>>117444749This is the reason China is winning. You underestimate your enemy, they always surprise you.

>>117445303I don't need to be Chinese to hear "a major government is putting cameras everywhere, monitoring everything, and is even developing facial recognition software to try and detect when people are lying" and go "holy shit, we should absolutely not be doing trade deals with that government."Throw in the fact that we're not only doing trade deals, our corporations are bending over backwards to placate the totalitarian big brother state... yeah, I'm a bit bitter.

>>117441004oh my fucking GOD

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>>117445494Give a bad review and Disney won't let you be at the premiere for their next movie, so you're not an initial reviewer, which hurts your ability to sell yourself as a reviewer.

>>117444318Funny thing is that's actually in Palau. The Chinese woman was a tourist trying to look hip by eating local food.

>>117445494Proof that Disney pays critics

>>117445494Because if they don't Disney won't give them preview screening and other benefits. Remember how Disney threatened to cut that one paper off for giving Force awakens a nuanced review? Journalistic integrity is dead. It's all about sucking corporate cocks for favors.

>>117445424I wouldn't touch the human rights thing. I've heard a lot about what China did wrong, but not what they should have done. Without that, I doubt anyone would have done different.

>>117445303As resident of CCCP's neighbouring company, I can assure you they are the worst kind of earth. They think world is still stuck in 19th century. When you dare criticize them they are likE 'YOU DO NOT NOOO CHINEZE WAE YOU NO CHINEZE' while they are free to speak about everything. America is thug on its own but China is definitely worse

>>117445524>Remember how Disney threatened to cut that one paper off for giving Force awakens a nuanced reviewWait did this really happen

>>117445331>>117445343It's all a guess. Disney guesses ahead of what China wants, usually going well beyond what they actually want. Chinese are aware when they are being pandered to and they hate it. They get enough of that from their own government, they don't want foreigners selling them the same shit with an import tax.

>>117445077They hated it.

>>117445515>Funny thing is that's actually in Palaudoubt.jpgYou can hear a bunch of people talking in Cantonese in the background.

>>117444853Well it did. Out of 14 million in Shanghai, only 200,000 saw it, and word of mouth spread so quickly of how bad it was ticket sales plummeted.

>>117445494Well now we all know why Marvel movies get good reviews

>>117445525> I've heard a lot about what China did wrong, but not what they should have done.Maybe, and I'm just throwing this out there, don't grab Hong Kong citizens and drag them to the mainland for sham trials, eventually trotting them out much later to smile at the cameras and go "CCP was right I was a naughty boy, I have learned my lesson."Just a thought.


>>117445554esquiremag[DOT]ph/food-and-drink/food/eating-bats-philippine-delicacy-a1729-20200205-lfrmDude, Cantonese is the base language of all Chinese immigrants, and there was a shitload of them following the Communist revolution flooding into every country around China. Wouldn't surprise me if the tourist found a place where some Chinese family picked up on local taste and sell it to Chinese tourists

>>117441004Ohh, this will get reposted a lot lmao

>>117445303Ultimately perhaps people should focus on their own regional problems first, but while It looks bad to us, the mainlanders who aren't happy with the CCP and the people of SEA countries that border china are the ones who have to put up with the most in the end. They couldn't even complain on social media about how the pandemic situation was handled in wuhan and how their grandma croaked without getting suspended or bannedAnd the CCP shills who worship Xi don't even acknowledge that the CCP itself isn't perfectly unified either, since like with any mafia clan there's going to be different factions always struggling against each other for powerI think countries kinda deserve to get bumfucked by china if after 2020 they refuse to move at least their most important manufacturing back home (or closer to home) in order to diversify and manage their risk. If china is fucking another over in a deal, then stop upholding that deal and find other business partners

>>117445570So basically not pull a guantanamo with extra steps?

>>117442977Old geezers bring badass is actually a cool as fuck trope. I always embrace it

>>117445574They even tried to release in Hunan, the alleged province of Mulan. It was poorly

>>117445601Basically. And as much as I loathe our little home away from home in Cuba, the Gitmo prisoners are accused of darker shit than "owned a bookstore that sold books critical of the CCP, something that wasn't even against the law."When one government goes "we're making it illegal for our citizens to criticize the government. Oh, and we're authorizing ourselves to track down any of our citizens in YOUR countries" the whole goddamn world should get pissed.

>>117445570>Maybe, and I'm just throwing this out there, don't grab Hong Kong citizens and drag them to the mainland for sham trialsGranted, but at the same time Hong Kong is being reintegrated back into China so it has to comply with China law no matter how unfair. Like Snowden did with the US, these political prisoners really should leave the country instead of hiding out in Hong Kong, the place where local politicians riled up the population against the CCP, then turned right around and sold them out to the CCP when the tanks rolled in.

>>117445632>the Gitmo prisoners are accused of darker shit thanThat's just the ones the media talks about. when it comes to human rights violations, I always thought the big fish was the treatment of Uighers. That I personally feel like is similar to the treatment of Japanese-Americans during WWII. Radical muslims used uigher muslims as a cover to sneak in terrorists to bomb local buildings and public works. The US went to war over shit like that to punish the wrong people. China is imprisoning a minority group to catch the small percent of extremists. Both are pretty far from a good solution, but I have yet to hear a 'good' solution.


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>>117441533Delicious, he’s sleeping rn.

>>117445729I don't think that works if it's in image form.

>>117445596SEA countries at this point already too familiar with the CCP tactics.

>>117445691Lbr, the violent criminals of any population are going to be from 99% of the male half of the population. What claim to that excuse do they have if uyghur women are also getting camp'd to be put in vulnerable situations to be abused?

>>117445495That’s where you’re wrong.Westerners are being told to eat the bugs, so you’re being prepared for the menu

>>117445691Mate, even the lowest level definitely-shouldn't-be-there people at Gitmo are accused of worse than owning a bookstore in an area where it's not illegal to do so.

>>117443569Funny how the West's #FREETIBET meme died out when China money started pouring in.

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>>117441164so perfectly emulating a chinese movie

>>117441547nice bait here take a (you)

>>117445788People do still push, but we've lost power to the megacorps, and the megacorps don't give a shit.

It kills me that the animated version with a talking dragon is more grounded because it didn't give the lead MAGIC POWERS.

>>117445775I know, what I'm saying is the 'owning a bookstore' ones are the ones media latches onto. It is unfair, but from what I think it's more a case of circumstance. I've been following Chinse current events for about a decade, and China has had a huge corruption problem. So to crack down, they made some draconian level laws to punish everyone equally from the corrupt officials taking bribes that kill people, to the bookstore owners with 'unharmonious books' or whatever buzzword they use for things the government doesn't like. It's bad, it's terrible for the people who just wanted a voice, but I find that all the more reason they should have left China altogether instead of staying in Hong Kong. They should have known their politicians would have sold them out the moment things swung just a little against them.>>117445761>What claim to that excuse do they have if uyghur women are Same way radicals would use women and children as meatshields I'm guessing. They might be brainwashed into the cause and serve as bombs no one would otherwise look at. The CCP is paranoid as hell so I can see them coming to that conclusion.

>>117442954the editing in this hurts me physically

>>117445788No, when celebrities saw they were supporting a theocracy where monks decided who lived and died, they realized both sides were terrible. So they quietly stopped protesting and hoped no one would notice.

>>117441412Shut up, racemixing whore. You aren’t really white, no matter how blonde and pretty you are.

>>117445927You're either mixed or you're from a pure white country of cucks who'll be forcibly mixed in a generation.

>>117445524sounds a lot like youtubers getting sponsored deals with physical products. theyre motivated against saying anything critical or negative in case they get cut off the PR list for early access, free stuff, or other privileges and they just become advertisers rather than someone you go to for a genuine opinion

>>117440940Its stupid.

>>117445959Jokes on you! I'm actually homo naledi, incapable of mixing with homo sapiens.

It wasn't that bad but it has those small lefty details that were obviously made for western audiences and wouldn't be in a true chinese movie.It only worth pirating.

>>117442954Cute girl, but it defeats the purpose of "Woman surpasses men in a male dominated field" if Mulan is already a natural super being.

>>117441004I take back everything I said about Steven Seagal movies.


>>117446137Only ones obsessed are lefties trying to 'bring down the system' when they don't realize they are now the system.And now everyone wants to bring them down.

>>117442954>>117442977Everything else aside, my god the editing on these scenes is awful

>>117446177Lol, name those "details" then.

>>117441580they made this purely to pander to china, and in that regard im sure they succeeded

>>117441004Disney is fucking trash. Marvel is the only thing keeping up their image

>>117442954How the fuck is this fresh with critics ? It has to be because they're scared to be labeled racist right ?

>>117445303Die Chinese Shill free Hong Kong

>>117445514If only reviewers can be Anton Ego types. That guy comes across as someone who'd give a bad review to anyone to tried to bribe him.

>>117441580Damn. If it's that bad maybe I'll have to actually watch it. Not pay for it obviously.

>>117445303China is literally the closest thing to a major threat that the west has to contest with?why are you suprised

>>117446198Making her a natural acrobat as a child and generally turning her into a superhuman even before she starts training. That's right up their with CCP propaganda that Chinese hate>The Main character must be perfect>The main character must be born with talent and skill>Anything the main character learns, they master instantly

Kung Fu Hustle was meant to be a parody of wuxia and over the top martial arts movies, and it still handled the subject with more respect than this pile of trash

Attached: landlady-kungfuhustle.jpg (975x600, 167.38K)

I think China is an okay place. Not very different from America when you get right down to it.

>>117445558Proof ?

>>117446331even if both populations are held under the thumb of their ruling elites like hostages, at least one still gets some room to complain openly about it

this feels like a fucking Stephen Chow movie without the humor

man, the original Mulan film feels so down to earth now, even with the ghosts and wisecraking dragon

>>117441547>kino>shit opinion only a total retard would utterMan, those always go hand in hand.

so this is 100% a movie made only for Chinai can't see western audiences being into it, this ain't no Kung Fu Hustle

>>>After only a three-week run in the Hunan province, "Mulan" took in just $30,000 at the box office, and in Shanghai, only 200,000 of the city's 14 million population went to see the film.

>>117445995>homoLmao faggot

>>117446597>didnt-think-she-looked-chinese-enoughGood grief

>>117440940This piece of shit won't even beat out the worst movies of the mCU

>>117446389They both do. Chinese just get clever wordplay to avoid censors. Kinda like how sites that crack down on swearing, Chinese just call people a 'mud horse' because the words use the same sounds as 'motherfucker' but different tones.

>>117446331Hello Laowhy

>>117446612It's Lao wai. Oddly enough I think it's a compliment. Literally just means 'Old Outsider'

the bots are alive and well on this one in the user reviews. "I like fight". "I like scene". "I like movie". "I like etc". I like you to STFU bots. Movie was meh and you're paying for a Disney+ subscription that is pointless and they make you pay another $30 to watch this? FOH Disney. It's maybe a 4, but because you have to buy a Disney+ to pay $30? NAH!

>>117441004slaaaayyy quuueeeennnn

Epic fail that cost a fortuneI can handle the overly dramatic acting if only the story was worth it and sadly it is not, If this is the best Disney has to offer then they won't go far in the streaming world!Epic fail that cost a fortuneI can handle the overly dramatic acting if only the story was worth it and sadly it is not, If this is the best Disney has to offer then they won't go far in the streaming world!I am just praying as a big Marvel fan they don't screw up any future releases from them.

I honestly feel like if Disney wants to make a movie and in the process of making it bend backwards to appease our great and beloved communist party of China and its leader Winnie the pooh stunt double they should at least make a good fun movie. Not this horribly boring crap they pulled. The original cartoon was more grounded than this crap. Let that sink in for a moment, the cartoon with a talking dragon and dancing ghosts was more realistic than this movie. The fact that they decided to do a fantasy kungfu movie but disney style (read half-assed) makes this movie fall on its face from the very first opening scene and then crawl to the finish line 2 hours later (which is 2 hours too many). The story makes zero sense, none, the characters change opinions and allegiances on a whim. The main character behaves like a dick for some reason from the very beginning. There is no reason or logic behind anything in the movie. This movie has exactly 2 saving graces hence 2 stars score. The orchestral references to the original songs (albeit all are brief) and the Ming Na Wen cameo at the end. I can not stress how bad this movie is.

>>117445303>>117445172>>117442768WINNIE THE POOH DID TIANANMEN SQUARE


Uch, it was bad. And I had high hopes for this one, at least as an action film. But nope, it was an all around mess. First of all, it's Woke (of course it is), but that's only the start of the problems. Sometimes they have lame fighting styles, other times they just randomly throw in something out of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and not in a good way, but it's all really boring. They also took out all the interesting characters, like Mushu, Shang, Cricket, Mulan's grandmother, Mulan's 3 army friends, and instead we get these pointless nobodies who have little to no role other than simply being there. They even gave Mulan a sister, but she adds absolutely nothing; you can take her out of the movie and it changes nothing. Oh, and there's no Shan Yu either, instead we get these two generic, boring villains with no character. And let's not forget the inclusion of chi and actual magic and witchcraft. And, of course, Mulan is an overpowered Mary Su who, even as a child, was performing moves that would put Jacki Chan to shame. I mean, why not give her actual development in training and stuff to show her becoming a good fighter when you can just make her super OP Mary Sue right off the bat, right? The acting itself is bland, and even the dialogue is horrible. Everyone talks in these tone-deaf monotone voices with no emotion in them. You really feel nothing for any these characters. The movie has none of the charm of the original, and they don't even have any of the songs. Seriously, the movie is an utter disaster, and completely boring. They would have been better off doing a shot-for-shot remake like they did with the live-action Lion King. Get your act together, Disney, you're sinking your own ship.

>>117446605until you get suspended by the censors after they update because you called Xi fat

>>117442933Holy shit please. I support this idea wholeheartedly.

>>117441004This part made me tired, I was so glad when the movie was finished, I got in my car, drove home and took a shower...

>>117441004Why didnt they just throw the arrow?

>>117446945No, then you and everyone start calling him 'Full Moon' Xi, the same way they currently call Kim Jong Un 'Full Moon' Kim

bad news, it was announced that a Mulan sequel to this is in development with Chris Bender, Jason T. Reed, and Jake Weiner returning as producersWHY WHY ???this movie was crap and shiity, burn the movie.

Is the evil witch hot, at least ? Or did they fucked that up too ?

>>117447249Well she's Asian so.....yeah.

>>117440940It was really, really wooden. The acting was really bad. I honestly can't recommend it; The only person who actually felt like he was acting was the villain. The weird lesbian crush Shu Qi's witch has on her is probably the only interesting part of her characterization.Mulan is a complete cypher. Like, she's basically the equivalent of Rey from the sequel trilogy, she goes from strength to strength. In fact, she's SO deadly that she entirely eclipses the one from the cartoon movie.

>>117447249Shu Qi is pretty hot, but she doesn't actually have that much to do in the film. She's generally very good at playing pouty, evil, but REALLY HOT bitches, but she's not that good here. (She doesn't have much to work with, admittedly.)


>>117442977>>117441004This is actually pretty dope, what the fuck are you faggots complaining about?It's literally just over the top hong kong wuxia. I swear to god if the movie had been cancelled because Disney deemed it too unrealistic or whatever and these scenes got leaked you'd fucks would be all over it going "HURR LOOK AT WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN, DISNEY HATES FUN" or whatever.

>>117447278>Taiwanese ActressLame. I desire full blooded, communist Chinese actresses.

>>117441040If this is the kind of shit taste that is hating on the movie then the film is probably pretty good.

>>117444901>>117444913>>117444927>from the people who saw shrek

>>117440940No thanks. I will stay with the original.

>>117441004Not a fan of floaty string shit but this is beyond bad.Fuck it I just watched the original a couple of weeks ago I am going to continue to pretend this doesn't exist wtf

>>117447267>>117447278Ah well. Hot evil queens of darkness are underrepresented in medias.

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>>117443797Anon, commies ended the mandate of heaven

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>>117441004This type of action only works when you can actually see the stuntwork in action. When it's a bunch of cuts and CGI any appeal is ruined.

>>117447362She was so hot.

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>>117447398>50 year old pussy

>>117447267S I M PIMP >with asian fetish

>>117447370The last dynasty ended way before communism come to China

>>117445514Movies are screened for critics, user. Disney has no say over who goes.

>>117447301Hey let's make a lighthearted but full of values animation movie a Wuxia, and a shitty one, they're chiiiiineeeeseThat is sign about being an industry, if you have to remake and change everything but the name, is not a good sign

>>117441349Exactly. Bollywood has that cheeky quality that really enhances the absurdity of everything that happens. This is just awkward.

>>117445888And now Lhasa is a rebuilt from the ground up tourist theme park with more chinese residents than tibetans.


>>117447568I think Baahubali 2 (Literally 'The One With Strong Arms 2') is basically the best Bollywood epic fantasy movie I've ever seen.>

>>117447608I didnt like the music segments but bahubali 1 and 2 were pretty fun as an over the top epic

>>117446846>epic failpls go back.

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Every single clip of this movie gives makes me dizzy from the terrible editing. This might genuinely be the worst directed movie ever .

>>117447608this is delicious absurdity, and it's fairly well choreographed too


>>117448026This is the most famous scene:>

>>117446325>Kung Fu HustleCan there be a joke screening of Mulan, where people go to sit down and the cinema plays Kung Fu Hustle instead?

>>117444901>suggestedOh, c’mon now

>>117445140kill yourself cophater

>>117440940Any chance it might be enjoyable for someone with an FTM fetish?

>>117446263the MCU movies are the worst of them all

>>117448088No, the main girl is boring as fuck.

>>117448047I just love how Bollywood has embraced being so absurdly over the top.

>>117445303Basic empathy for other human beings and the fact that they're attempting to amass political power over everyone. America world police may have worked out very badly for a bunch of people, but at least they weren't actively run by a brutal & amoral dictatorship.

>>117445632There are gitmo prisoners who had the wrong brand of wristwatch. Not that it refutes your point when a remake version of the holocaust where the leaders know to not war with other countries until they're finished killing appears to be happening right now.

Did they have stuff about Chi in the original movie?

>>117440940>No Mulan eating a bat and sneezing her enemies to death. 0/10

>>117447249Well she’s asian so... no. Unless you’re a beta loser.

>>117441533>>117441626>>117443783Why are you people like this?

>>117447278I require images of her sexiness to judge for myself.

>>117450392Yeah the US is much better cause it's an amoral and brutal pseudo democracy instead.

>>117450879Lesser of two evils here. US will pretend it's not evil and at least hold back when it's citizens might wise up to what they're doing. China will just do whatever the fuck it wants with no restrictions.Eg. The US has some concentration camps but aren't doing mass executions and are restrained by their courts from doing worse. China has concentration camps and is selling organs, doing mass executions, using slave labour, mass brainwashing, and a dozen other things.If you can't figure out the lesser of two evils you're either pretending to be retarded or retarded.

>>117441004>>117442954>>117442977that is like poorly done wuxia crap you'd expect from like 90's chinese fight movies but even those were better then what i just saw.

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>>117450658Murica propaganda

>>117442768There's been politically charged rhetoric surrounding this movie ever since it came out that Mulan's actress is one of those thinks-she's-neutral-but-casually-supports-her-hilariously-cruel-government types.

>>117445303They're an imperialist, racist fledgeling empire who are doing the kind of shit racist, fledgeling imperialist empires do. The worst thing America ever did was their extermination and displacement of the natives and followup eradication of their language and culture in youth boarding schools after the fact. The fact that China is taking similar action in the current year with the Uighur among others is pretty nightmarish.


>>117451135I feel like they would have done that to anyone who didn’t have a white bf, even before tensions between the US and China

>>117441004This reminds me of action scenes I would see in Three Kingdoms, but less entertaining.

>>117440940i have the feeling Disney knew this movie would suck balls and is happy as fuck that the covid made impossible to release on actual cinemas.


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>>117451718T's not a number, you idiot

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>>117447584Well it's better than people killing babies with malnutrition because they quote some Buddhist scripture to explain off seizure of property. In this case it's kinda like the British takeover of India. Yeah it's horrible for the people but at least the imperialists turned it into less of a shitpit. Maybe now they'll start raising some educated people that can properly organize the province into secession later as well.

>>117451167Odds are she's like many Chinese who are spoonfed the CCP perspective of the story>Hong Kong PD trashed by protesters demanding anarchy>Politicians wanting a return to British Imperialism(thus being a traitor to the country)The same mouthpiece that also called 'Zootopia' a propaganda piece from the West to destabilize the country.I get the feeling Chinese celebrities get special attention from the CCP to either never learn the truth or just trained to not believe it. I mean ever since Jackie Chan returned to China, he's been their staunchest supporter, even during the Hong Kong protests

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Mediocre, but I'm not angry about it. The maddest people will be the ones who keep thinking it's a remake of the Mulan movie, and not its own thing.

>>117452470Also, Jackie's son got busted for drugs, and only managed to get off light because of his dad. I'd imagine Jackie has more than a few reasons to toe the Chinese government line.

>>117452509I dunno about that though. In an interview when asked what would happen if criminals took his kids hostages, he replied with 'they better look after themselves because I won't pay the ransom'.

>>117451034That was the point. I think they were trying to pay homage to wuxia cinema, but who ever was in charge of the movie had never seen a complete movie and just did whatever based on second hand gossip.

>>117440940I didn't watch it and I don't plan to.

>>117445303As a brit I care about HK homies

>>117445303>China has done nothing wrong as a country.So we've just forgotten about the virus now right?

>>117441547This take is so shit, and the bait so obvious. You've gone full circle and made me happy to have read your post. Thank you

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I want a 3 kingdoms cartoon.

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>>117450658closet homos

>>117453747Explain how racism is being a closet homo

>>117453523No, we've moved on to conspiracy theorists who believe it was manufactured in a US drug lab.

>>117453747How being an angry incel closet homo?