Left communism

Is it, dare I say, /our ideology/?

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No, it's useless dogshit


Bordiga was a cunt. Glad he's unknown

sadly is like the oficial ideology (sniff) of /leftypol.
at least we can all agree that left communists are damn smart.

they're not, they're poseurs

What makes you say that?

Bordiga is good at criticizing shitty elements in the "left-wing" movement too bad he doesn't provide any better solutions

It should be. Or rather, what left communism stood for back in the day: consistent Marxism with either Leninist or councilist undertones and a completely anti-Stalinist line. This ideological basis, coupled with the inherent critiquing nature (both towards others as well especially themselves) both the Dutch-German and Italian communist movements had would be amazing for the modern left.

The modern lift, which consists of what is predominantly either brainless, emotional anarkiddies and opportunist, unsdisciplined Trotskyists, is absolutely awful and has been ineffective at doing literally anything at all, not even develop any kind of interesting theory beyond "dude smash it lmao #86" and "support my socdem over their socdem!" respectively.

To cite a modern example: Zizek has often been accused of being a left communist or ultraleftist by his peers (see: Laclau's and Jameson's critiques of him) because of his stance on modern leftist action (and I mean more than just the liberal left, also the others) and what should, according to him, be done. All of this while he obviously isn't either a council communist or Bordigist yet still has the traits listed above. This is what the modern left should look like, in my opinion.

yeah. It's one of the few marxist tendencies whose adherents are consistently intelligent and not crazy. For obvious reasons it doesn't make sense for me to call myself a marxist, but if I were an atheist I'd absolutely be a leftcom.

It is like he forgot that the purpose is to change reality, not just interpret it.


as you say, they do nothing, their ideology is so hopelessly obscure and their writing is laden with incomprehensible Marxist jargon. the idea of spontaneity is as bad as Trotskyism

it looks like he's trying to smash your post

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This need to do "something" is perhaps the true bane of the left, and its complete lack of critical thought the nail in the coffin.


well communists should "do something," the problem is that so many self-styled communists are too stupid to know what to do

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Can we end the leftcom is one ideology meme? Really would appreciate it thanks.

You retards keep reading "leftcom" shit critiquing other currents but never read the stuff where leftcoms criticize each other. The only thing that really unites them is anti-Stalinism.

It's an infirtle disorder.

Good luck sitting around forever, you petit bourgeois poseur fuck

I understand it, but 99.9% of people simply won't give a shit. There's a reason leftcoms are a complete joke and non-existent outside of the internet.

It may be /your ideology/. It's definitely not /mine/.


Does any of you have success stories of this "anti-Stalinist line"?

It was touted as The Next Best Thing since the 1930s and still remains True Left, but I have problems seeing there anything worthwhile. Only neocons could be considered "successful" descendants of this school of thought.


Communalism/DemCon is obviously superior

Have either of you read Bordiga?

He explicitly provides a framework for how to act. I'm not even sure how one could think he didn't unless you're confusing him with a different person.

Come on. Soviet Union is clearly not hindering True Left. Where are the Truly Socialist revolutions?

Or should we wait for a few centuries?


Burden of proof of it being Left and anti-Stalinist is on you.

And it's not successful yet.


Not him but

Lads successfully wew'd.

Depends on how you define success and "Left". They pretty much reject marxism at this point, you only need to be familiar with the works of Bookchin and Ocalan to see that.

t. spanish socdem

Leftcoms were btfo since the beggining

A tonne of theory

Fuck off spellcheck

well, the MAREZ in chiapas would be one, but what makes you believe that rojava isn't 'successful'?

Engels was referring to the action of a movement that no longer exists, not tankie larping on reddit or reactionary politicians in the third world.

Someone engages in similar action as engels describes and leftcom cucks still complain

t. plebbitor

Hope your mom dies while suffering

Proof that modern day narchos are the spookiest disappointments of anarchism.

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I have no reaction to your cuckery

How does it feel to be a cuck?



They have to have successful Leftist policies.

Yep. Which is why we can't actually say that it's anti-Stalinist Socialism.

They've got some sort of Centrist SocDem/MarkSoc thing going which is semi-successful, as well as progressive - within the context of National Liberation. I.e. anti-colonial struggle that considers even shah of Iran (monarchy!) to be progressive, as long as he is against imperialism.

But that doesn't make their successes actually Socialist.

Well, they are quite far from Bookchin. I'm quite certain they've got discipline that includes "bad things" for disobedience and desertion.

> The anarcho-communists do not deny the need for coordination between groups, for discipline, for meticulous planning, and for unity in action. But they believe that coordination, discipline, planning, and unity in action must be achieved voluntarily, by means of a self-discipline nourished by conviction and understanding, not by coercion and a mindless, unquestioning obedience to orders from above.

Funny thing is Bolsheviks would be called Totalitarian at this point and Real Socialists (Anarchists) would've allied themselves with ISIS to purge the unholy Statist abomination from the face of the planet (I refer to Maidan Anarcho-Fascist cooperation against Marxists). But it's okay, as long as you publicly disavow any connection to Marxism.

How does it feel to be retarded

Bookchin was a mini-statist. I don't see what anarchists have to gain from him.

Also, Rojava is pure ideology, read Gilles Dauve :^)


By post-left standards maybe. His views are pretty in line with the "collectivist" not to be confused with Bakunin's anarcho-collectivism side of anarchism.

Gross. You guys post this every time and still nobody but you guys buy it.

People who self-identify as Anarchists tend to whore themselves out to porky at any occasion.

My point was they didn't go as far from their ML roots as it might seem.

I see you graduated from the university of wikipedia

Have you even read bookchin m8?

But it's the standard reaction: "they are not real Anarchists!"

If that's supposed to be some sort of excuse for pro-Maidan Anarchists, you'll have to elaborate.

Have you even read my post m8?

Who gives a fuck? Bourgeois administration is full of pretentious bullshit.

I don't see why this is relevant at all, but I'd say predicting the failure of Stalinism is a good accomplishment.

I don't even know how to respond to this other than to tell you to read more theory. Neocons have nothing to do with leftcom so I can only assume this a was a poor attempt at an insult. The fact that you're afraid of developments in communist theory past mustachio man is really telling though.

Right back at ya cucko

This should be the anarchist slogan.

Goddamnit, leftcom. This is precisely why you are worthless.

He's not an ancom fam. He's less concerned with autonomy and more concerned with creating libertarian institutions.

Why? Oh right all the scary counterfactual history you've decided might have happened without them totally discrediting communism and committing mass atrocities.

I must congratulate you on being the most dedicated and effective propagandist of Stalinism.

I know you're supposedly not a Stalinist, just a Dogmatic Marxist that would instantly revert to Stalinism if you ever slipped on a banana peel and landed in power. That's why it's so easy to short circuit your wetware, you are on 1D dialectics only, I'm holonomic in this bitch.

I'm a Marxist-Leninist, but since I consider Soviet 1930/50s to be the apex of IRL Socialism That Happened and that period is commonly referred to as Stalinist, I don't mind calling myself a Stalinist (despite not thinking that it was Stalin's personal creation).

You are on LSD, aren't you?

Try being Materialist.

This kind of prediction doesn't have any value because everyone predicted fall of USSR. LeftCom has been expecting it "any day now" from 1918. Trots - from 1926. Marksoc Bukharinites - from 1930. SocDem and Liberals were the first, since they claimed Soviets will fall in 1917.

Autist-Leninism was invented by Stalin, catman. Am I supposed to believe you haven't devoured the words of the man himself? Materialism is but one overlapping magisterium, your descriptive and explanatory faculties are delimited entirely by your sole rigid formal schema, which in your stricture and elevation into totality, you cannot but fail to recognize this is self-defeating, you took the leap and now it is forever just outside your cognitive horizon to intuit the global inconsistency of such a configuration. Your prose has the effect of meaning, yet is strictly without.

Which ones and where did they claim so? On the other hand, a typical Bolshevik like V. Menzhinsky was unsure about the USSR lasting for much longer in the 20s.


Only councilists believed it. I think Bordiga would have completely acknowledged the role of the Bolsheviks in propagandizing before the "spontaneous events".


The tendency around Ocalan was strongly garden-variety national liberation ML shit not so long ago, it still wouldn't be inaccurate to point out the remaining Stalinist nature of the movement. It's unfortunate he hasn't come across leftcom literature yet.

This is a shitty reddit-tier meme that is just so widespread even the "leftcoms" there believe it.

The propagation of revolutionary Marxist theory among workers and leftists is one of the most important tasks. The problem is that the modern-day organizations have somehow forgotten this or don't know how circulate their texts.




And what has Zizek achieved? Do you believe that Zizek's vocabulary and logic branch out to working class people? He's the standard useless academic and 4 ever will be.
He can't survive outside university.

The goal of a resurgent communism is to imitate the success of the old workers movement in producing and reaching out to worker-intellectuals. So it will have to.

Geez i feel like this is reddit not leftylel anymore

You need to understand that even LeftComs don't know where to begin or end when it comes to categorize leftcommunist theoreticians

For some "most of em are bordigaists" Pannekoek or Luxembourg are not not a leftcom.
For some even non totalitarian Marxists syndicalists like De Leon are leftcoms
For some Left communism means only Libertarian Marxism for some it is any communist that is anti Stalinist some thinks that Situationists or councilists are not leftcoms etc….

"Libertarian Marxism" is a wikipedia meme, I'm sure that no actual leftcom would have accepted that.

Blame Chomsky he is the one who memed it.



I know people in stalinist YPG groups. It's clearly not "anti-stalinist" - even if it also clearly isn't stalinist. Even more, where are the references to council communism or bordigua-style leninism ? It's just anarchism to me.
Bad exemple.


How are we defining anti-stalinism? They're certainly willing to take help from America but that does not mean that they are not anti-capitalist.

In a very limited sense that they're practically a form of natlibs.

He should be disregarded.


You mean like all the posts on this board that aren't mine?