Saddam Appreciation Thread

Admit it. He was really bad-ass.

Fuck him.

I know I know, smoking really is cool


What are you, a stalinist?

his misstake was being hostile to iran.
Iran and Ba'athists should team up against western imperialists

Fuck that noise.

Fuck no. Ba'athism is anti-Marxist and nationalistic.

you're eurocentric shit have no room in the middle east


hola reddito

Wish he was still here.


Fuck him.

troll thread but obviously Saddam was one of the most brutal dictators of the late 20th century

I don't understand why Nazis are so into this guy lately.

Is it just one person who keeps posting Arab dictators here?

Thats why hes popular on here.

we have our resident Baath autist but he posts with a flag

Why not? Hes a Not Socialist.

Not = national.

Stupid Hotwheels fix your broken site.

Prophet Muhammed was ginger bearded European.

The wordfilters are ours, not 8ch's.