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Modern SU peaked hereClassic SU peaked at JailbreakFuture sucked.

>>117373734My love for her still burns bright

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>>117373734Wow how things have changed.

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>>117373734Spinel was the best thing to ever come out of the entire SU series. Fight me.

>>117373734One year ago a new form of cancer was born. We call them Spinelfags. Like any of the tumors that spawned from neo Holla Forums garbage like Steven Universe it can never go away.

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>>117373872I agree with this post.

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>>117373872I don't fight retards who like Spinel I laugh at them.

>>117373734I’d still fuck Spinel. Other Friends is still the best SU song. Independent Together is a close second.

>>117373734the show that waste my time making a lot of good theory .

Time flies too quickly man...GOD this movie's still amazing

this was so fucking shit90% of the film was regurgitating stuff that had already happened in the show

>>117373734Man, she made me feel strange feelings. Different from the usually cum-and-forget. Now I can barely remember name, ever since she got"fixed"...

Still best pairing

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>>117373734SU should have ended with this Movie. Worked really well for an epilogue to the series. Future was shit, the only good thing SUF did was bringing Jasper back.

Always felt like Spinel didn't fit the show. Also, why the fuck was everybody going through a little rubberhose phase back then? It was really shoehorned in. It felt like it shouldn't have been canon or they should have put a little more effort into her design. I just couldn't and after a year I still can't. It sucks. It's like some kid won a contest and got her fanfiction and special oc made into an episode. It SUCKS.

>>117377782>why the fuck was everybody going through a little rubberhose phase back then?Cuphead fever.


>>117373734I don't even like the series and I enjoyed this movie. Most of it, at least. The third act was kind of a mess, but the rest was solid.

>>117373881Holy fuck, I love your picrel. Is it meant to be a fusion?

>>117377761Future worked better as an epilogue

>>117373734(Sing to the tune of Hammerman)Spinel-man! Spinel!Spinel-man! Spinel!Whenever there's a smileSpinel's gonna go a mileAnons better bewareBecause Spinel-Man will be thereHere's how it started, one year agoThe Legend of Spinel and how she began to growShe was given a gem poofing scythe from a hip hop lowtown dudeTogether they had power but Spinel was depressed and she couldn't stay cheerful and brightSo Spinel and her rocket ship, they went out into spaceTo find the man she knew could jam and was worthy of her loadShe met a guy named Steven, who was making friends every nightHe danced and sang all day, his heart was out of sightSo Spinel opened up the bag, and took out the gem poofing scythe She slashed Steven with it and he soon began to crySpinel knew at once that she had finally found her manShe then hopped right on his cock and she becameSpinel-Man, SpinelSpinel-Man, SpinelSpinel-Man, SpinelSpinel-Man, SpinelOh yeah!

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>>117373734Autism was unleashed. The only difference between this and /mlp/ was that the spinelfags at least had the sense to fuck off to discord.

>>117373734This was shit. Pointless movie and a pointless random character with an annoying personality and manipulative backstory

>>117373734Why did Jenny attack them?

>>117373734Man it was so much fun, SU threads flooded Holla Forums for weeks. Nonstop Spinel threads, the "Where's Jasper?" threads. The amount of seething from the rest of the board, begging for SU to get its own board. Shit was hilarious.

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>>117373734Do you think that Spinel shits strawberry frozen yogurt?

>>117373734Still the best thing from SU

>>117373734Still a good movie

>>117373734shit show shittier movie


>>117379743Only one way to find out.>>Calls in Go-Brap Squad

>>117373734Still best girl

>>117373881Anime was a mistake

My favorite scene was her mocking Stevem before trying to kill him with the rejuvenator.

>>117379211Unrionically the Spinel threads were the only time when Holla Forums wasn't a contrarian ridden cesspool like it currently is and I miss them because of that


>11 months later>ravenfags are still seething

I wish spinel would stretch her dick so far inside of me she’d cum in my mouth

>>117382475She was always overrated. Nerds just like goth chicks


The movie gave us neck Steven, who is very hot and cute.

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>>117373734>before the virusThis movie was a century ago

>>117385236Remember when everyone cheered the singalong was cancelled?

>>117373734The only good thing SU did after the first season

>>117385164The movie was when people finally agreed Steven was hot

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I wish I could hold spinels hand and make her mine

>>117386601A wondrous time indeed.

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>>117386874God I know he’s super powered and everything but I would so love to make him my bitch

>>117386874>>117386945I just want to dom him while the Gems watch

>>117386986Seeing Steven suffer is so sexy

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>>117387071>k then

>>117379211What a time to be a SU fan like me.

>>117373734Imagine liking Tranny Universe, lmao.

>>117373734A nine tailed fox appeared.If you believe it.


>>117386945>>117386986I don't know, I want to get dommed by him. He's that perfect mix of beefy and soft.He would totally let you make him your bitch though

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>>117373734>Future is nearly one year old>>117387502>Heard it in my headFucking damn it


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>>117378444In what way? The only thing it accomplished was turning everyone into total shitbags, while retconning the original series to the point where the entire conflict is not only pointless, but actively makes no sense now.


>>117373774I think Future had good moments. The series in general was just always better with build-up than it was with payoff.

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>>117388558What’s that?

>>117373734Best gem

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>>117373774It all sucked.

>>117387874Yeah, he’s sweet like that


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>>117387502I don’t get it

>>117373734I remember watching it and dark crystal on the way to the cape last year. Good times

>>117394372Seems so far away

this was the only time i had fun here

>>117379743Spinel only shits whatever she eats.Chewed but undigested.


>>117373734What happened to Spinel tulpa user? Did he do what he set out to do?

>>117373734How time flys by

>>117387641Arrest yourself.

>>117396092I think he died

>>117396092I'm right here. Wanna hear the story?


>>117397012Give me a second its alot

So I started by my sisters watching the movie on repeat, basically got sucked into spinel like a magnet. [Watched the whole series since then, disappointing]Wanted to have her with me, forever. So I started to tulpa. It was going really freaking slow so I wanted to speed things up, so I asked around on the web and was told I could conjure her under the influence of dissociativesSo I set outI got 3 bottles of robitussin and about 30 benadryl and took it all at once.I met her... she was so sad... it was something both out of my wildest dreams and nightmares. She seemed tired, like I had woken her up. But happy to see me. She slowly faded and i fell asleepNow this is where the crazyI dont have a tulpa... still. It's like, I get possesed by mania sometimes and act completely strangely. I'm really not in control, but she isnt either. It's like my brain is an amalgam of spinel and myself, I have to actively fight to not speak in plurals (we, us) and sometimes I just break out in random fits of weepingI literally cannot stop whistling at work either, and sometimes I can feel emotions that are distinctly not mineMoral of the story? Dont fuck with tulpas.Anything else you'd like to know?

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>>117397012----> >>117397339

>>117396987Yes please

>>117397339That's a Hell of a ride user

>>117373734saw it again today , absolute overrated on the day 5/10 at best the fact she went with the diamonds at the end shows that the entire movie was filler and the characters didn't learn a shit

>>117397339That's some sad fma shit right there man.

>>117398927Yeah it's sad, had a screening party on another board and all it did was make me sad.>>117398838You have no idea, only way out of it is to either finish the tulpa or rope. Still undecided what to do.>>117398936What's fma?

The janitor just bombed the other spinel thread this is all we have left

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Ahhhhhh fullmetal alchemist. Yeah shits weird man I'm basically fucking possessed by some entity that's pretending to be her.Did I mention that? I got a distinct feeling that whatever I met while tripping was something pretending to be her.>>117398936

Came out the same time as Hurricane Dorian, so that checks out.

>>117399279Fucking janitors. Cant even let us enjoy the full day, its not even midnight yet.

>>117397339I'm not gonna take drugs to finish my tulpas, I want them to be military grade tulpas and that means having patience.

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>>117399918I agree completely. I'll be okay, im going into therapy soon . it's just a big mess lol Good luck on it though

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>>117401677You're right but pink is also hot so you smell

>>117399397/co/ Jannies can be the worst

>>117373774*sardonyx arc

>>117373774The only episode I liked in Future is In Dreams and that is mostly because of peridot. The rest I find meh at best or boring at worst. In the monster steven episode I skip forward every second because I already know what is going to happen.

>>117399279Glad to see Pearlanon still gifting us great Spinel art

>>117377789No that’s Bendy



>>117373734I seriously was not expecting this movie to be this enjoyable. The soundtrack were good, Spinel was a great character (as much as I like her appearances in Future, I feel like the writers kind of screwed her over a bit), and giving Steven a neck, a jacket, and a deeper voice just makes him better and great for lewds

>>117377735As long as you’re not this kind of shipper, I agree

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>>117373734>>117403849>>117377735This is also the first anniversary of the most controversial ship in this fandom. Like how the hell did it manage to get so popular despite every fan wanted to eradicate any Steven x Gem ships as possible?

>>117403722If the diamonds offered you to live in their camper van, would you?

As far as I'm concerned, the series ended here. Future didn't happen.

I know that her day has already passed, but fuck it. Say happy birthday to Spinel

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>>117399279>It was the only way

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>>117404203Happy birthday

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>>117404203Happy birthday spinel!

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>>117403952Future is non-canon fanfiction


>>117404662>>117403952I liked it

>>117400396Thanks dude, I hope that you get better as well

>>117404203Happy Birthday!

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>>117404203Happy birthday

>>117405987Hey it’s you


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>>117404203Happy birthday

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>>117380310Shit opinion

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>>117405987Glad you’ve made it here

>>117406894Yes it's me

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>>117075133I am her birthday

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>>117401711how dare you user.

>>117404203Winning night in a nutshell.

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>>117399323The miracle of dorian

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>>117409076EAT ME GODDESS

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>>117409076Does that thread have vore fics?

>>117409163POST MORE

I would like Israel to get a spinel gf

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>>117411789*Nuke* Jewish auto correct fucked my comment.

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>>117397339Man this bothered me you must be someone else because someone did get it to work

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>>117412979Damn I should start going into sug threads I usually avoid them.

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>>117373734Wow, really? Time sure flies. I still love Spinel.

>>117412979living the dream

>>117411789>I would like Israel to get a spinel gf

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>>117373734It's been a year, i still love her...just end me.

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>>117397339Go on...

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>>117411217Last I checked that pastebin was the only vore fic on that thread


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>>117412979That guy is my hero and I wanna be just like him

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>>117373734Channel movie was first announced almost a year ago now


>>117417327It's dead and the spinel-channel split wrecked this community.

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>>117417327It was a different time.

I want spinel and channel to spit roast me

>>117411789Israel gets Bismuth.

>>117373774>Modern SU peaked hereThat's kinda a backhanded compliment considering the gaping plothole mess that was this movie. You'd think it would be hard to invalidate your entire movie in the opening scene but there he goes, showing its fast and easy to teleport to the guys who could very quickly and easily resolve the entire drill problem instantly and also probably tell them why Spinel was so mad at him. The entire movie tells you outright "Don't think about anything going on in this movie" and by the end he's saving the world by kissing ground after an instant death liquid spilled everywhere.Including the beach and ocean.

>>117373774Can I get a hallelujah

>>117403898Because she brought in a lot of fresh meat.the established fanbase was super against Steven x [gem] for a wide variety of retarded reasons. The "old guard" would hardly be caught dead shipping Steven with Spinel. That's where the new people came in. As you may know, Spinel got a lot of people's attention who had either never seen the show, or demonstrated any real interest. The movie was just big enough of a public thing to get their attention, but what little attention that amounted to paled in comparison to what Spinel herself would bring to the table. Her trauma, her social awkwardness, her pitiable backstory, all of it struck a chord with many a would-be detractor of the series, especially here on 4chan, and I suppose the latter needs little, if any explanation.All these new folks weren't "in" with the culture of the fandom, who up until this point, had been largely against shipping Steven with gems for reasons that had been embedded in the fandom's zeitgeist. None of these new people had partaken in that zeitgeist. Perhaps they had seen and shipped other characters before and saw no reason to adhere to the fandom's bullshit rules. Maybe they weren't really the shipping type (shipping and fandoms is, like so le cringe and le bluepilled XD or some shit), but their connection to Spinel gave them a taste for the sentimental, and led them to the sentimental goldmine that is Stevinel. Or maybe, drawn from the pron-addled underbelly of tumblr and twitter, they were just horny as fuck and wanted some rock hard Steven-on-Spinel action. Whatever the case, the end result could be attributed to new faces who didn't give a shit about the SU fandom's Pharisaical traditions.

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>>117418541I assume Sucrose attempted to damage control later on by stating in Future that Steven hates being around the Diamonds and that's the reason why he refused to get them to help out on Earth and why he later put off asking them for help with his out of control gem condition. That ultimately makes him out to be a hypocritical piece of shit that's willing to risk Earth's destruction just because he's unwilling to get along with family when he's supposed to be all about getting along with strangers. Each SU storyline has their glaring flaws, especially in CYM, and I guess the entertainment value was there for the movie that wasn't with the others.


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>>117403898She had flavor and met Steven as a 16 year old. With the others, it’s canon they’ve known him since his kiddy self. So that locked in with would be shippers. Steven looks like a regular teen now and sang a song about loving again with Spinel

>>117417327>tfw my phone bg is still Channel...

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oc i made months ago

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>>117404203Happy birthday Spinel i drew this a few days ago hopefully it still counts

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>>117419311>gets dubs on a channel postBros the magic is still with us...

>>117419383Now draw her naked

>>117419473Wow that's nice

>>117419311Nice friend...have this as my background

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>>117418752>Perhaps they had seen and shipped other characters before and saw no reason to adhere to the fandom's bullshit rules. >Maybe they weren't really the shipping type (shipping and fandoms is, like so le cringe and le bluepilled XD or some shit), but their connection to Spinel gave them a taste for the sentimental, and led them to the sentimental goldmine that is Stevinel. >Or maybe, drawn from the pron-addled underbelly of tumblr and twitter, they were just horny as fuck and wanted some rock hard Steven-on-Spinel action.I’m all of the above lol what funny is that I’ve never participated in the SU fandom despite being a fan of SU since the beginning (I’ve heard tons of negative remarks on it so that’s why) so I’ve never been on or even knew about the whole “all gems are adult-coded” thing until nowadays

>>117419473That looks amazing dude!

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>>117403898It’s cute. Not many other pairings in SU compare


Anyone remember that AU idea someone came up of Spinel possessing Connie?

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wow. How the hell does time fly by so fast

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>>117373734The best thing SU ever put out. How did Sugar think she was gonna be able to outdo this?

>>117421850She couldn't that's why she ended the show soon after.

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>>117373881/co/ is the tumorthere will never be anything that springs from it that will ever not be a horrible out of control cancerous mutation that scars the internet itself with its very existenceHave a nice day

>>117421768Holy shit, you’ve actually drew it? Nice!>>

>>117422272Nah, someone else did. Forget who


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>>117421768So this is what Homeworld thinks of gem hybrids like how they thought of fusions

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>>117422412Still a little bit of personal pride I got to be a part of that silliness