Is he right?

is he right?

Sounds like a personal problem to me.
Marriage isn't real anyway.

Anthroposophists on Holla Forums? What the fuck?

Women just get in the way of travelling to the spirit world tbqh fam

Do you want to drop acid and try do to Goethean phenomenology in a parking lot?

What's his problem? He doesn't like being alone at 39?

Who would? It goes against every biological instinct that has been built to his mind over the evolution of our species for billions of years, not to mention the social conditioning of our society.

Yeah, but if he wasn't self-aware enough to realize that about himself, he can't blame people who merely expressed the opinion that marriage is bad and call for fascist dictatorship.


Children are for losers. Nothing beats having your own place where you can sit around naked watching cartoons and drinking scotch while occasionally trading lazy oral sex with your wife. The only college fund I have to save for is my own. The TV is always playing something that I want to see. I never need to make arrangements to do the things that I want to do. The refridgerator is full of food thst I like. I sleep for eight hours every night. My hair hasn't gone gray.


I dont have any kids because women generally do not want to be in the same vicinity as me.
But if they did!
I still wouldn't want kids, mostly because im a narcissist who cant even take care of himself..

Jesus Stefan is such a scumbag.


Who'se "these people".

Its his own fault he is retarded enough to buy into bullshit.

evolution of our species for billions of years,
evolution of our species for billions of years,
evolution of our species for billions of years,
evolution of our species for billions of years,

how is that even possible
what the fuck do you love about yourself if you can't take care of yourself
are you a weak willed faggot?
there will be no place for those in the upcoming revolution

Stefan Molyneux viewers realize men don't have ovaries that age right? That guy can just go get a wife and live his life if that is what he really wants.

he is just a retard who can't find anybody and blames others for his own failures

If he's watching molyneux videos it's likely he can't. So he blames "the left" for being an unfuckable faggot.


"Organelles" and "multicellularity" are just far-flung and impossible dream pushed by mid-light spectrum phototrophs who've never struggled to survive in their lives.

No, he isn't. If he can't be happy by himself, he will never be happy living with another person.

Oh boy here they come to ruin the thread.

Our species is the direct lineage of billions of years of evolution. The only reason we are here is because every single organism reproduced. Reproduction is literally the only thing life is. Natural selection would weed out any organism that doesn't 'feel' like reproducing.

No…our species exists for 200k and something years.

Mating behaviour and need for social bonding and companionship are not the same. The latter evolved later and sexual urges can be relieved without having emotional satisfaction.

this tbh

except it's tfw no gf for me

Post more comfy gondolas

Sure thing, I'll never miss an opportunity to post Gondola

who are those "them" he's talking about ?



reminder that evopsych is absolute fucking bunk, and has no place in legitimate discussions.


No. 3D is PD.
He'll never get his wizard powers at that rate.

Do it or do not do it, you will regret it either way.

is that jeremy irons

he's probably having a mid-life crisis. chances are if he had married and had kids he'd decide he had made a mistake in that case too

God please don't talk about biology ever again. Or taxonomy. Anything related to Taxonomy just don't touch the subject

Is it not?