>yfw you don't write original theory >yfw you don't do anything

Hey Holla Forums, read my article :^)


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i couldn't get past the title i'm sorry comrade but the edge pushed me away


Sold on the title


the memes must flow

Pic related

That being said, I'll give it a read tomorrow morning. Bump for effort I suppose.

make a thread on /anarcho/ and i'll give you my thoughts

I honestly don't think you know shit about netsec. Cyberpunk larp with some tenuous ideological basis. Gets me hard, but I can't take it seriously.

I hate how faith in technology and progress has basically replaced god unironically in the minds of most leftists here even ones that still profess a faith in an organic free range deity like Christ. Capitalists use technology to constantly but fuck you what makes automation, AI or other pipe dreams any different to other material an d technological circumstances we have face up to this point? Stop dreaming about the effects of hypothetical technology tomorrow and come back to the fucking present please.

Nihilism is a comforting thought, but even if you cant sincerely believe in things, faking it feels to good to let go.

fuck off, n1x.

just read the entire thing. it is total garbage. reminds me of Thomas Ligott's Conspiracy against the Human Race, which is also total garbage.

A rigorous talk on netsec wasn't within the scope of what I wanted to put forward here but w/e

Your post is p garbage too. At least I put effort into my garbage ;^)

yeah, atleast you try. its the great thing about you. in a decade i have no doub you will get published. you will definitely want to burn everything you've written now though. actually, it will probably only take a few months for you to feel that way.

Quality sarcasm.

Try, in a few months.

It's the kind of article that pretends that discussions of a few fringe anarchists somehow represent anything other than that. It's an alienated bubble.

that's what i said.

Oh I meant getting published in a few months. I've already got a publisher for the full work that this piece is just a taste of.

It's k maybe someday, like in a decade or so, you too can publish something where you present, hopefully, a more substantial critique than "it's garbage".

Hi guys, I'm an anarcho-proto-post-marxist-leninist-wolfist-post-autonomaoist-left-ancom-post-proto-primitivist-cyber-nihilist-gonzalo-thought-authoritarian-decentralized-democratic-confederaliat follower. Deb8 me plz :^)


Well aint that a cute name.

This is your brain on anarchist ideology.


shig to the dig

Well, I give you points for using meatspace seriously

got some nice sci-fi there, Harlan Ellison


Can you link us to your talk at the East Bay Anarchist Bookfair?

You need an editor and a good helping of brevity. It takes you too long to state what Cyber-Nihilism is and the comparisons to AnPrim and AnH+ before you describe it fully takes a lot away from it. A good half of the text isn't needed and while it would fit in with a book doesn't work well with an article, which should be fairly concise.

It'll take time to process it all before I can comment on the substance of it, but my intital impression is that it's just the natural progression of nihilism with cyber- attached. I'll give you credit for not saying something along the lines of "we need Lenin 2.0 without Stalin 2.0" like I'd expect from Marxists though.

It didn't get recorded like I had originally planned, and if it did I doubt I'd post it here in the first place.

You've got to keep in mind that the second half of the artcile is just my raw notes. I had reservations about publishing them in this format, which is why I included the first part as a summary, but there's no other record of the talk I gave.

So yeah, you're not wrong.

Make anarchism interesting again tbh