Tfw no qt jewish antizionist socialist gf

why even live comrades?


Why even live>

If I have to go another year fucking liberal cunts I'm probably gonna go insane.

tfw no gf

why live

I suppose she could eventually become antizionist and socialist tho. I'm working on it but 2 decades of American ideology doesn't disappear overnight.

That sounds like a fetish.

at least you're fucking something. I'm literally eating tendies right now

I feel more alone when I fuck them than I am when I'm by myself. I just want someone to talk to and cuddle with, but I can't find that.


should have told her "wow let's take things a little slower shall we" or something

don't worry you had no chance with her anyways

I can't come up with witty stuff when my heart is breaking fam


fucking normies

tfw no qt libertarian ethno-nationalist gf

how can libertarian enforce an ethnostate ?


Holla Forums loves a guy called Hoppe, who's basically a fascist in yellow

private police forces who shoot all brown people

i donno why i was asking. i knew it was going to be retarded.

i'm not a lolbert but that's basically it. Or a temporary phase of fascism to kill all 🍀🍀🍀cucks🍀🍀🍀 or whatever.

a state that enforces some immigration quotas

thats nice user, but since you have no stat what will stop other countries from beating the crap out of you ? particularly since you're going for genocide.

is me
I'm not a lolbert I'm just shitposting

i'm a libertarian not an an-cap
we need a states for things like enforcing property rights, national security, nuclear non-proliferation, keeping out muzzies, that sort of stuff.

Not him, but I have a faint heart, and could never be a home wrecker.


we can't all be psychopaths user

I want 2 die

something like this ?

basically what you want is a Nazi + weed yolo

no libertarian "state" can have the characteristics you're looking for

Keep moving betas this is a Chad board

"hi, i'm a racist minarchist"

Me tbh, depressed but not suicidal unironically

fuck off

dodged a bullet there

Meant for this lel

Appearance is not everything, plenty of ugly motherfuckers got someone because they don't a weakling beta attitude and are actually able to express emotion and desire without spaghetti now keep taking those pills and masturbating yourself to sleep you fuck


>tfw you will never experience some sort of endless cycle of this with Fascist-Cat and then resume our ideological fight until the end of time

Andrei is that you????????

I hope you immediately walked out.

Simply shit emotional taste up in here

you can always fuck a beta bitch leftist until he becomes a radical
what's the difference?

A) I'm attracted to women
B) I'm attracted to angry women
C) You get that by radicalizing them
D) Emotional catharsis
E) It accelerates the role play potential of student - teacher rp in bed

Talk about social dislocation……

just pump the strap on of radical conversion into them and move on tbh
for the revolution, comrade

Yeah I'm not really into anyone right now I just want sex.

fuck the country red, girl


The original communally-appointed waifu.

I'm so alone lads. Everyone I know is a normie liberal. Someone be my friend :(

I'd be your friend, though I think if there is a god he at best gets one (1) vote for every proposal just like the rest of us.

christ was a pretty cool guy, he shit on the pharisee's, and usurers and didn't afraid of anything

It's hilarious how much this place sounds like pol when it comes to sex


tbh, the past few weeks i'v lost the tiny bit of hope i had left for humanity.
there are just too many retards out there.