I just saw this video in my recommended videos feed. Why didn't I hear about this earlier? Amazon is going to take over all of retail.

Take a shot each time the liberal nonchalantly shows/tells you something fucking terrifying:

Amazon's original marketing video:

right after I buy a bunch of christmas gifts on amazon fuuuuck


It's time when we should start making conspiracy theories about how amazon is full of reptilians and the capitalism is their tool to make us all chipped and shit

Guys did I wake up in a Phillip K. Dick novel?

Imagine the consumer fraud, wew

Supermarkets et al can usually just eat the cost of shoplifting. They throw away literal tons of goods anyway.

what will happen to all those millions of square feet of retail space walmart owns across just this country?
walmart alone basically killed local mom and pop retailers

Parking lots for the amazon stores and golf courses for the amazon execs.

Watch the vid, Amazon's obvious course of action is to rent the technology out to the store chains. Google and other companies are already trying to use this business model on trucking and shit like that. It's probably more profitable to provide this service / rent the AI slave out to Wal Mart than it is to run a whole store chain.

If anyone has shop skills, they should change the title to Mad Marx and maybe past his angry face on one of the bikers in the background. Unrelated to the topic though, so polite sage.

This is just the beginning. Amazon is also trying to "Uber" the long-haul trucking service. They basically want to cover the entirety of logistics from storage to online purchase to transport and delivery.

Once you realise the obvious conclusion of this plan (automisation of every single part of the process) you can appreciate how dangerous this will be to millions of jobs.

I thought that picture was Cal Chuchesta at first glance.

niggers walking in store without cashier and paying for their shopping..

niggers walking in store without cashier and paying for their shopping..


UPS already does something similar to this. They kind of casually mentioned this in the Econ 101 I took in college, but UPS is like a parasite that starts by taking over shipping for a business and then slowly sells corporate on their abilities to do everything more efficiently. The end result is that UPS does pretty much everything. An example they gave us was Dominos Pizza which by that point only did marketing - UPS does everything else, including make the pizza.

Repent and believe the Gospel.


It would be really easy to catch that.

I can literally go to a dominos in my neighborhood.

Yeah, that's actually UPS. It's just branded as Dominos.

so is Uber, itself

millions of trucking jobs

the next 10-15 years are going to be interesting


What's so special about it anyways?
AFAIK there's some open source motion tracking software out there right now, and inventory management stuff is child's play. I'd say it won't be long for a free version to come out.

Patent law.

To clarify, patent law is a bitch even when you're dealing with a small company that bought the rights to something just to patent troll. If you're familiar with patent trolling you can imagine what a nightmare it would be for a mega corp that actually developed the tech to have patent laws behind them.

brb buying amazon stock

Capitalist leech gtfo

You can cry on here while I get rich.

UPS owns dominos? What?

If somebody plays the stock market to make money, but they're class conscious and put the money toward the revolution… is that practice exploitation-neutral?

More like dominos pays UPS to run their business for them. They're not the only one, just the one I remember from the lecture years ago.

Is playing the stock market a worse form of acquiring funds than anything else we must do under capitalism? If your computer was made by exploited workers, but you are using it to contribute to the revolution, is that just as ethically/exploitatively neutral?

today Holla Forums realizes that its modern existence is entirely predicated on the suffering of countless billions

Speak for yourself


why hasn't some enterprising porky just sold exploitation credits to other porkies


If a team of leftist infiltrators stacks the board of a major corporation and converts it into a democratically managed workplace… is that exploitation neutral?