What is more bourgeois than veganism?

What is more bourgeois than veganism?
these are proletariat men trying to earn money to feed their children. These porky fucks are trying to take food out of kids mouths. I'm not necessarily against veganism, but these vegans are CANCER and completely bourgeois.

Producing meat costs significantly more land and water per unit of food produced than plant food. I wouldn't suggest that meat should be obliterated entirely, but the huge amount of meat in many American diets is not healthy. Additionally the cruelty inflicted upon animals in the meat industry I know they're gonna die but sometimes they're basically tortured first is a symptom of the fact capitalists are in control and don't give a shit how the animals are treated as long as they keep the cash printer going.

We aren't against veganism, but these liberal fucktards are 99 percent of veganfags, and are completely bourgeois.

liberals ruin literally everything, the fact that its veganism in this industry is irrelevant

Yeah, the majority are faggots with the emotional age of a teenager "lol a cow's life isn't worth less than a human's lmao fuck poor white people". I remain unconvinced by a lot of their claims that not eating any meat is healthier, however I am in full agreement that the amount of meat eaten in many first world countries is excessive and unhealthy, furthermore most of their environmental arguments are sound. There are probably a small amount who aren't militant liberal faggots, it must suck to be a level headed member of such a cancerous group.


Also the problem with veganism is the fact that it's a product of the petit-bourgeois, they have such high abundance in food that they actually have the right to deny eating certain food that others can never even dream of having, it's completely up to you choosing what you want to eat and what you don't but it's completely fucking inhuman criticizing humans who barely even fucking eat in the first place for fulfilling a basic human need as they have no other choice, for some people it's you either eat meat (or whatever food they have for that matter but i'm just giving a specific example) or you DIE FROM STARVATION, and then the liberal fucker says that meat-eaters are inhuman.

Against animal abuse and hyperconsumerism but also against starvation.

Meat-eaters not being as healthy as vegans is often because they do not regulate their diets and overeat, which has nothing to do with consuming meat specifically, if you decide to eat only fruits for like a fucking year then you're gonna end up being as unhealthy as the guy who munches on burgers every day.

Leftypol hates on Unruhe but turns Third Worldist pretty fucking fast when it's convenient for shaming someone.

You don't even need to refer to the incredibly poor. Those who are simply below the poverty line in america live on processed shit with mechanically recovered meat in it.

Fuck vegans

Dude, i never even mentioned first and third world i merely mentioned class, a person that belong to the working class of the USA or Europe starves and is exploited the same way that a person from the working class of Africa or Asia does.

We can't keep letting these meat eating savages enter our country.

They want to impose carnivorous law.

They need to stop eating goats and farting.

That may be pushing it a bit mate, additionally they're still exploited, but they don't make shoes worth hundreds of dollars in a building just waiting to collapse while being paid cents a day.

Sorry but no one in the first world starves unless they eat meat. I'll grant you that a cheap, healthy and vegan diet is very boring: you'll eat mostly beans, lentils, and vegetables but you won't

I don't condemn a poor person for wanting to eat meat. But shitting on others just because they made the best moral choice is wrong.

Some do for sure, just maybe not in the same scale. But you can take my word, it's just gonna get worse as Capitalism advances and needs more and cheaper manpower. The gap between third and first world is gonna close slowly until the "first world" is gonna be a global bourgeois class and the rest is just gonna be underpaid, exploited workers, it's already happening in Greece mateee, just give it a bit of time.

really activated my soy beans

I'm not shitting on anybody, as i said people have the right to consume whatever they want. The only people i'm criticizing is people who claim that ALL meat-eaters even the ones who have no other choice are inherently immoral, just saying it doesn't matter that much to a starving person mate.

When the fuck did i say that? I said that if you exclusively eat one type of food and don't add variety to your diet, thus not getting the proper vitamins and benefits that each food offers you're gonna end up being unhealthy in your own way, maybe not obese, but perhaps weak and fragile.

If you're starving or even if you live an unpleasant life and just won't care, I wouldn't say you're immoral in any way.

But in the future, under FALC or whatever, I hope that everyone will agree that there's no sense to killing thousands of animals just because my stomach likes it.

oh do go on

But user, think of the billions of insects genocided to protect your soybean crops.

probably not, there will always be some demand for ranching activities.

Animals eat too, you know. And by feeding plants to animals, you waste most of the food energy in the plants. The production of 1 kg of beef requires much, much more than 1 kg of soy beans. Meanwhile you could have made some delicious roasted tofu with those soy beans. So veganism also saves all those insects.

I 100% expected the stirner meme. I'd call myself an egoist too, but my ego tells me that if you eat animals for no good reason you're a dummy. Is your ego a psychopath?

Have any of you fags eaten good vegetarian food, like the kind they sometimes serve at asian restaurants? It's absolutely delicious.

I don't mind eating vegetarian food, I enjoy vegetarian curries more than ones with meat, as they often have novel and tasty "key components" of the curry.

But I'm fairly convinced I'm healthier and better off on a diet that incorporates meat, eggs, fish and dairy in reasonable amounts. I'd like to try some food with insects in it, if I ever go to Vietnam or something that's going to be high up on my to-do list.

You know I agree that it would be better if everyone was vegan but how about first we achieve socialism and actually make it an available option first.

Holy fuck reread what you wrote there
Nigger there are people who straight up cannot afford food because they have no money.