How do you deal with knowing how horrible everything is?

How do you deal with knowing how horrible everything is?

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I fully enjoy the few good things that still happen from time to time.

Also become a bit nihilistic, helps a bit.

I'm can't drink with my medication

By working hard to dismantle capitalism

SSRIs, fapping, shitposting

Be aware of the fact that life/existence is voluntary and you can choose not to participate if you feel like it.

Take solace in drugs and my friends. Take solace in drugs with my friends.

I'm very afraid of death

Are you really? Or are you rather afraid of dying?

same here bro

Are you afraid of going to sleep at night too

I sometimes am

what if I choke and die in my sleep?

Scary shit yo



cry sometimes
even if the world were perfect it would still be tough being a human/organic sentient being
Living in communism would be great, but you'd still wonder about things, like death, the heat death of the universe, is anything real, am I real, do I really have free will, if I upload to the cloud is it really "me" etc etc etc

who cares

you really shouldn't need to worry about this unless you're insanely fat or something.


I'm not but I'm just a timid cunt

Play video games and tabletop rpgs

Aneurysms strike the fat and thin alike user

Weed until I can barely function, deliberately not speaking to most people, spending most of my time by myself.

entirely inconsequential and don't matter for you.

I read stirner and watch videos of cute puppies

this is how i am but without weed

Bullying Rebel Absurdity and other tripfags on the Internet

you should be nice to your fellow anons

tripfags are not anons, user

Depersonalization, SSRI, and lots of vidya

By remembering that doing from second floor won't be enough, and, since I've become so apathetic I often go one or two days without really moving or eating, I can't be bothered to do more about

Maybe seeing as shrink tomorrow will help. If I get out of bed

i hope you feel better

Break down crying every so often. Talk about it with friends. Drinking. Furry porn.

Drinking, working out, porn, smoking (sometimes and I'm talking about tobacco), video games, anime (on occasion it makes things worse)

come here, bros

By knowing that it's more or less been this horrible since I came to this Earth.

At least shit ain't getting worse right?


Thanks man


I drink a lot and hatefuck liberals.


Eh… the last episode they did for 2016 was about how terrible 2016 was.

What's happening to that kitty?

I revel in the increasing probability that revolution will come in my lifetime.

You would know if you were an oldfag

I know that Trump might bring accelerationism

Looking through this I'm glad I'm not the only one with a bit of a drinking problem. It's shit, makes you age faster and let's you look crap. At least it won't rot your brain the way drugs do.

It's like, I can't immerse myself into stuff anymore that I used as escapism, such as games, music, movies, without being slightly tipsy or drunk.

Truth is, I would love to be a workaholic and have lots of things going on, but capitalism makes everything so depressing. I see nothing of value that I'd work hard for.

That's right. Just say no. :DDDD

But man, I'm scared that I'm just reveling in my hatred for porky as no means to an end. I am a ML by heart, but alienation and hate that I have been swallowing down over the years makes me worry that I might just have a hard-on for inflict physical pain on those who I think wronged me.

I feel like, if I wasn't into Marxism already, could I just have ended up on Holla Forums? If it's just about bashing people's skulls in, what does it matter.

Please convince me that every bit of hatred for porky is justified.

I don't really like that. I want a caring world.

It's true tho. Talk to someone who was an alcoholic for a year and is now clean. Then talk to someone who was on drugs for a year and is now clean. I've met several people who used to be hardcore alcoholics for a decade, they are fine mentally. But once I meet someone who was a massive pothead, he is like a toddler, they can never stop being like "yo dudeeeee".

Being justified isn't the point. Porkies are not evil, they're just in a system where being shitters is in their self interest. If they would surrender we should let them surrender. If they won't, we have to take their property by force. For the most part they won't, and it would be pretty futile to try and stop the people from tearing them to shreds when they're pulled down from their ivory towers. You and I have had it bad, but there are people who've had it worse and once they understand why many will be seeing red. Besides, if some porkies see other porkies have the option to either give up or be slaughtered, they are more likely to give up which means less fighting and fewer prole deaths.

I don't know the original German but I always interpreted him to mean "we have no compassion (for you)" since right after that he turns it around. Compassion can be dangerous because most people are still drunk on bourgeois moralism and it could get in the way of fighting a revolution. There are a lot of people who, for instance, would really not want to shoot cops or private security who are dispatched against them because "they're just doing their jobs," etc.

You can recover from it, well I did but I was doing ex and bars and vicodin so maybe that's different from lighting up all the time.

Still fucking miserable and sometimes wish I could go back to being a proto-socdem who wanted a small film production company.

I hate the class more then the actual individuals within it. And don't get me wrong esp among the super-rich and the leading imperialist politicians there are a lot of vile, vile evil individuals; I'm sure there are good people among them. But then really define good, there were probably good slaveholders but there's something to be said for Zizek's point that the nice slaveowners were really the worse ones since they created a justification for the system.

Porky killed 3 million of our brothers in Indonesia and 1/3 of the population in East Timor, plastered it on Time magazine, and then decades later can't even bring themselves to say a meaningless word like "sorry". 1.3 million dead from the wars on terror at minimum and we're not talking about the constant deaths from imperialist proxy wars and starvation, hunger, deprivation.

For me its enough that when you want a job to make something of yourself porky won't give you one. When you're at work porky could do something to make it not as mind numbing, demeaning and low-reward but rather wouldn't because he needs to maximize his profit.

That's because alcohol is considered normal, and so are its long-term effects.

You are most likely getting the causation backwards here. Shallow idiots seek out weed so they can feel profound.

meant for

Fuck imma stop posting now.

That's how I see it too. I think using violence when it's appropriate to dismantle the system is what makes us different from Holla Forums who are cunts that just want to beat up people that are even weaker than them.

Social drinking is, alcoholism isn't. I don't think there is a country where being an alcoholic train wreck is considered okay, maybe Russia.
Maybe. I'm just talking off my chest here

you certainly don't, that's why you are taking it

It's not considered remotely as bad as being a junkie. Often times people are more upset by someone doing drugs a little bit than by someone being an alcoholic. The milder short-term effects of drugs are sensationalized to the point that people's confirmation bias kicks in, and the long-term effects will seem extreme. The effects of alcohol abuse are seen as normal because they're just an extension of the effects of normal alcohol use. Drinking regularly, socially, still has long-term effects. They're less noticeable because booze is so commonly used.

Entirely too many antidepressants. Which I hope to have replaced by ketamine, LSD or shrooms soon. Which reminds me of how much suffering in the world could be prevented with substances like these, which are forbidden almost solely because spooked pathological authoritarians are in charge.

Some people wonder what creates these muslim suicide bombers or spree killers. But I know too well. Like me – like us – they're drowning in alienation and are desperate to surface and serve a purpose. Then along comes some spookmaster who says "do this and you'll be making the world a better place, scout's honor". He provides an easy certainty in a world filled with fear and doubt. And there little Ahmed goes off, in more ways than one. That's what I crave, to have something worth working towards, to have that surety of purpose.

No, they're forbidden so that 1 you have more prisoners (free labor) and 2 people are more depressed and less likely to see potential for revolution.

SSRIs suck. I used to take them and they make your head foggy. Stopped taking those pills real quick.

They helped me get out of a really bad depression that had been with me over a decade. I took them for a few months and they sort of kickstarted me to feeling normalish again. The state I was in, I must have had close to zero activity from the hormones being affected, though. They definitely keep you from being able to feel very much if you've already got normal levels, which made it easy to tell when it was time for me to stop.

O.. old faggotry is a f.. form of hierarchy f.. fascist.

Stuffing yourself with pills and drowning in booze is exactly what porky wants, guys.
I try to keep myself up by dreaming of the revolution and what can i do to bring it about.

The certainty of my inevitable suicide helps more than you might think.

But that's the thing, we can do nothing for it. Having a goal but seeing to path towards it is its own hell.

I couldn't have gotten any worse user. I was breaking down crying every day.

Yeah I am numb but it's better than what I had before

I don't want to make my parents upset either

I've been on Zoloft for about 6 months. Next time I see my GP I'll talk about coming off them and tapering down the dose. I can always just go back on them.

Get angrier.

but I'm not a hateful person

It's different for everyone how it works. I've had times when I felt like I might need to go back on but then I recovered from it. My problem was that some part of that system for me was just burned out completely from being under immense stress and having my fight or flight response trigger at the slightest provocation. If your problem is even sort of different don't expect things to work the same way.

Of course it's getting worse. Unless you were born this decade then yeah it's been about the same.

I see, thanks. Good luck to you user

Good luck to you as well. Hopefully you can get off the meds without any problems. I hit a point where I knew it was my time and I went cold turkey. I never had any negative side effects but in retrospect it probably was a bonehead decision that I would not recommend.

Has he ever consciously acknowledged the current year meme?

I dunno, but in the last episode he blew up a giant 2016 sign to say "Fuck you to the year."

People in the third world literally starve to death while your privelleged ass gets to complain about how bad everything is here in the first world :(

Get over it, it's not that bad.

Yeah the 90s were pretty dope. But I don't know if that's an objective measure or it's just because I had a good child hood.

The homicide rate has been going down tho supposedly. That's a plus.

Not too shabby.

youre kinda shitposting but in a way youre right. the terrible thing about suffering under western capitalism is that its so mundane. it's so intertwined in our daily lives that even as a leftist it's hard to see outside of it and even recognize where youre emotional problems really stem from and how to really change them

Zippocat : (

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Really don't know what those starving third worlders are complaining about, don't they know there are people being murdered by their own governments along with their whole families? Awww you didn't get enough to eat today boo fucking hoo grow up, at least you're not being made to eat lead.