What games are the most socialistic in practice?

What games are the most socialistic in practice?

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Literally crisis of overproduction: the game

gone home and other guldural magzizd brobaganda


runescape is literally market soc/mutualism
the workers own the means of production but they sell it in a market
it actually works really well

How do you mean?

I've put over 100 hours in Vic 2 but I still don't get it. I'm sure there's so much that goes over my head.

I like this, can you elaborate?


We metro now.

let's ignore that it's literally dragons, kings and sheeit therefore not quite leftist.
Isn't wow superior? I remember, and if was fucking long ago, that market prices in runescape were state regulated, so you could not sell things entirely for their market value. And maybe It was just high-school me feeding my ideology which preferred unregulated markets.

metro is dank. I never played fallout 4 (i have quite potato computer) but there is that one faction "knights" which is literally calling for killing of commies. Sounds pretty Nazi to me.

By the end of the game the economy is pretty much unworkable because of the sheer amount of overproduction. When a factory produced good can't be sold in Vic 2, it is simply destroyed. Every good in Vic 2 is sold at the same price - there is no underselling competitors, you can only hope to flood the market with as much shit as possible, hurting you both in the process. Factories quickly become unprofitable because of prices dropping like a rock (the only reason they don't drop more is because of a hard price floor/ceiling to keep the economy from coming completely off the rails). The only way workers can increase their wages is through minimum wage reform, but it largely does jack shit, and the profits are split with 50% going to the capitalists, and the other 50% going to the workers. Generally this means that the workers can only afford the bare requirements for survival, and there's no demand for consumer goods, leading to a bunch of furniture being dumped in the ocean. The only reason the factories keep running is because the AI always subsidizes them, but subsidized factories pay no wages to their workers if they're not making any profit. Basically, it leads to a shit ton of rebellions and generally makes the late game unplayable.

Dwarf fortress is literally a planned economy.

HPM fixes it by adding a shitload of population, but it also fucks up civs that are ranked lower than China because they arent getting none of their necessary goods.


It was, at one point, regulated based on sales (eg if everyone is buying a certain item at +5% of market price, it will gradually rise, you could only buy +/- 5% of market price at the time, it was trying to combat gold sellers which were causing a negative impact on both game as well as company quality). Jagex intervened a few times by dumping items that were intentionally being manipulated on a mass scale for the profit of the few, but afaik they never manually lowered prices (context here is that a large "merchanting" clan would tell their members to buy a particular item. That would eventually artificially raise the price, and the people who run said clan would sell before telling everyone else to sell, gaining large sums of money with little actual effort while crippling everyone else involved financially)
At this point, there is no set min/max to purchase at, I can sell a bowl for max cash stack if I desire to do so

If you play as Japan, UK, USA, China, Prussia, or some other country capable of building an empire with at least 25% of the population, then you can keep your economy humming along by going full socdem with a healthy dose of autarky and overthetop warmongering.

What if you've gone commie and purged the bourgeoisie?


Wurm Online.
You could run a shop in a village and charge people like a good little porky, or you can just pump out goods 24/7 and give them to whoever asks.
Is anyone from the Holla Forums server here?

But you can make money by literally becoming a Merchant, well at least before the Grand Exchange was released on oldschool. In fact I made so much money merching that my 4chan /vg/ buddies started calling me a jew

Vicky has no communism. Only Socdem reformism or War "Communism" with perpetual war via free casus bellies justifying the eternal dominance of the state.

It's all about production and you own the means.

you have a set of skills you can improve by doing labor like woodcutting, cooking, etc.
but you own the means of production since you own what you produce (the wood you cut, the food you make, the animals you hunt, etc.)
and you sell it at a market named the grand exchange where other players buy your products that they use for their own labor or personal necessities

I'm playing rimworld, it's unfinished game based on the DF, but I guess I should check it out

dragons and kings and shiet doesn't make something "not quite leftist" It's just aesthetic bro. And with the presence of magic (that abides by internally consistent rules), medieval fantasy can fill in the gaps left by the absence of industry.

The way to I dig yourself out of the economic stagnation is to either specialize in luxury goods (small country) or go full war keynesianism (large country/great power).

If you have a large industrial base then just conquer the money making parts of Africa and Asia. (Congo for rubber, all the parts of Africa that produce iron, cotton and sulphur, Ethiopia and Indonesia for coffee, Formosa for tea, Khuzestan and Brunei for oil, Burma for opium and exotic wood.)
Raise the taxes for the upper class to 100% and lower the tax for lower and middle classes to 0%.
Then start spamming tanks, dreads and other high maintenance military units. You will effectively funnel money from the rich, to the factories producing canned food, fuel and other upkeep goods. This will then trickle down to other industries such as steel and timber, which usually suffer late game.
Once you're self-sufficient either set tarrifs to 100% (To protect local industry) or subsidize it to support the world economy.

Avoid healthcare reforms (Especially as China or Britain). They're useful early game, but the population growth will screw you over late game. Focus on things like minimum wage and pensions but avoid working hours and factory safety as they cut into late game profit margins.
Anyone that still isn't employed can be recruited as a soldier/officer/clergy/bureaucrat.

Taxing at 0% is a mistake. One of the big killers in Vicky is pops stashing all the world's money into the bank, where it does literally nothing (since pops never die or retire, there is no opportunity to inheritance tax or just wait until granppa empties his savings buying luxury furniture in his retirement). Your ideal tax rate should keep the most amount of pops consuming the most they can, while keeping the bank accounts small.
Also, safety standards are a good thing since they free up money for proles to buy telephones, working hours (on the other hand) must be kept at the max possible, since a pop who exceeds his luxury demands is a drain on the monetary supply.

Moderate taxes, high pensions and high minimum wage is your best bet to keep the incomes relatively level and decently high enough to push demand. Unfortunately, this only works if you control at least a fifth of the world, since otherwise the other guys will just crash everything and you'll go down with the ship.

Also, Rogue State.




Grand exchange is shit though.

And due to the non-degenrative nature of commodities in that game, new players are forced to produce consumables for richer older players, rather than being able to explore the full extend of the game, but thats just a design mistake.

Sounds like capitalism to me

Well its not technically forces as it is highly, highly inefficient to not do so. Any actions that include using consumable resources and turning them into non-consumable commodities loses you money.

But if you don't like it, you can always do what you desire, or be an ironman (no trading at all allowed gamemode).

Also I'm an ultimate ironmanwhich is the same as ironman but you can't use banks to store items

Build your own communist village in Banished.

This game is wild

You aren't forced to produce consumables for older players, it's just that the best way to make money is monster drops, which requires sufficient armor and combat levels, and the best way to get started with this is to collect resources and trade them to rich players.

Banished it pretty Socialist, everyone works for each other and takes what they need

Most mmos have effectively no private property and could therefor be regarded as socialist economies. What would be really intresting is a mmo with private property too see how players would react to a world we're they're not just free to go out in the world and print money for themselves.

I always felt that Fallout 4 was closer to anarcho-capitalism

The city building game Pharaoh is pretty great even after all these years.

I think we have a winner.

EVE online is pretty capitalist in this regard. Players (or rather alliances) can even own stations.

I'd agree Pharaoh is a great game, but how is it socialist?

You're either retarded or high.

Animal Crossing depicts a post-scarcity society

that still has a currency for some reason

Almost none of the villagers even work

Modded Minecraft is breddy gud, especially if you're playing with friends.

It's where I can live out my fantasies of fully automated luxury communism.

I probably have autism

Super Mario. He wears a Lenin hat and makes racist Italian jokes.

Grandia too



animal crossing is indeed comfy as fuck

pic related

Maelstrom Battle for Earth Begins has some socialist undertones.