This is a picture of the catgirl drawfag

This is a picture of the catgirl drawfag.


Huh looks like the picture that she drew of herself was accurate to real life

wat picture?




You people will make her leave with this beta orbiting. Get a fucking life

In case she ever reads this:

I know you have a lot of shit to do, but a Jacobin/Robespierre/Republican catgirl would be pretty bomb yo.

I like being a beta. I wouldn't want it any other way tbh.

If drawfag was just a tripfag that's one thing but it's okay to like someone who has made such cool OC for us.

she looks way too dorky for my taste.



I like being a beta. I prefer a nice talk over sex, i enjoy cuddling and hugging, i cry through watching silly films/animes.
I am a proud beta.

I feel pain inside.


only reactionaries believe this exists

It does exist. It's when an unattractive dude follows around a cute girl and falls in love with her since he's mentally weak, and then either gets rejected and gets mad or he never asks and someone else starts dating her

You are straight up a fucking fool if you're denying the fact that weak-willed, cowardly men hang around girls they want to fuck, wishing they magically pick up on the fact that they want a girlfriend.

isnt roosh v also a beta at heart. i remember some blog post of his to that effect

You get people do to this with by being a beta?

yeah. they're called leftists

Noice slave morality m8

Don't a scare her off you greasy fuckin nerds


Not much this days…but that's because i find most people uninteresting. I may be a beta, but i'm not retarded anymore. I've built a massive shell to protect myself from being abused and walked all over. I only show my betaness when i really trust someone.
It took months of dating to finally accepting to have sex with my former gf and losing my virgnity.

Only a huge dork could do the drawing she does with a straight face.


Come on man why'd you post this. Now they'll be a bunch of incels saying stupid sex shit to her

smh tbh comrade


I wonder what what her skin routine is
I'd want to be her friend




Fuck your eceleb containment thread, it only has like 7 replies anyway.
plus just saw this >>1166454 and now I have to fap


any nudes?

You are a disgusting person and you will die alone

everyone dies alone tbh

shit what was it

everyone lives and dies alone

a cute girl


Where'd these come from anyway

he posted pics of cgdf

funposting is a bannable offense now?

thanks for removing the ban mods

i really hope the catgirlfag draws a futarchy catgirl at some point. thanks and god bless


How dare you!

Catgirl drawfag is not for lewds, you pervert >:^(


Good riddance.

Anons just want to distribute her means of reproduction. She'd be the one doing the orbiting…of cocks.


She's fat. There's no two ways about it.


White people are objectively the most attractive. Sorry you had to hear it from me pal

idpol please leave

She looks like what my grandma looked like when she was alive.
is it weird that I want to fuck my grandma?



>is it weird that I want to my grandma?

how is this even possible ?
you are just shit porting right?

I would explain how but that's kind of lewd

we all draw catgirl

Comrade/10, would hang out with. She's got a bf though and I don't fuck up other people's relationships. So looks like I'll have spent the year fucking dumb liberals I met on Tinder while basking in loneliness.

Why she look like a lbirul tho?

Completely natural. The Totem might oppose it, but outside its jurisdiction there's no Law.

dorks are cute


wtf I love Nietzsche now.

Whatever, why don't you all fuck off to Facebook?

Oh sure, when they say that shit it's philosophy and performance art, but when I say it I'm asked to leave the area.

Comdey gold.

I kind of understand your sentiment here, and I know this is a bit sad, but I am deeply curious about what everyone on here looks like and stuff so I understand the fascination.

what's with the score lol, makes the whole thing sound like a Tim Burton movie

Some things best left a mystery user


Didn't you say you were going to fuck off to /marx/?


fuck off, I'm lonely and I like daydreaming to ease the pain

Tone it down, will you. Moving Wolff discussion to /marx/ for duration of the ban is not the same as running away because of some mod getting triggered.

And I got unbanned by BO anyway.

I am simultaneously weirded out and flattered by this thread.


Fat Dork describes me better than Tumblrina tbh. Actually I really am a Female Fedora-Neckbeard, I wish there was a better term for it tho.

Ok now can a mod pls delete this cancer? This isn't /r9k/.

Feels culture and loneliness is part of Holla Forums


As a borderline autist, i would like to understand: What is the appeal for people to post pictures of themsleves on the internet?

I would watch it.


that isn't an excuse to be a creep

Meaningless word used by stuck up women tbh

Men are so fucking sensitive jesus christ

Stop making these threads, stop being a creep, jack yourself off to sleep like you usually do at 7:30am or some shit.

Most of the cringey ones in this thread aren't men, they are boys.

Why don't you fucking shoo.

Like there's a difference

I'll get on your IRC bitch

doesn't make it okay

i'm good thanks

this is women have no place in the left

only good for cannon fodder

Want to complete that sentence first before you talk about your intellectual capacity for posting. Because you're a retard lol

I can be your Holla Forums bf.

are you cute? i'll cuddle you

That is exactly what I was implying. Men don't fawn like this over some weeb. It is schoolchild behaivor.

Never said it was…