Brit/leftypol/ - Christmas Strikes edition

Across the UK, workers are going on strike this Christmas:

More sources on these strikes:

And May can only insult the workers and create further discontent:

Meanwhile, Corbyn is getting more and more popular, while May gets less and less popular:

Let's discuss the potential for a Corbyn-led Labour government in the UK, and what that would mean.

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Seems pretty low fam, Brits are too classcucked and will happily vote for Von Baronsmith VII the landed aristocrat because he's 'for the workers not the scroungers'.

this mentality is so prevalent among the British working class and they're killing themselves because of it

Yup. Only thing I could think would help is a campaign of revolutionary terror against the tabloids and Tory psuedobroadsheets.

Not really fam:

Also see:

Why is that not related in favourably polls though?

Last time I looked the public inexplicably liked May like twice as much as Corbyn.

This is something I've been thinking about for a while; polls. Obviously who responds matters; they are only samples, and that sample is a demographic - "people who tend to respond to polls".

Polls are supposed to reflect public opinion, but they also shape it. We should all make an effort to take part in polls, to sway the tides further left. I believe this would be useful to the movement in general.

The tabloids have succeeded in making Corbyn seem so toxic that more people (many of them labour voters) would unironically support the return of Tony Blair rather than let Corbyn continue as leader.

I have a YouGov account, you should get one too. I have like £60 in points on my account too.

Just be prepared to wade through brand surveys about supermarkets over and over but yeah.

Of course, but if people are not smart enough to refuse to swallow bourg propaganda what can we do for them? The porky media will always try to attack leftist candidates and promote Thatcherites.

you now remember owen jones

He seems have to devolved from semi-class consciousness to full on idpol. Such a shame.

I refuse to read the Guardian/Independent so I have no idea. I heard it was bad though.

You can skip the marketing questions

he was always a useless cunt

I sometimes think about joining Labour but I see no point.

What party are you lads planning to vote for at the next election? Might just vote TUSC

The TUSC is a fucking joke.

Socialists should guide the existing working class left movement in the right direction (i.e further left, into actual socialism) - not stand on the sidelines claiming to be the new mass workers' party.

The Labour Party in the UK is currently attracting a left-wing movement of youth and workers, it has the potential to be transformed from the inside as a party, and Socialists should be backing Labour, calling for socialist policies in their CLPs, and criticizing the right wing of the party. Instead, the TUSC stands candidates against Labour candidates, splitting the left-wing vote - where they get any votes at all.

They are standing on the sidelines of a genuine workers' movement, claiming to be it. And you can tell they know they've fucked up now, because they can't decide if they'd rather throw their lot in with Corbyn now.

Not so sure about this one.

Who else /militant tendency/ here?

This is why we need to adopt collectivism initially, in order not to look like we pander to 'scroungers'

but that just leads to endless reformist bs

But working in and around the reformist institutions is actually the best place to build a genuine mass workers' party, genuinely of masses of workers.
There's nothing wrong with a Trot, most of the history of British socialism is Trotskyist.

She's looked at your internet history lads.

What did she see?


>tfw when the snooper's charter allows the government to look at our internet history

Imagine a middle aged judge reading out your internet history to a packed courtroom, reading off the stuff you fap to and trying to pronounce anime titles.


Hand over the members Jeremy

wrong owen

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Porn of her.

Will the labour party try to reverse brexit? I assume not

Corbyn wants out and his wing of the party will push that way but the right-wingers in the party will do literally anything to get a second referendum. He needs to purge the blairites.

Am I the only one who notices that Theresa May is a "face in a high place" and Jeremy Corbyn isn't? Why have the Conservatives installed two women as prime minister while Labour has installed none? When will Labour put "faces in high places?"

Blairite nonsense. Just look at how far Jess Phillips has got.

aside from Barbara Castle I can't think of any woman I'd like to have seen leading Labour

May, like Thatcher before her, is an average neocon Tory scooped from among numerous peers. Corbyn is an outlier and his coup was a total fluke.

Three words:

Brexit, SJWs, and immigrants.

This is why Labour is dying.

The populist, working sentiment is being eaten up by UKIP and the liberal, pro-EU SJWs are flocking to the Liberal Democrats. The Conservatives, of course, benefit from the split base.

(In fact, I find British folks to be the least classcucked. They tend to be pissed off at both liberal faggots and cuckservatives and generally want an alternative to neoliberalism.)

For this reason, May is fucking herself over by essentially alienating the same people who who are also the most ardent Brexit supporters. Rank and file union members.

So, expect UKIP to rise while the Conservatives take a dump, before UKIP crashes down with no survivors due to having the same neoliberal economics.

Britain is only going to get more nationalist AND socialist at the same time from here on. I mean, HALF of the people who actively contribute to nationalist/anti-immigrant leftist articles and such, in my personal experience, were Englishmen.

Corbyn fucked himself over by being too moderate and not taking a definitive side. So, the nationalist-leaning working-class left him for Farage and the liberal middle and upper classes and immigrants are moving towards the Liberal Democrats. That and May responded to Brexit well. Remainer Conservatives tanked for country-wide popularity but still remain popular amongst liberal supporters in their local areas.

Now, when the Conservatives lose momentum on Brexit and end up trying to keep Britain in the Single Market and UKIP ends doing little to actually deport immigrants, things are going to go badly for them, as I mentioned before.

And, I'm going enjoy the uprising when it comes. :^)


Unless Corbyn manages to re-assert his leadership and purge/silence the right-wingers in the PLP Labour won't gain support. Momentum needs to stop sperging out and integrate itself within the main party as well.
The Tories are looking good temporarily but once May's honeymoon period finishes and people realise how badly splintered the tories are and their incompetence on delivering Brexit people will flock to UKIP or Labour. The liberals are all going to the lib dems already but they're a lost cause. The british working class will be torn between socialism and right wing populism.