Is this the soul of man under capitalism?

Is this the soul of man under capitalism?

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i-is that the mummy guy? fucking hell

There sits a broken man.

Yup Brendans had a hard life

Can someone please explain alimony to me? Women have rights to insane amounts of free money from the men they divorce? How on earth does a retarded concept like this exist?

Because men are oppressive by virtue of existing and having penises.

Fifty thousand dollars.
A month.

He's dying.

Outdated patriarchal gender norms that were institutionalized in the legal system way back in the days.

Patriarchy effects us all, men are expected to provide, not mater what.

Jesus fucking christ.
This is the fourth time I've seen this and it never gets any more bearable. He was a physical specimen once. He punched a mummy in the dick three times.

If this can happen to him, it can happen to any of us. except the 10 girls on this board, of course

California's divorce laws border on sadism.

I imagine he's doing D-list tier acting work, because the bigger paycheck he has, the most his ex-wife will siphon off from him.

Because women didn't use to have any expectation of work and men were expected to pay for them. The idea was that women would get married as soon as they were adults and be taken care of for the rest of their lives. Alimony at its best was supposed to support women until they got remarried to a man who would take over from there. Fast forward to the present and nobody with the power to change the system cares enough to do it.

If you try to get rid of this shit now feminists will cry about it and call you a woman hater.

Theyre what we call liberals. I dont care what liberals think

It's actually worse than that. Alimony is based on the man's income at the time the divorce happens. If she divorces him at his peak he will still have to pay the same amount once he's a has-been. The fact that he was already paying alimony to two ex-wives and was on track to divorce his third was probably a contributing factor to Robin Williams' suicide.

Not true. Every academic feminist wants to get rid of this shit.


So it's safe to assume they won't achieve anything, because as we all know academics can't survive outside university.

They say the same about circumcision and all sorts of other things that affect men, but the moment anyone tries to actually do anything it's all "MRA! RAPE APOLOGIST!"

No, it works both ways, it's the based on which is the financially stronger spouse. I suppose it just happens that men are often the main providers, so they have to aliment the spouse until they adjust. Of course in this situation the demands are ridiculous, but that's the American legal system for you.


Liberals killed Robin Williams.

I didn't need any more reason.


Goddamn, I need to find myself a rich american…

teach me!!!

If I recall there was an attempt in Massachusetts to amend alimony laws so cases like Brendan's wouldn't happen.

Damn near every feminist came out against it.

Fuck me

you mean this is what $900,000 in alimony does to a man?

under communism we wouldn't have marriage and money

teach what?

You're a fucking retard


That wasn't communism, fam. They were barely trying to transition into socialism. That was state capitalism.

I just want to freely associate with people I like and who like me and we can do whatever things we want to do together. If that includes sex, then neat. If it includes labor to improve the community, neater.


Marriage as we know it will fade away. It's main function is the management of property and inheritance. Once property relations change and the superstructure no longer finds it culturally useful familial relations will morph in relation to the material conditions.

Marriage would still exist under communism. It wouldn't really mean much though (fortunately).

That's because the movement is now dissociated from its philosophical roots (those are the people who push for gender identity after all) and consists of opportunists trying to extract muh privileges at any cost rather than actually dismantling gendered society.

Feminists being for equal rights? What a joke. They only wanted to enslave mankind.

You can give cool shit to girls too. Legos aren't marketed only at boys or whatever. Women simply don't like spending their time in a room with a computer. That shit is boring to most people.

Holy shit, that comic. If you put a pile of boys' and girls' toys in a CHIMP ENCLOSURE, the baby chimps will play with the toys associated with their gender.

Couldn't he JUST move to Alaska change his identity and live off the grid? that's what I would do if I was in his situation.

That's funny because I'm sitting here right now going through my entire PC game collection, going all the way back to shit like Jumpstart and Simant.

Yeah, and here I am on a fucking Mongolian claymation imageboard. We are not the norm. All the women that want to study CS already do that. There is no barrier to entry.

Here fam.
The simplest shit out there.

That just shows that even chimpanzees are oppressed by the patriarchy and need feminism.

Holy shit.
Is he alright?

iktf comrade

Just a nice qt gf to cuddle and shitpost here with

nah, he's been JUSTed

With every word he utters, he sounds like he's going to erupt in crying.

Alimony began as a practice due to sexist norms.
Bougie women weren't allowed to work outside the home, and it was typically expected they wouldn't seek to educate themselves in ways that would allow them to livelihoods to sustain them and their children should their husbands divorce them. (It was easier for a man to seek divorce, a woman had to prove extreme cruelty, insanity, or impotency on the man's part.) So, courts had to devise something that wouldn't leave a bunch of poor women and children out on the streets.

Today, it's much more egalitarian (any spouse can seek support from the other) but in practice, and due to still existing bias, women are often favored when it comes to alimony and child custody. I think it's bullshit and so do many feminists. I'd like to see a much more egalitarian reform of family court.

they'd track him down and force him to pay alimony

feel sorry for Brendan. good thing I'm too much of a sperg to ever get married so I'll never be fucked over like this

we won't you clown, marriage is a social construct and the nuclear family is a product of capitalism. Marriage as a whole will disintegrate from its former definition and it will either fade away, or be changed.

The family in general is a bourgeois concept.

I like my parents though, don't split us up

no it isn't, the family existed long before civilization itself even began, and it was a very codependent unit. It's only with capitalism that the family took on an engendered meaning and relied on the expropriation of peoples labor. Men would toil in the factory to produce the necessities for their wife and kids, and the woman would reproduce the means for survival. This put men in productive spheres of society, and woman in reproductive spheres.

what was the family like under feudalism?

a lot more gender neutral, woman were in the fields with men, and household duties were relegated to the entire family rather than just the mother. Even in America before the revolution, woman were more sexually liberated up until the sexual revolutions of the 60's.

It depends on where you look and what class of people you're examining. Feudal Scandinavia is quite different from feudal France is quite different from feudal Lithuania, etc.

In general, poor people tried to offload any surplus children as quickly as possible and wealthy people had their kids tested by relatives or political allies. In both cases marriage itself was more an economic institution rather than a romantic one. You'd have your wife that you had certain duties by and your mistress on the DL. For the wealthy marriage meant uniting two houses and their property, while for the poor it meant less of a chance to starve to death. Usually.

Wealthy people had their kids reared* god damn it

what does that mean


Not disagreeing with you that Alimony is bullshit but Robin had Lewy Body dementia I'd have committed suicide as well if I had that



He has no one to blame but himself.

He signed a contract into slavery then cries when it hurts.

The need for marriage is a spook.

If a woman takes that approach, you know she's not a feminist.

Yeah, in the same way that Neopaganism means that Paganism still exists. In short, it'd just be idiots LARPing.

The chins promised me that trump was going to unfuck brendans shit, im still hopeful

Strangely enough, feminist don't show any particular interest in ending this particular vestige of the patriarchal time.

I don't remember reading anything about half of a man's money going into a women he have been with for half a year 20 years ago in the work of Adams Smith.

Maybe electing Trump was a good thing.

Care to quote one of them?

I'm sorry you have don't have any knowledge of what feminism actually is outside of muh gamergate, but yes, what I said is true.