Post yfw waiting for the state to wither away

post yfw waiting for the state to wither away




Are you sure that isn't a picture of an anarchist three years after the revolution?

It's a picture of one of the heroes of the revolution three years after the means of production were seized and 6 months after the fourth round of purges




post yfw the day after the authentic anarchist revolution



A state is effectively just a government that enforces it's economic ideology with armed men. Modern anarchists have already conceded all of this is necessary even if you don't want prisons or laws so it's really impossible to take you guys seriously. Anarchism isn't a political philosophy, it's just semantics.

and anarchism is a decentralised network that protects itself with armed men. Nobody however is governed.


Weird, that skeleton isn't in a mass grave.

But that's my face when waiting for anarkiddies to read, let alone understand Marx.

This is exactly what I was talking about. Your entire worldview may be a failure but holy hell are you great at concocting new terminology and slogans to dance around that fact.

to govern implies to initiate force, responding to the intial aggression isn't governance


Why are all Marxists so intellectually arrogant?

Its like they think its a posh students movement and not a workers movement

Why must armed men protecting a group govern that group? Do the military govern most normal countries? No. They would in fact be governed by the populace.


if you had to pick any ethical system for a basis of governance, the nap is actually quite solid

sure it is spooked as fuck because of property rights and other cappie trash, but the idea of not being a cunt is actually nice

you can be a worker and read marx m8

Because they're posh students whose idea of radicalism is wanking over theory and saying anyone who disagrees with their interpretation is a revisionist or just doesn't get it and needs to read whoever revised Marx to their liking. Not that a lot of anarchists aren't similarly removed from the realities of being a worker, but autistic Marxists in their academic enclaves are generally worse.

I didn't say they were, but their existence necessarily implies one class is governing another. In this case you've admitted the necessity of needing to repress capitalist elements. So what have you left anarchism with? Not much really.

Yep, intelligentsia are a hostile class interest, case closed.


Cool. Doesn't change the fact that anarchists are, by their own definition, statists. Mind you I actually consider myself an anarchist, I just wish the label could be wrestled away from the drooling theory-devoid infants that have monopolized it today.


But no I agree, a lot of so called anarchists are crypto-statists by the probable outcome of their "praxis", even if the state is magically good under its new form according to them, the subbranch of anarchism known as communism being the ultimate in this regard, of course.

Dual power my man

stop being retarded

Give me one good reason that the state should wither away to begin with. "Muh weed" doesn't count

states will never wither away, at least not in a way that could benefit workers

a dystopia an-cap future is possible
a utopian ancom future is a pipe dream

the state is exploitative by design

The state isn't already privatized?

states could be far more privatized