Is it time to give up?

Is it time to just give up?

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The movement towards communism is a historical process, not one grand and all-encompassing idea that can be struck down. Different ideologies that seek to achieve it can come and go, but the trend of power at the macro level still trends downwards towards the lower classes.

The proletariat as we understand it today has existed for only ~200 years. The bourgeoisie were waiting around longer than that before they were able to seize power.

It doesn't matter how we feel,
Either the communist idea, radical emancipation to realize full human freedom and potential, has to persist or:
humanity will destroy itself
or be caught in a nightmare propertarian or authoritarian dystopia (what google or the chinese government will do in 100 years)

All these things take time. It took centuries for capitalism to take its modern form, and while modernity has made changes in many ways accelerate it's also given us the single most powerful opponent possible.

We just need to purge the bourg


I suppose. Although it's still scary for me to realize that there are some people (like Pete Seeger) who spent their whole lives fighting for socialism, only to never really achieve their goals.

do you even species-being

I'm just terrified that I'll spend the rest of my life fighting capitalism, only to reach old age and for capitalism to be stronger than ever before. I don't know if I would be able to handle that.

we'll win someday, hopefully

how many generations of slaves and peasants lived, struggled, resisted and died under feudal monarchies and ancient empires, their names never even recorded by history? countless millions. like or not, you are one of the millions, and your body will one day swell the earth, just like all forgotten slaves. but there is a self greater than the individual, and it is striving toward a harmony of relations that only struggle can bring into being. that's the real you, my main man. once you identify with that self, rather than your individuality, you will lose your fear and embrace your fate. you may think this a depressing point of view, but once you accept it, you will be surprised by the reserve of energy you tap into.

haven't cured cancer yet either so I guess its a no go

I don't know. I don't quite like the prospect of being eliminated once automation takes hold instead of sharing in the prosperity just so some rich fuck can make more money. This isn't about "wouldn't it be nice." This is about survival. Either way communism will happen. We just are going to have to decide if the vast majority of earth's population is eliminated first.

Should I just get into Nietzsche at this point?

no, even from that perspective he's shit. only his genealogy of morality is any good and even then his conclusions are shit.

No, embrace Stirnerism-Nechayevism

I couldn't find any of nechayev's works in my school's library unfortunately, and the only copy of the ego and its own were select excerpts from it. I really don't like reading literature from a computer screen.

There is no good reason not to fight. None.

Fun fact: Most of the liberal hippies of the 70s turned to the capitalist conservatives today.

People change.

There's no shame is settling down with a woman and going full accelerationism while living in an all white suburb. Someone's got to do it.

That sounds like the definition of giving up.

But that implies that we've are part of leftists movements and actually work to fight capitalism.

Personally I just take the zizekian route and sit tight for a miracle

I read about the diggers. ;_;
Forgotten heroes of history.

Not until I die.

catechism is pretty fugin short

Great comment, I've just recently discovered this to be true myself. It's all about perspective.

if communism is inevitable, why do we need communists?

Come to Venezuela, you fucks.

Capitalism and the market economy as we know it today have only be around for like 4 or 5 hundred years or so. Before that it was Feudalism for like a 1000 years, long history of slave driven economies. And before that small community organized agricultural societies.

So NO it is not time to give up, it time to redouble our efforts

Because capitalism overcame feudalism with a snap of finger right?

Communists are inevitable.

communist ideology was built on the false assumption that the Proletariat is a revolutionary class, and that the discipline instilled by factory work as well as the workers self interest would naturally lead to revolution. It turns out, though, that factory work just regiments people to accept hierarchy and domination. Bookchin on The New Left is a decent interview and covers some of this.

We did.
Soviet Union.
Only way it worked was to make compromises in the structure of it. Eventually they went to far and with West`s help(hidden hand) propelled themselves to collapse.

we have come close and worked it in (relatively) small scale, we just kill each other over our particular way of trying to achieveing it.


Feudalism was around for almost a thousand years, and the idea of abolishing it had only began to take traction around a hundred years before it actually was in America, then France, and so on. One thing though is that the conditions in these regions dramatically worsened as well, motivating the populace to revolt.

You will only feel guilt if you give up and leave socialism behind, and one day you will only realize you were wrong to do so if you do.

I wouldn't mind at all the fact that I won't live to see socialism triumph, so long as I knew of a way to help reach that goal. To be able to see your destination yet seeing no path to reach it is its own kind of hell.

*growing up

why should i believe in an ideology that is 100% rhetoric


And that means most of the people on this board and elsewhere in the left will likely do the same.

We are the enemy.

If capitalism is still around, whether you give up or continue is inconsequential.

Also, you'll feel guilt wasting time learning about socialism when could have done other things you wanted to do.

why should I waste my life, the one one I have fighting for spooks

why shouldn't we just yolo all the way until we become old hags, and then attack the system, imagine what could be accomplished if, when every revolutionary got to the age of 70, a co-ordinated attack againts the ruling class would take place

what is the worse that could happen? be sent to jail or get shot? you are fucking 70 years old

You could ask the boomers to do that. They thought they were leftists back in the day after all.

Hey Holla Forumsintelpro, watcha doin??

Anarchist and collectivist thinking started well before Marx and certainly before the "triangular slave trade." The problem with communists is that they hate the very science and history that they claim has the potential to supercede religious devotion.