Ask a guy who voted for Hillary to try and stop Trump from winning, anything

Ask a guy who voted for Hillary to try and stop Trump from winning, anything.

inb4: librul

nope i'm a hegelian marxist *sniff*

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Why are you not an anarchist?

Are you really? Do you belong to any political party or organization? Why do you partake in bourgeois politics if not to use them for agitation?

Why made you think Trump would be worse than Hillary?


I don't belong to any organization because leftist organizations are very hard to find in America. Also trying to manipulate the system in order to enact communism is a worthless endeavor, so I voted for Hillary as the lesser of two evils.

Establishment liberal is much more of a threat to radical left and its development than someone who is form "opposition" to it.

Did you fucking read the leaks? Especially her speech to bankers?

Same here OP. Textbook Marxist.
Voted for her in hopes that she wouldn't accelerate global warming.

Trump IS a porkie

why you haven't killed yourself?

Who did you vote for in the primary?

If Hillary had won, I would have done my best to find one of these rare vehicles in order to run over/blow her up with.

Bernie Sanders

You did the right thing when it mattered, who cares about the general.

How does it feel to know that le boinkie will never ever be president? The next Democrat president will be a full on neoliberal backed exclusively by BLM and its latino counterparts, and the next Republican president will be a full on nationalist. White shitlibs like the turboautists posting on this board unironically have permanently rendered themselves irrelevant.


What is it about the Libyan and Honduran people that disgusts you so?

No, you're not.

You wanted war didn't you sick fuck?


We can't build a Communist country if we can't live on our own planet you stupid fuck

only Holla Forumss and retards think blm and minorities have this much sway over the Democrats. Hillary's only answer to them and every other minority was "I'm your only choice." The democratic party is doomed because it doesn't respond to broad constituent groups at all, not because it responded too heavily to a point of becoming a niche. Or inversely you could say she was responding to a niche group which was wealthy domestic donors and rich foreigners.

Wow…..this again?


It was my understanding that both parties are equally corrupt. Why support one establishment over the other?

What do we do with the billions of humans still living here? Won't they fuck this up for us?

I didn't say anywhere in that to support either party, cool your jets. Merely that people are misdiagnosing what is wrong with the Democrats and Hillary as a candidate.

What does it feel like, being a liberal in action if not in thought?

watch and laugh as such primitive lifeform perish of course

Why do you perpetuate the lie of wasted votes by continuing to vote for one of the big two?

Why did Stein not earn your vote over Hillary?

Why did you actively condone and perpetuate the horrors of the American government by voting at all?

Why don't you read Bordiga?

Why are you such a faggot?

How could you possibly figure you're a Marxist?

Gulag, or wall?

i don"t thing there is a going back at this point.
we will likely have a war in the next decade


Just because it worked against Bernie, they seriously thought they could pull this shit on a national election?

Is the DNC retarded?

Reminder this is the more realistic result of the Democratic primaries

All it is going to do is increase pressure on the already strained global capitalist system, which is a very good thing.

Hello, Mr. Chomsky, write more books on theory and the social psychology of the masses.

You failed to stop trump winning. Did this cause any self reflection on election night or since then?

Bullshit. Sanders wouldn't have carried SD because East River has 2/3rds of the population centers and the democrats over there are your typical boomer liberal.

your reasoning better have been that Hillary was the more accelerationist choice


Reminder that in Detroit, which is pretty much Clinton's turf, some votes were counter up to SIX times.

I'm not saying that the East River wouldn't gone to Clinton, but not in that gap, as the official result wants you to believe in.
Which is very important in a popular vote.

No, you are a shill, a defeatist retard, or a neoliberal pretending to be a leftist

man, even mister sniff man said to vote for trump