How important is the internet in all of this?

Does Holla Forums have enough "meme outreach" or "internet influence"?

Those are laughable terms that I just made up, but the number of real life acquaintances I have seen develop certain views because of memes they saw on social media websites or Youtube videos or whatever is too high. In terms of real life I have seen people turn into sjws or libertarians because of the facebook pages they follow. Then on places like 4chan, voat, 8ch, reddit, steam, tumblr, I look at people's accounts and can sometimes see when they got them into facism or communism or whatever.

The amount of people who decided to vote a certain away because they started watching meme Trump videos or following anti-Trump blogs on Tumblr or whatever is astounding.Its pretty annoying to see something like a porn blog start sharing facist or sjw stuff or whatever, but you can tell this sort of astroturfing kind of or sort of works. I'm convinced that all of these pictures of anime girls with Communist/Facist hats, people from hip shows endorsing certain views, Youtube channels that swing one way or another, have a huge influence on people our age.

I'm wondering if you think Holla Forums will be able to provide a significant counter to this. It sounds silly, but its sort of like a proxy war over memes, online algorithims, and comments sections.

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Holla Forums has shown how powerful manipulation of Twitter and Facebook is

We're missing a big other and the right has hundreths of those
Porky is still too abstract for people without class conscience

Inexperienced leftists may not know this but conservatives are also enemies of porky.
For example:
Abortion is profitable
Unless slavery can be envoked, not necessary. Needs more people climbing the social ladder
There was a gay wedding industry that was just waiting to happen
Tons of stuff to make money off of. HRT, the necessary SRS, the unnecessary plastic surgeries, trans fashion (broad shouldered dresses, big hipped pants, etc) This is an especially hard pill to swallow as I'm trans and I depend on HRT and getting SRS in the future.

You have to understand that more powerful than the right wing and the fascists is the neoliberal Wall Street lobbyists. The people who literally care only about lining their pockets as much as possible and, less significantly so, keeping the Capital machine moving.

This is the real face of Porky. A fake utopian, atheist, identity politics (except class identity of course), hipster who treats politics like art and philosophy like fashion. The person who prints "In the Dust of this Planet" on a hoodie and sells it.

These are the people we can truly demonize. This is our big other.

but Holla Forums will look at soros as a jew or a liberal and never as a porky just as liberals never see trump as a porky just as a racist mysogynist

Porkys are only visible when you have class conscience

Are you saying that the shock of a movement that detests both Trump and Soros will not inspire even a little class consciousness?

We can be as controversial, incendiary, and inflammatory as the alt-right RIGHT NOW, we just have to stick up for ourselves!

In the end it sounds like you are talking about hipsters. I think most people don't like hipsters, but nobody considers them enemies.

My perspective is right-wing, so I don't know as much about lefty Internet/meatspace culture. Here are my thoughts.

Right-wing memes usually appropriate popular culture, sometimes in an ironic-but-not-really hyperconsumerist way. If you want people to develop "class consciousness," then you might not like this idea. But it's something to consider.

Several times I've seen people on the far right refer to their slang and in-jokes as "esoteric," like it's some kind of secret knowledge. I haven't heard lefties say that before. But the lefties don't have Kek, so maybe it's not a fair comparison.

The right wing lifts people's spirits. Pride for one's culture, pride for the race, the nation, etc. Taking slogans like MAGA and then applying them to one's own life, self-improvement. The HIGH ENERGY. The left needs more of that.

The right wing feels subversive because it freaks liberals out. Not much you can do about this. I guess you should try scaring more liberals. Put up some creepy posters or something.

The alt-right has managed to find a place in the mainstream consciousness, but remains outside the Republican Overton window. (This is my impression. Does anyone disagree?) But from the right, liberals and the far left are still close. (SJWs Cultural Marxism Marxism) It would probably be good for the far left to carve out a space for itself that is clearly anti-liberal. Then it would be easier to ally with the far right when you agree.

fascist go home. literally put a bullet in your head.

Holla Forums memes are shit, since good memes need to have a little taboo/edginess to them. All the stuff Holla Forums supports is already mainstream or at least acceptable public discourse.

Miscegenation, free trade, open borders, promiscuity, loss of individual rights, LGBTQ, mindless hatred against people with pale skin, etc… this is all mainstream. So when you endorse these things, your memes don't come off as taboo, humorous, edgy, the things that make Holla Forums memes funny. Instead your memes just come off as mild, bland, unadventurous.

Holla Forums memes contain forbidden material, like opposition to the jewish tribe, or arguing in favour of the white working class. These things are hated by the establishment, forbidden, and this gives them that humorous edge that is vital for a successful meme.

As long as Holla Forums remain useful idiots for the global capitalist elite, your memes will never catch on.

I dunno, people still give me funny looks when I say we should molotov CEO's houses.

Come on lad. CEOs are small fry in comparison.

Not really,
Big big other I mean anarrative of something that is foreign and abstract, like da joos and da brawns, porkys are only visible when one becomes class conscious …
This is getting complicated but the point is that we should not focus on memes but on developing class conscience

Why can't we do both at once?


I want you to think about this for a second.

That's what I'm trying to say!

Was actually thinking about this very thing earlier.

Might be able to help push people toward class consciousness. I would definately think it is worth an effort, and since I am really good with photoshop and the like, I will get on it during the next few weeks.

Only problem is I boycotted Facebook and Twitter over censorship, so I might need others help in that regard.

man WTF are you talking about

First off we don't necessarily support open boarders (I don't), definitely don't support Free Trade, I support libertarian like ideals when it comes to individual freedoms.

But you want to talk about edginess? Ok let's talk about edginess, let's talk about anti-establishment shit.

I want to overthrow our entire economic system. I want to tear the wealth away from capitalists, built off the backs of working class people. I want to throw every crony capitalist politician out of congress, every bastard politician that has sold the American worker to the highest bidder.

So if you want a war of edginess, good fucking luck corporate teat sucker

I didn't say we couldn't hang bankers, I just said we should molotov the CEOs.

Yeah, it's hard to out-edge an anarchist.
>tfw my heart beats black

Not sure if you're a facist or not, but you pretty much said it. Most leftist memes in the mainstream atleast are tumblr/buzzfeed tier garbage.

Please kill yourself

The internet has allowed the world to become a bathroom stall in which anyone can write "the people in charge are poopy meany heads" and get 100000000 retweets.

4chan pol did not go to the media, the media went to them.
pol was seen as the vanguard and ground zero of the altright, 10 million click bait think pieces written about nazi frogs and how mean trolls are.
You see, we have nothing to lose by being mean or funny and or weird, the establishment is being paid to be giant faggots.

Even with the world against you, in the end you are just doing it for the lulz.

Can someone explain what this whole shit-show about Holla Forums, a supposedly leftist mod on 4/pol/ (who deletes stuff), and "Right Wing Safety Squad" is all about?

I'm really out of the loop on this one and it's appearing everywhere.

Anyway, the media will never come here because they will validate class warfare

The problem with leftypol memes is that they won't make sense to normalfags. Similarly to "Great Moments in Leftism", Holla Forums memes require one to have a passing knowledge of leftist thought to get. Comparatively Holla Forums memes are largely pepe, wojak, and merchant edits with current events that are easily identifiable. Because it's a lot easier to show smug frog Trump behind a wall triggering sjw feels than it is to succinctly explain theory in memes.

To react to this, we need memes that show the worker getting fucked over by the boss and how reformism isn't the answer. The former is easier enough, most aren't happy with their boss or the idea of the CEO, but getting them to understand it is the systen itself and not the actors will take a lot more work.

Stay classcucked useful idiot.

A scatalogical cartoon frog featured prominently in the recent American elections, to say nothing of CTR and the Air Force's social media monitoring/influence programs.

It's not the main thing, but it's increasingly important.

Holla Forums calling authorities to close whatever place they perceive as a leftist den over fire safety rules.

Some guy once posted on the cyclical leftist presence on 4chan that he became a mod over there.
he may be or be not be prickly
This got screencaped by Holla Forumstard which see this as deloyal subversion.
BO said on a thread that the guy is legit
This may be or not be good ol trolling

thanks for the explanation; Holla Forums being Holla Forums.

this thread says that the "leftist mod" doesn't exist, and that the mod responsible for warning the safety thread people has been removed:


I use the eternal gringo with my latino friends but it wouldn't work in first world countries

That's because latam has a different zeitgeist

nobody cares

we're against this you retard

We want this eventually, but at the moment the bourgeoisie are using immigration as a scheme to get cheap labor and exploit immigrants, so a lot of us are against what's actually happening here.

nobody cares

rights are a spook, what matters is the economy

who cares

that shit's retarded idpol being used to divide the working class

Here's your humorous edge.