Ben Garrison Goes Full Retard

"Castro is worse than Kissinger" -Ben Garrison

he said that?
considering he believed in the "drain the swamp" meme whe can't be the brightest.

Wtf even is this topic? The three people have no relation besides being old.

"At least Kissinger and Soros weren't communists"

Why the fuck is soros in the picture ehhh?

Gee i wonder why hes used in reactionary propaganda…

Didn't he do a picture about trump throwing several people off a cliff, several of those he was already on bed with?
It even had le argument man for some reason.

Garrison is a terrible cartoonist. I mean he has to label everything so the audience can get the reference but it just overloads the cartoon with text to the point it's confusing. He doesn't need the "It Happens in Threes" caption because the two open coffins make it clear the two living men running away will die soon.

Then there's the labels proclaiming the names of the two destined to die, if you can't draw it clearly enough to recognise it without aid then you done goofed. If he did want their names, a tombstone would be more appropriate, it would certainly make more sense to write Castro's name on that then on the front of his coffin.

Lastly we have the tombstones saying "Dictator" and "Tyranny", what do they add to this and in what way are Soros or Kissenger Dictators or tyrannical to the logic of a Trump supporter? Soros is not much different than Peter Thiel aside from what he funds and Kissenger seems to be their guy. How do they relate to what they view as muh gorgillions communist dictator in any way? Leftists have a more consistent argument why they're bad and it seems that Garrison only dislikes them because they aren't his guys.

I think he's just saying they're in the same league. The really laughable part is Soros being on there.


Im surprised he didn't give the sun a face or a label

Can you really hate Soros without being a Nazi? (or a Commie I guess since he funded dissidents in the Eastern Bloc)
Isn't an "Open Society" a Libertarian paradise?
This guy's the biggest sellout I've ever seen.

Can you? Yes.

Can you while being consistent? No, not really. Soros funding groups he likes is what lolberts will say will happen with out the gubbermint getting in the way of hard-working entrepreneurs. If they were consistent they'd be applauding him.

At this point he should just write essays.

Jesus tapdancing christ. Ben Garrison is one miscarriage comic away from being our bum tickley.

I have to agree. He's basically the politically correct version of the sneaking Jews behind the scenes, pulling the strings.

Oddly enough, wasn't he brought to light by Glenn Beck at first, who was a big critic of Trump?

Beck drew attention to him at the very least.

are you implying that there was a point when he wasn't retarded?

does anyone have the jpg about Soros and the Iron Curtain, pretty please?


We should have a general infodump on him TBH.

It's basically showing that western, or at least American, politics is nothing but a sport to people, and is a complete fucking joke. There are people who call out when both parties do shit, but they eventually end up being radical at some point and thus ignored.

I'd like to think so since he is the embodiment of the commodification of politics itself. That and a porky.

It's on leftybooru btw




There's something wrong with him


I'm surprised that he didn't label Trump.

Where's the crying statue of liberty?