Who /mean to porkys on the internet/ here?

Who /mean to porkys on the internet/ here?

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Show us what you do

On yikyak theres this mexican girl who was adopted into a rich irish family and she acts smug and pompous towards everyone so I tell her she deserves her kidney disease and refer to her as "disease girl".


If she doesn't own a business then she's not bourgeois. She's just someone who's adopted into a bourgeois family.

but if she embraces bourgeois ideology she is a class enemy tbqh

That applies to most of the working class though family.

Nazbols are porkies

If I was a porky I wouldn't be wasting my time posting on Japanese image boards fam-a-lam.

is she cute

is a lower-middle class Korean family who owns a laundromat in LA bourgeois?

never met her in person but from her pictures shes 5 or 6/10

Yeah but it's not as damaging as the bourgeois who run multi-national, multi-billion dollar corporations.

how is the hypothetical Korean family damaging?

wouldn't it be closer to a co-op, because most of those sorts of businesses are staffed solely by the owners?

If that's the case they'd be fine.

so it's okay to own a business as long as it's small and you and your family are the only ones working there?
What about economies of scale?

isn't that basically socialism? those who own a "business" and work it are the same

what I'm saying is that there is efficiency gained as businesses increase in scale,
and that it no longer becomes practical for it to be owned and operated by the same people.

This is why no one likes the left and also why so many of you are virgins well into your 20s.

Mondragon seem to do just fine with employee ownership

Fuck that, I'm /mean to porkies IRL/

Reminder that all children of bourgies are permanently corrupted by the unnatural taint of wealth and must be tortured until the heat death of the universe in The Eternal Gulag.

They're exploiting their employees

Why do rightists hate liberal arts degrees anyway? Some liberal arts degrees are completely viable.

I didn't know they let middle schoolers use Holla Forums

Right dweebs can't into creativity or art

Yes if they have employees. Every Korean owned business exploits the fuck out of Mexicans.
Who use public services that said small Korean business owners don't pay for. They externalize the cost of their employees onto YOU!