What's your gender?


Liberals on /r/socialism love to say "we're all straight white dudes" to invalidate our discussion. However, it seems that our board is 70% white at most. This shouldn't matter, but it weakens the /r/soc case against us.

Not only is /r/socialism whiter than us, but they're at almost 88% male. How do we compare?

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Non issue. We need to gather more people to our movement, regardless of their gender or color of their skin.
It's on r/socialism that they appear to have a problem with the fact that the majority of their posters are male caucasian.

How is the coup/negotiations about rsocialism going anyway?

fuck off fbi
there are no women on the internet, that's fact.

on the internet, nobody knows ur a genderless robot.

fresh 2006 memes fam

Even if we were 100% straight white dudes it would still not be a good reason to "invalidate our discussion".
The only determining factor to "validate a discussion" should be quality of the arguments being exposed and nothing else. Idpollers should all go fuck themselves and go to hell.

It might be a non-issue, but it's nice ammo against the /r/socialism mod team

I don't think the FBI cares enough about us honestly

Huhwhite male sinner here

who fucking cares though, honestly

The FBI has the resources to care about us and the reason to, since we attract class-curious people. If they can they will subvert us. They probably do it very indirectly though. The thing about COINTELPRO is that it can create a self-sustaining culture of useful idiots, who like a virus spread their counterrevolutionary bullshit.


Here's the REAL question:

There are 7 of us now?? Leftist girl karaoke sleepover party when?

No such thing.

tfw not a girl

Make it a sleepover cosplay party and take pictures. We will get so many lonely alienated dudes.

By which I mean cosplay as the ideology catgirls.

I'm a fucking white male but I'm also a flaming homosexual

I remember that demographics thread, the % for jews on leftypol is probably not accurate as people in the thread were suspicious that Holla Forums was voting jewish


im black and this is disappointing

I'm not white, i'm a red creature with haste and vigilance 1/1 with 2 red mana cost

My gender is NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS and get your government to SOLVE ECONOMIC ISSUES FIRST.


Well we're still overwhelmingly male but for an 8ch imageboard I reckon we're doing fine

We're less fucking white male than r/socialism apparently. Although it's likely the "other" category is biologically male.

Chans having more females than reddit is worrying tbh.


This is a transhelicopter safe space.


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None of them are lolis. It would look like pic related.

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This is how I feel tbh

10% female is low but not too unsurprising

I still have my wee wee. Not an expert at sexing.

But I'm goinnnnnnn to say, male.

There are only 2 genders.

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