Welp. Looks like white nationalism is here to stay

Welp. Looks like white nationalism is here to stay.


Just look at the comment section.

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We dealt with this problem in the past and I have no idea why everyone suddenly forgot. Even with captchas, vote botting and commenting are incredibly common. To say white nationalists don't engage in the practice is assinine, they're no better than the creationists

Don't be so naive.

It's just strange to me how accepted white nationalism has become that's all. A few years back these ideas were no were near as prevalent.

They're gaining momentum on the daily. One day you'll wake up and you'll realize the nightmare is here.

You mean "is in the process of discrediting itself"

And that video is a very good example of why.

Nigga what the fuck are you on about? You think these guys are all bots or something? White nationalism as a global movement is gaining momentum and traction every fucking day. You can't deny this.

What makes you think this? To me it seems like these ideas are getting more popular everyday.

Over the course of the next four years, white nationalism will lose any semblance of mainstream credibility it might have temporarily garnered for itself.

They'll just relapse into some other ideology once

And youtube and facebook is for the general world population at this point while twitter is more American and I wouldn't say more sophisticated but a bit more so than the former.

You aren't just seeing Europeans and Americans in these comments, racial views from all over that people already have are just being reflected more with more and more people having an internet connection.

I mean for fucks sakes, I bet Australia is to blame for a lot of this, Australians haven't had stable internet in the toolies for a long time now. Hell even now. But a lot of them are getting connected.

And this is just the result. Less educated people can now enter the internet. Combined with bots, it gives the impression of a larger problem.

Don't get me wrong it is a problem, but everyone is just giving into hyperbole and that's exactly what they want to hear.

What they don't want to hear is being called losers anymore, but it's basically what they are, and it's basically what you should call them.

I like your optimism, fam. Hopefully you are right.

I think that Trump will be a disaster in every single way and economic collapse and mass automation is coming. Hopefully more people become class conscious in the coming years.

Did you even watch the webm?
They do this shit all the time, just like they've done for years.

This guy is right, under Trump this movement doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of getting traction. The entire point of being a white supremacist is to feel special and edgy, like you know the secrets of the world nobody else does. That's not happening under a Republican president.
The pendulum will swing back the other way, just like it always does, we just need to make sure it swings harder in our direction.

Yeah it's particularly telling they think the simplest race bait conspiracy theories are going down some sort of truth of US critique, hunt when for god damn past century we've been making giant chunks of their theory they don't even know or understand is necessarily collectivist or positivist.

There's some places they still cringe at, they're just right reformed liberals. I can't tell you how many times I've read "Well, I voted for Obama in 08"

I did watch the webm. I still think that the popularity behind the alt-right is still largely organic.

True but I think what will happen is that the alt-right and white nationalists will abandon Trump and move on with their agenda. They will probably find another person to rally behind and become even more radicalized as they realize that their savior Trump failed to deliver.

And how do you think they spread their beliefs, user? They sure as shit weren't doing it in the real world until this year.

Stop being hysterical, Richard Spencer's a literally-who that half of the alt-right (or whatever they're calling themselves now) hates.

This will blow over when people realise he's a younger, dumber, Jared Taylor with no actual political influence or importance.

Stormfront is one of the oldest and largest forums on the internet.

WN have had a presence on the internet since most of you were still in diapers.

Yeah, guess who your recruits are now bitch. They're not adults age 22 to 30, I can tell you that. Just because you're old (I doubt you are let's just say for sake of it), you're part of the oldnet.

You still don't realize that Bush basically purged everyone on the internet of any kind of right wing thinking.

The most radical things you saw on youtube were promises that Niburu would indeed, impact the Earth in 2012 as the Aztecs predicted, and the Blonde Nordics were allying with the Greys for the 2012 coming of the war against Sirius Reptilians.

You've now inherited that population spot of internet niche. It's nothing to boast about. .

FBIanons and some MOSSAD interns creating the next best honeypot for radical rightists as the KKK and Aryan Youth goes out of vogue.

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It's not accepted. Holla Forums is flooding the comments, just like they do on all videos vaguely related to white nationalism. How new are you?

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That man is homosexual. I mean, really. Literally. He's gay. Is he out of the closet? I'm not trying to be rude here. I'm surprised people aren't seeing this.

He's bi. and currently taken saying this because I figured you were interested, but I already checked relationship status

white nationalism literally cannot survive transhumanism, and fella, there is already a lady im existence with a dna modification that has reversed her muscle deterioration due to aging. Transhumanism is here to stay and grow and white nationalism will be suffocated.

Yeah OP I'm a bit worried too.

What's really surprising is how little people can say or do to stop it, they can just hope it will fall on its own. We haven't learned how to fight the far-right because we assumed it would always be a fringe ideology, so when we saw it showing up online we simply averted our eyes and dismissed the "crazies".

Retrospectively, I feel like I should have engaged more. Our "don't waste your time with them" and "don't read the comments" syndrome allowed them to spread without much resistance. I myself just tried to pretend that those people like Milo, Gavin McInnes, the hundreds of right-wing youtubers, bloggers and websites and so on were part of a reality that would never intersect with my own, so why waste my time?

Now I wish we had all learned to fight it properly. Lack of understanding of how the enemy works is a huge problem among the people trying to stop Nationalism and authoritarianism today. And you can see that because they just keep giving the Right fucking ammo. Even our protests now are often being counter-productive because the odds that someone there will say something stupid on camera and go viral are very high.

Wow, who would have thought that union-crushing and wage-dumping mass immigration policies would cause a reactionary response of native working class people like that? It's like some people are not happy with their ethnic groupe's demographic decline being cheered at.

A truly puzzling development.

Getting warmer yes yes

And you don't get it.

Then enlighten me what the real reason is


It's quite a feat to blatantly ignore one of most defining developments of the current decades within the western world. I mean there still were people putting their hands over their ears on the eve of WW2.

They would have fucked you over regardless and are more or less using mass immigration from wars they've as a rhetorical whipping belt to get you back in the voting booth.

They don't give a shit about you and it shows, giving a shit about them won't make your life better.

Not really. The rest of the world doesn't care.


The rest of the world will soon feel the effects of western administrations that WN are part of like in the case of the US, no worries.

So you don't like foriegn intervention except when you do it, and feel the effects of it, and get butt hurt about it when your politicians fuck you over and blame the other people they already made bank off of and fucked over


Another year in America

Is white nationalism actually a thing outside a few frogposters and bald fatties?

What are you ranting on about. I'm not a WN. I'm just describing what's going to happen. I'm not even American

Someone just woke up from hibernation. So we are going to have the most powerful person in the world with white nationalists on his advisory board.

Then you don't know how old this has gotten. People are new to the internet like every god damn four years the next big solution has arrived and its been this way as far as I can tell a century and more

I'm surprised they are giving him a platform. Like he said, there wasn't a lot of interest in is movement before Trump. I'm not surprised that the reactionary movement to libtards, I am surprised that the media is starting to turn their attention to them.

Of course white nationalism is here to stay, it's always been around and always will be. Why is it such a dirty crime in this day and age to be patriotic and proud of your country and countrymen, to want to embrace and protect your nations traditions and heritage.

It will only get stronger too in the next 10-20 years with the massive influx of islamic refugees being imported. The muslims are already abusinit'g non-believers harshly in their own country, also protesting for sharia law. muslims are already outbreeding the white populations and in places like London in the UK the whites are now the minority in their own capital. A muslim was elected to be the mayor of London, great for diversity and everything, but 20 or 30 years down the line white people will be the minority in their own countries and this will be able to be replicated on a national scale and they will have a muslim prime minister. Once that happens then it's only a small step to going with sharia law.

This is a takeover, it's a caliphate, and many muslims will not only openly admit that's what is happening, but they will brag it's going to happen and there is nothing we can do. Do you think white people want to live under sharia law in their own countries? not at all, and this is why white nationlism is strong and will continue to grow stronger. If things continue as they are then in the next few decades you will see every day ordinary white folk going almost full nazi to protect their countries if immigrants continue to pour in demanding sharia law and raping and abusing all non-believers.

Because it is celebration of denial of decay, it is easily manipulated by people who want to suck your young blood out of you, and you to enjoy it.

they just conflate those things with white nationalism because they are racist and it's advantageous politically to use that kid of rhetoric


Oh I get it, so the liberal normie CIA psyop narrative explains it. Of course, CNN was right all along, and Leftism is basically the New York Times op eds, it's a little bit more /sophisticated/?


This is brain on ten levels of washing

nothing you could've done.

safespaces and circlejerks is what made them grow in numbers, they have no argument and they know it, they try to avoid debate by trolling and ad hominem attacks

No most of them aren't legal adults yet. The rebellious youth is shaping up to be rebellion of reactionaries this generation.

Yeah, reactionaries today are kids. Who would have thought, it's never happened before lol

There is a stark contrast between them and previous generations. The 22-30 crowd you mentioned do not have a real reactionary bone between them and there has been a trend of kids being more liberal and progressive than their parents. Something has changed.

The rest of the world is Nationalist you complete gook, Chinese, Indian, Black South Africans (they beat the shit out of other black immigrants)

What you are seeing is Europeans using Nationalism as balwark against globalist fucking their country and culture, which the liberal wing of corporate and elite institutions think they had crushed via their retarded and outlandish positions. They were in a gilded echo chamber, and are not going to try and alter course, so it's going to escalate. It's only begun.

Transhumanism will "kill" all non-white races by allowing dark skinned people to modifying their pigmentation. Whites will win in the end, insofar as no one will choose to lead a non-white life.

the internet is in no way indicative of real life, it's just angry people venting their emotions out since they can't do it in society.

nah, transhumanism will give space to a way wider array of human "races" sure, current nonwhites might go out of fashion or some shit, but it will only be something minor.
Doubt it will ever make any genetic pool disappear.

That's when you get 'shock' ballot box results and surges 'nobody saw coming' in right wing populism. Do you think people speak openly when they can be jailed for mild criticism of an insane immigration policy like in Germany, or knocks on the door from police like in Netherlands?

you're delusional if you think trump's election was solely because of white nationalism

Link to where I came close to that? It's pretty obvious people who aren't allowed a release valve on issues that they feel are important, will be radicalized, or vote their frustrations.

You can't even admit to voting for Trump in America without a shitshow, Europe is trying to criminalise the issues that draw people to WN. So don't expect people on the Internet to shout out in the streets who they vote for or how they view Islam or Somalians.

Yeah they exist, but those in the youtube comments with those extreme views are in a minority, even now. People are just fed up with liberal bullshit, and Islam acceptance, but barely anyone wants complete genocide.

My parents are nationalists, and all of the people you listed are of higher caliber than the pathetic display you're showing off now.

I'm seeing elections and I'm seeing fools pretending to be something they're not. Same as before, same again.

You're right. Previous generations were harder right.


obvious bots op you retard loser

looks like you need to go back to whatever hell hole you came from then

Yes I'll go back now after 20 years of living in this country when I was accepted by the government to stay here.

No it doesn't work that way, I've lived here most of my life and so have my family. I'm not going back because some autist neo-nazi on the internet is telling me to go back.

The only way you'll make me go back is to force me or basically kill me and I'm more than willing to slice your fucking throat if you come after me or my family.

I know you are of limited faculties being an anfem and all but you just contradicted yourself.

where is this from

I don't know any prominent WN that does want genocide tbf

Should be gassed.

i disagree, the vast majority of the new generation is still progressive.
voting patterns show it
it just happen that the outcasts edgy kids who nobody gave a damn before found a way to meet eachother on internet and make a group of their own.