5 dollars I'm banned in a hour


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where is my five bucks?

>Socialism is also a sociopolitical movement dedicated to the critique and dismantling of exploitative structures, including economic, gendered, ethnic oppression.

REEEE There's no such things as muh privileges in first world countries. Those are rights, gained through the bloodshed of working class people throught out the previous centuries.

I haven't been banned from raddit yet but we'll see.

I have never been banned on reddit.
I have never joined reddit either.

Look here you racist woman hater reactionary,
I am holding up my little bit of sky and before I mute your reactionary self I am 'bout to drop it all over you. I'm not even angry. I am just disgusted. You aren't a leftist. You are not even a liberal. You are a crypto-fash. Fortunately, you are a cowardly little anonymous keyboard warrior - because we hold views about fashtrash around here. You want rights for workers - but only white straight male workers. You want justice but only justice for the correct kind of people. Once you get done defining who is "worthy" you will find yourself mighty damn lonesome. There can be no social justice without economic justice and no economic justice without social justice. If your level of analysis was and deeper than a child's wading pool you might have come to that conclusion on your own. Get the hell out of my sub.
Have a lovely day, MarxistMinx.

Ugh you can tell they have a personality disorder just from how they write.

Some go BTFO msulamicgommie

Found the liberal.

Post it in all its full glory with a screencap.

kek that's me
I'll probably get banned for my username being "islamophobic"

uses some weird ass scroll box thing, reddit is the shittest format

People like that who cannot even articulate their views shouldn't be moderators in the first place.
So what if you're not into feminism? You support the class struggle.

There needs to be a purge of all those unstable, autistic and power hungry moderators.

The OSS field manual on sabotage has this to say about breaking up group cohesion: nitpick. "Haggle over precise wordings of communications, minutes, resolutions." Sound familiar? Policing the use of words like "stupid" or "fool" is the most transparent sabotage tactic imaginable. GCHQ also advises agents to "exploit prior beliefs". In this context, it means presenting your counter-productive policies in the language of the group you are infiltrating. Make it appear as if your disruption is consistent with group goals. This is why the moderation team legitimizes its disruptive policies by accusing all who oppose them of being "reactionary".

You really think intelligence agencies didn't realize the organizing potential of the internet after Occupy Wall Street and the Arab Spring? You think they didn't notice the popularity of 4chan and reddit? If the objective result of a policy is consistently to alienate people, ask yourself what the person advocating that policy really represents. If a withdrawn cult-like atmosphere emerges in a political group, find the person who is most fanatical in advocating that atmosphere. It is likely they will also be in a leadership position. I am willing to bet that 9/10 they will be an agent. Never judge a policy by the language used to advocate it or by the symbols the advocates drape themselves in: judge it only by its results.

Is the moderation policy conducive to building a broad movement of working people? No, it does the opposite. Is the policy consistent with the aim of educating the average person about socialism? No, it alienates them. I don't doubt that a minority of sick minds are acting independently, but I believe that the initial infection emerged by design. Those responsible for impeding the progress of socialism by sabotaging this important platform of communication must be held accountable. Even a low-intensity campaign of harassment would be sufficient to neutralize the psychologically frail dupes on the moderation team. The intelligence agents would have to be exposed.

I think at this point we have to accept that it is more likely they are intelligence assets. How likely is it that the moderation team has failed to notice the words "stupid" or "insane" when reading leftist literature? These words are so commonly used that they aren't even noteworthy. Just to illustrate the point, the word "stupid" appears several times in Marx's Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts. Can we really believe a literate person to be a leftist if they cannot or have not read leftist literature? Is it not more likely that they are something else? This may sound like a radical claim, but just consider all the proven cases of online manipulation:




We know from COINTELPRO that they've infiltrated and disrupted political groups in the past. We know they were deeply concerned by Occupy Wall Street and the Arab Spring and what it taught them about online coordination. We know they have a massive presence online. We also know that /r/socialism is useless for coordination or outreach owing to its disruptive moderation. We also know that the people moderating /r/socialism cannot have read much left-wing literature. Doesn't this paint a very clear picture?

Should have hammed it up a bit more, it honestly blends in perfectly.

Keep posting this, there's rarely an anarcho-liberal underneath these posts.

what do you mean by this?

really makes you think

It tends to shut them up.

That's actually terrible agitprop. Nothing to be proud of.

Get back to reddit you fucking faggot.

eat my ass

Do they seriously interpret the use of the word "stupid" as hostility toward the disabled? How do they live their day-to-day lives? Have they ever gone to a protest?


Another thread. I don't wanna get too brigadey but I've been downvoting anyone who agrees with the moderators position and making some arguments where I can.

Looks like the uprising is gathering pace.

The moderation really shit the bed with their recent actions. Luckily it's exactly this that's fueling a massive counter movement.
People don't want this SJW shit. Most of those pushing this are the moderators, who themselves are upper middle class cis white guys (See recent survey, unexpectedly).

Even people that are disabled have enough of this shit.

lmao that's ridiculous. I never bothered looking at leftist reddit so I didn't know how bad it was.

No, you see, people having nice things is the problem. Capitalists are totes correct that leftism is a race to the bottom in an attempt to remove all nice things and make everyone equally miserable

This is actually the first few time I've seen this level of backlash on a leftist subreddit.


lel no that would be """anarchism"""

Time we kicked the white males out of politics. Queercripple uprising now!

So if i got in an accident that blinded me as a result and i saw that as a loss would i be considered ableist?

Clicking on direct links to reddit and then voting can get you shadowbanned by a bot. Copy and paste the link into a new tab to avoid this.

kind of proves this

Thanks for the tip

Why are they sabotaging us and not Holla Forums, then?

Another sub banned me for being from /leftypol./

The alt right is useful to them in its current form. The left is a threat.

I suspect they took control of these subreddits a little after Occupy. Holla Forums did not exist as a major force back then.

Remember also that the FBI is very much pro-Trump and it was the FBI, not the CIA, that orchestrated COINTELPRO.

fuck I'm dying
sorry to hear that if that's true


LMAO the identity-firsters are getting pissed off

kek i sent him a private message calling him for what he is. A capitalist apologist.

Are all these people unaware about the euphemism treadmill? A big chunk of the slurs they are censoring used to be sterile, medical terms but over time they have acquired their bad connotation. If you make a new terms then they will acquire the former negative connotation again. It's a cycle that never ends.

I mean people are using 'mentally challenged' as slurs by now. This whole language policing thing is madness.

Redditor says it as it is:

Honestly, this is the ultimate failure of liberal tone-policing: By patronizing and sheltering minorities, you only serve to further alienate them from the broader population and fuelling reactionary hate. Hell, the main reason why the alt-right got as big as it is is because of shit like this; SJW's, etc. Ultimately, patronizing is just another form of discrimination. If you want things to be better for these minorities, the first step is to treat them like everybody else.

It's not wrong, per se, but the fact that they felt this needed to be explicit hints at their true motives.

jesus fucking christ

only the edgiest of the edge hurr school schooters on 4chan are the real threat, and even then look at how effective the fbi is at finding them and stopping them

the alt-right as an ideology, though, serves their interests. regardless of what Holla Forums says…

they are literally sucking each other off in that thread


Locked. Welp fuck. The moderation is too strong. More reason we need to get rid of these fucking morons.

that's excluding women

these people aren't bringing about a revolution anytime soon

if these people consider themselves the last safeguard against fascism we are all fucked yo

Some women have dicks you transphobic asshole /s

this is… really bad and *wait for it* reductionist


That sub is the perfect example of why vanguardism is shit


It's all shit. Known shills:

Figure it out retardz. We're almost full spectrum compromised lel. Your heros and their memes are all dead. Reach out/grow up/move past, or perish.

actually Jacobin confirmed because I'd troll them, the authors and idiots on the comments constantly and the only ones that ever got removed was me calling them out as CIA honeypot hahaha XDDD

Oh yeah Holla Forums too, soz

Look at all the people with chronic depression on here. Where is the self-help thread?

Where is the investigations?

Where is the infosec etc.?

Where is the outreach and organization info?

Why do you post links to Discord and shit?

Why are divisive, terrible white noise shit posters tolerated, when they follow the JTRIG playbook?

Why can't you produce good memes even though the left has all the artists?

reeeeeeallly makes one ponder

Get it the fuck together

LMAO Some mod literally banned everyone who complained about their ableism policy and deleted every fucking comment here:



I'm doing the Lord's work, bois. Defending males gender from gendered slurs.

Well, sign languages are languages in their own right. While the opposition to scientific research into hearing treatments is somewhat unjustified, the concern over the decline of sign languages is. Through isolation, they have developed their own language and culture.

never knew reddit was this autistic

My god, I never new it was possible to be this cancerous.

Can we have a screenshot of that message?

mein godd

At least they don’t outright ban socialist reactionaries and allow that they can talk about socialism.

This really does go to show that identity politics has little to do with socialism and is being forced into leftist spaces for no real reason.


I was one of the people who got banned replying to that thread. I basically pointed out that redefining the English language to try and tiptoe around people saying "stupid," any mention of "blind/deaf," etc was an absolutely pointless waste of time and is exactly the reason why so many people are turned off from the left. I mean for god's sake, they've banned over 49 common words and phrases to satisfy the demands of this fruitless crusade of theirs. I think I also might have rustled feathers when I pointed out how the mods were abusing their authority to suppress discourse on the topic to create false consensus.

It's really shitty too. I get the impression that the last week or so of "welcoming criticism on moderation" was really them just banking on the community falling in line behind their decisions on the rules as a source of legitimacy. When they realized that most people thought they were being absolutely absurd about their approach to the matter, they clamped down and stopped pretending they cared about the community anymore beyond their own petty and misguided patronizing.

So are you saying that all culture deserves to be protected? If that is the case isn't wanting to abolish capitalism equally unjust? I mean the bourgeoisie do have a rich and unique history and culture after all.

I'm laughing so fucking hard right now.

I swear this Handsomejack must be a plant

Yeah I'm pretty sure he is too, nobody is that much of a retarded faggot.

I am InfuriatinglyRed. AMA, you reactionary dogs.

Are you a PsyOp?

I am rulbam, the author of the OP 3 weeks ago that started this whole mess. What's up?

Aight which one of you was it.

I was the CIA agent who killed JFK.

Neither. Chasing political hegemony just makes you a zombie activist, and the authoritarian/libertarian distinction doesn't really make sense to me. However - Chomsky can fuck off indeed.


I knew it!


You're talking to two ultraleftists. That's not really meaningful to us.

m8 wtf did u just call me

Okay, is talking to an ultraleftist and an ultraleftist in denial.

ahaha oralism
I wondered what happened to COINTELPRO and similar efforts. I guess we know now.

I just don't get it honestly. What's their endgoal? Do they think they're bringing in more people into the movement by jumping through hoops like this? Most of the people actually getting butthurt about the ableism shit aren't actually people who fall under it's "oppression," they're just your normal universal advocate types. From what seemed to be the case earlier while free discussion was still permitted, most of the people who actually would qualify to be considered victims of ableism said they thought the current course was incredibly patronizing. Who the hell is this even for then?

Their egos, obviously.

ima pull up the album of peeps giving thanks for the policy

did you conduct a poll?

To be fair, those of us in support of the policy were massively downvoted. The dissent may have started under the guise of having a discussion on the issue but it quickly became quite clear it wasn't the case.

This is what happens when your "movement"/organization is too white (r/socialism is about 90% white and almost 100% male.) They don't understand the plight of non-white men so they go overboard trying to appeal to them. That or they are COINTELPRO.

A recent survey made here showed that this board was a fair bit more diverse than r/socialism. If the minorities you're patronizing actually like your policies, why aren't they flocking to you?

Can you shoot me a link? I'm actually curious.

This is just SRS, what a bunch of disabled faggots.

If you were in a revolution and you were given the choice of feeding 1000 able bodied revolutionaries or 1000 mentally handicapped socdems who are unable to even carry a gun. Both are near the brink of starvation, so if you feed both then a half of both will die, and if you only feed the disabled socdems, the able bodied soldiers will die and the revolution will be weakened. You get the idea.

This is some ancap tier abstraction

1 Lenin sized duck

in support of the overzealous moderation policy?

Yes. There are a number of us.

lol what in god's name is this supposed to prove

You're gonna tell these folks that they're wrong and don't represent a significant part of the community?


It proves that they have no idea what they're talking about.

As a Fascist I say keep up the good work

No it isn't, there is going to be a revolution, when whiny cunts start putting their personal language fetishes which are alien to all workers, people are going to be killed, they will be called counter revolutionary and shot in the head. And rightly so if you wanted to win.

Being a handicapper doesn't mean you get to take things so out of context that you become a problem to cohesiveness.

What does this prove?

I mean, by your logic, as much as the poll - zilch.

Which is touching, but it doesn't negate the fact that those people in question are not new. They are people who were already on board with the movement and supportive of the wider liberation goals; it's preaching to the choir. We need to be reaching out to those who hadn't previously considered socialism, or have only dipped their feet in the water.
I work with a number of people who have become very sympathetic to the socialist cause through conversations I've had with them. That's a step forward, but time and time again I find the big barrier to getting those people to actually take initiative and act on their own self interest is their distaste of the image that much of the socialist movement has taken. This constant nitpicking, tone policing, fear, and loathing over trivial components of the respective struggles that we're supposed to be making revolutionary change with.
There is a case to be made about defending the disabled against ableism, but it's not by shielding them from being called benign words. It's stopping people from proliferating the sort of ideas that disabled people are a drain on society and should be looked down upon or removed because of it. That seems extreme but I see these attitudes every day. My little brother has mental/social impairment, and he too has had to suffer people looking at him as subhuman and effectively call him out as such despite still being a productive individual.
It's one thing to have a rule of "don't say nigger" or something of the like. It's another to take almost 50 (often common) words and phrases in the English language and say "you aren't allowed to use these or any synonyms that carry similar meaning." That's positively Orwellian in the most literal sense.
How could I? I was already in a thread discussing putting up a poll on the matter, but that thread got shut down and I got subsequently banned for questioning the moderator ruling.

So you took that initiative to simply shut out the opposition because you couldn't justify your decisions based on the self determination of the community itself? If the justification for the policy being brute-forced is simply a matter of saying "I don't like it, therefore I'm going to use my big stick to beat anyone who says otherwise," then I think you owe it to your community to face them and admit that's the fact rather than trying to hide behind the facade of higher ideals.

The top post of today was a direct criticism of that policy with 1200+ upvotes. That's the most upvoted post regarding the ableism policy that there has been, and the comments were supportive of the post as well. The COINTELPRO admins got so stressed out that they shut they made a new post where they had "talked about it" which just meant a repeat of the same policy, and everyone got pissed at them so they banned everyone who criticized them and shut both threads down.

Over half the sub was pretty much in a state of protest over this shit.

Funny thing. There were multiple posts by people who are pro-policy, and they ALL got 50%-60% upvoted rates because "community discussion" to the "dissenters" (how are you dissenting if what you think is commonplace off the sub?) just means reinforcing what you believe already.


That post also had a comment section with pro-policy comments turbulently voted on (up and down and up and down).

Which means half the sub that showed up today was ableist.

Ableism is the last wails of bankrupt and warped framework of justice, it's poisoned from the beginning just like muh privilege theory.

A blind person who gets hurt because the phrase 'blind to x' is used, does not deserve any more or less consideration than anybody else appropriating and eliminating words they have no basis for being offended by.

Sight, vision, foresight, views, etc etc it's endless fucking spiral into retardation. If you didn't already know this you are hopeless and have no business influencing others in any capacity, you are a liability.



tfw you are SO sure 37000 people are on your side


Maybe the mods are trotskyists. It would explain a few things.

Let's be real. The subreddit has netted about a 20 subscriber loss over this. I can't imagine more than 100 users are banned over this. And aside from shitholes like this one there isn't really anyone who cares.

Most mods are troskyists.

Well thats a shocker

The ableists acted like a mob, and did their best to purge pro-policy comments into perriwinkle oblivion.

Question: What does it take to be an ableist?

To use the word stupid is enough to get you banned, seriously

please refrain from using casually ableist language

"ableism" is only a thing because stupid people dont like being made fun of

No it isn't. Look at EVERYTHING the mods have written about the policy.

Hell, saying dumb will get you banned. Yet, all they do is police words, not the intentions

Not pandering to insanity

Thats pretty clear mate

You've literally not read the policy if you believe this.

That is very different than a ban.

Nice try.

ctrl+f "ban"

that's not a ban but that retard mod is still retarded for word policing

p*rge is very demeaning and insulting language used to stigmatize those who deal with mental distress over their weight in nontypical and currently unaccepted ways. Stop being hypocritical.

Your policy is based on a blog by some turboautist picking words that have has clear and inoffensive meaning since the dawn of speech, and always will, to cater to what, a couple of wheelchair bound idiots?

The people who push this shit aren't disabled, they have enough shit to deal with than be associated with retardation

What does that even mean? The dissent was made in the context of the moderator actions specifically, it was not a statement on whether ableism exists at all or not. This is a false dichotomy you are peddling here.
Any post you make or like is going to be a reinforcement of what you already believe unless the post in question is highly convincing. For the content to actually be convincing, it has to have the content and rationale to back it up and survive in a field of debate. It is then up to the people themselves to either accept it or reject it with reason: you can't just bar the second option because you don't like it. And let me remind you we are talking about moderator activity, not ableism as a whole.

That's a brazen assumption that you KNOW you can't verify. Being ableist and being against heavy-handed tone/word policing are not the same thing, but you insist on putting these two categorizes of people together simply because to admit to anything else would be admitting fallibility in what was a decision that you guys ADMITTED was forced on the community.

Both sides keep referring to post numbers and upvotes/downvotes on this thread or that thread as proof of the broad support their position has. Why not just cut out the middle man? Make a poll. Give three options: keep the current policy, reduce the policy enforcement to what it was a month ago, or repeal the policy wholesale. Have the people rank there preferred choices according to what they feel is right. Then there's no ambiguity about how people feel about the policy, leaving you with a choice. Either you understand the needs and desires of the community you claim to lead and adhere to the results, or you look your community in the metaphorical eyes and say "fuck you, we don't care what you think." Then it'll all be out on the table and justifications for this action or that action will be clear.

Fine, saying stupid is enough to have you silenced until you co-operate, thats not much better


Literally everyone who contributed to the writeups are neurodivergent. Everyone.

Oh, so it turns out that maligning *people* with speech acts that marginalise other *people* gets you banned? Oh gee!

Every human brain is "neurodivergent" you retard, its a meaningless word

I'm neurodivergent and I fucking hate your policies.

I'm for language policing yourself in various circumstances, i.e. avoiding offensive language based on gender, sex, race, ability, etc., but holy fucking shit, getting banned for "Trump is an idiot"? reddit.com/r/socialism/comments/5ivmbx/on_ableism/
Jesus fucking christ, this is just going to fucking push people to the right. I mean, if I was a liberal and this was my first time interacting with socialists I'd just go to the extreme right. At least they won't fucking metaphorically shoot me for saying "stupid" or "idiot".

There's a difference between calling Trump Dumb and saying he's niggerish

It's not a problem unless you can't have a conversation without insulting someone's intelligence. And frankly if that's the case, I don't think anyone wants you around, ableism or not.

Let's explore how the word works. Let's have talk about it. After all - you think it's ableist, and I genuinely don't wanna go that route. So, I'd like to know what about purge is ableist.

You're actually comparing moderation policies to gulags and death camps. Go outside.

It's very appropiate considering how tankie your sub is.

The problem is when people can't speak frankly and are in a constant in a state of paranoid alienation from each other

Stop using the language of the liberal Borg, it has zero upside.

Also, listening to autists for policy, kek, you will not get the best socially reasonable outcomes, because they are fucking autistic.

lmao liberals everyone

I just described it to you.

People with bulimia say "binge and purge" rather than purge by itself. Nice try.

You think it's acceptable to use words that remind people with eating disorders of their lowest moments?

You are an ableist piece of shit

everybody i dont like is tankies!!!!

If you can't speak frankly without insulting another person's intelligence, others probably don't want you around.

no they specifically purge you autist

hey are "thought acts" criminal too?

Now he's speaking for them, disgusting, you do not speak for their 'lived experience', check your ableism.


fuck off idiot

This honestly.
If the /r/socialism mods are so cocksure that their userbase will fall behind them on what they believe to be the morally righteous choice, then they should also have nothing to fear about how that choice stacks up to raw opinion data.

Nice try.

c'mon leftcom, you know those dont exist

get in the bath and open your wrists already

Okay, I'll prevent myself from using p-rge then.

This is fucking hilarious.

haha what a faggot

Nobody thinks that is ableist, they are showing you how your policies, even if well meaning, are just going to be trolled into oblivion and are totally counterproductive.

I gotta ask you: What exactly is your end-game with this word policing? What do you think it will accomplish?

Jesus christ this outcome

Refrain from using the word "socialist" as well, since it's just a hateful ideology of the jealous poor. You're bigoted towards the differently wealthed.


Really makes you think

Social? I have social anxiety! We need a new name right away!


they know it accomplishes nothing

Whine harder.

I have an argument, and you've failed to address the heart of it in both of your posts. Not surprising.

Collectivist? Oh wait, that's just a synonym. Can't have that,

dumb cunt

I'm so offended.

Not an argument

Not an argument

Collectivist? You have t—-gressed on how the Borg feel. You must now as—ilate.

top twat

wew lad


Holy fucking shit.

And… that was quick


Here rulbam, I even saved you a bit of trouble. Here's a poll like described. Short and sweet but gets a fairly decent assessment of what people feel about the current policy.



r–d, if you don't mind

Let's not belittle the literacy-challenged and rub our abilities in their f—s.

And you know reddit crackahs be lyin for diversity

I thought that liberals didn't consider "jewish" to be an ethnicity?

That's the Holla Forums one

Yes, but you simply don't understand the simplistic genius of including it for polling purposes. By putting in a Jewish option, one creates a de facto filter for all throwaway votes that might have otherwise screwed the results higher for this or that non-white ethnicity. You get a much clearer picture of what the white:nonwhite ratio is for those who obsess over such matters.

Are you trying to imply Holla Forums isn't 15% Jewish? Because as a Jew I find that alarming, even anti-semitic

Where is Freudposter when you need him?

What did they mean by this?


honestly can't tell if that's a real post or someone who will get banned for "concern trolling" or both

The beauty is at a certain point it doesn't matter


it's literally a fucking example in their policy post wtf are you smoking

Someone should post something about making a list of allowed words rather than a list of banned word, it would be quicker.

the year 2020: all action verbs are verboten in progressive communities because they assume living muh privilege, and that's not nice to the dead

"dead" is an ableist slur shithead

"dead" is an ableist slur shithead

All verbs aside from those referring to 'being' have received a blanket ban for denoting the concept of 'action' - thus oppressing those who are incapable of any said 'action'. Language will hereon forth be modified to only include different static states. Instead of saying "I walked to the supermarket" you should say "I (the self) am existent" and "I (the self) am existent (where) the supermarket is existent" along with the restricting clause of "a timespan is existent between the two statements". Thus we can finally do away with all oppressive forms of language and deduce the relations between sentences based on inclusive concepts. At a future point in time when humans have developed more, we can also do away with the concept of the self as that is inherently divisive and exclusive, denoting a difference between the "I" and the "other". Humans will finally merge into a single superbeing, at which point true equality will have been reached by eliminating everything but the "one". We should commend /r/socialism mods for their 765th century chess.

don't give them any ideas–there are languages like this
i can't think of an example off the top of my head though

A: Hey faggot, where are you going?
[B, a homosexaul in a wheelchair recieves it as:]
H: Hey, karate boi, where are you inayang'ana ku?

tl;dr did these stupid idiot nutcase crazy moron retard cretinous juvenile sicko nitwits post proofs that they are the mods yet?

If so: Ahahahahahaha. You're fucked in the head.

Ableist my ass, you don't know shit, you condescending pieces of shit.