Who else here is a KV?

Who else here is a KV?
I'm a KV-2

What's a KV-2?

One of the most superior soviet tanks made until 1943.

DELETE this thread



I will be a wizard in six months.
You need to get over it, find a waifu, and enjoy your life alone. Mass extinction of the human race is only a decade or two away, and then you'll either die or be squatting in some ghetto or wasteland shithole looking back on this as the halcyon days when food and clean water was plentiful, you had electricity, and you weren't being pinched between raider gangs and corporate death squads all the time.

Next year is our year lads

You have done nothing wrong brothers. It is the fault of society at large for being irresponsible.
Ultimately, it is our duty to bring about revolution and gfs for all.

that's what I told myself this time last year

kv comrade reporting in

22, starting to lose hope but at the same time it doesn't hurt as much as it used to.

You're never getting a gf and should kys.

I've got a girlfriend for you guys. Go ahead, give her a kiss.

Why so rude?

Don't divide us comrade, not now. There are too many bigger problems in the world than for us to be infighting

For once I agree with fascist. State mandated spouses are the only viable solution to declining native birthrates that will need to be increased if we want to keep our standards of living and keep population growth on levels that will keep workforce and future investments viable.

Fuck outta here.

Have you fuckers tried okcupid? This isn't politics, and no one gives a fuck about your pity party

Pls no bullying.

This is politics related, social policy is central to anyone who is serious about politics.

Kek, did you make that? Are you that nogf nazi that I've heard so much about

I am neither but the girl who stole them from me turned out to be a huge cunt, what do I get?

First time as tragedy, second time as farce

We both like Class collaboration so..

You're a nazi who would drive off half the proletariat because you think they're subhumans who can't think for themselves and over half the rest because muh race. You are no comrade of mine and should hang yourself.

Like clockwork.


You really are retarded. All you incel faggots need to be gulag'd.

I haven`t been a virgin for 2 years now.
god bless those men who decided to make prostitution legal in most parts of EU.

Besides, we need to start building up mass organizations on national level first if we ever are going to improve conditions of working class. Class warfare is simply against this progress of improvement.

Why? I'm not harming anyone


I don't mean irl, I mean banned from Holla Forums. All these tfwnogf threads are annoying, pointless and breeding place for faggotry.

You can use hide, right? besides it would be pointless on site where you can post in form tor-node.

Is lolbertairan lelinism just Leninism without a spine?

Of course they deserve gulag, I was talking about incels.

I've never made a tfw no gf thread, calm down m8. This board isn't 100% about leftism 100% of the time


Do yourself a favor, read book by Robert Glover: No more Mr. Nice Guy, and think about the points presented in the book.
Which of them do not apply to you and which do. And how can you apply the knowledge from the book in your own life.

The point in short is. If you are too much of a shy idiot afraid to even ask a woman for a date, then first you need to administer to yourself some therapy and exercise to overcome your limitations that are in your head.

And second point, if any unfortunate woman would end up with you being the nice guy, she would either take advantage of you, or would divorce you because being with an insecure person is apparently so awful.

A man who cannot stand up for himself is a sorry sight. And no woman wants to be with a man who cannot stand up for himself.

When a man can stand up for himself, any good that he does for others is of his own decision. With nice guys, it can be anything, a concession to the public consensus, a feeble attempt at enticing someone else to be kind to them, or an act of giving up and neglecting oneself.

When people actually post and agree with pictures like that, that indicates that they are not exactly right in the head.

Every single person has a responsibility over themselves, over fulfilling their needs and desires, no one else has that responsibility for them. It is being expanded on in that book.

Sorry, you posted the picture, that warrants such post from me.
You're giving women too much credit anyway. The thing preventing me from participating in building towards the futuristic cities is not that women like to fuck confident and good looking men, but the fact that there is private property, national and global capital everywhere. And institutions supporting this capitalism.

If anything, any resourceful guy could at least carry his alienation in him as a scar from the worse times and just build the better future. So others like him would not end up this lonely and depressed due to no opportunities to remedy any deficiency in social contact.

Yeah that is what the bourgeoisie want, they want you to be angry at women, at minorities, at people with dark skin. Never be angry with the rich who own everything including the institutions that threaten with violence anyone who threatens private property.

go cry in the corner and stay away from r9k

I identify is an IS-2. Anyone who does not accept that is a shit-lord and should check their motorized muh privilege.

I don't disagree but you know that self improvement pua shit it stupid as fuck. You may as well tell a poor person to read six minutes to six figures or a paraplegic to read gorilla mindset

Glad I'm only a virgin. Only had a gf for a short time but french kissing felt real good

A poor person will become not poor in socialism or communism.

A paraplegic would need prosthetic legs with control using electrodes implanted in spine and brain.

Both are a thing of a future development.

If you are depressed loser, it is not your physical looks, but the whole demeanour that is off putting.

The point is not just to read the book, but to actually apply the exercises and points in one's own life. Of course after careful consideration. Things like setting boundaries and doing what you actually want to do for yourself. To stop the appaling self neglect, that is the point.

These small changes might build up to a better life. Or just slightly happier, but still pretty shitty life. But still it would be an improvement.

This is not pua. I have been doing this improvement shit over a year now. Improvement nowhere in sight.
The only improvement that I made is that not only I can talk to women in shops and at work about work or shop related things. But I can also make a casual conversation. Anything beyond and I freeze with anxiety. I am unable to approach women in socially appropriate situations.

So I'm just gonna rack up in quantity of pointless conversations, until it all turns into new quality.

It feels embarrasing to have these noble ideas about future and communism, yet be a fucking loser afraid of women. Maybe I should shut up about communism after I learn to live my life, as opposed to suppressing my actual life and just surviving.

I don't know about you, but you seem to be so sure of your own opinions. Seem strange considering the fact that even the marxism claims about itself that it is approximate observations, not some concrete principle.

this reads like a Holla Forums post, fuck off dude

Tankies got the right idea

Full moneyless communism would be absolutely disastrous to any "beta" (or average man for that matter) as society would just devolve into a reflection of the modern black community: women not working because they're busy raising children fathered by the most attractive men they could find, young men committing crimes because they have nothing tying them down (see also: terrorism)

but everyone would have their needs met so it should be chill


at least you've kissed someone, r-right


Wish I was born asexual tbh

Are you trying to make me sad on purpose? Of course I have not, since I`ve never been in a romantic relationship in my entire life.

No one gives a shit about your stupid lives. Incels and all affiliated get off my fucking board. This shit is literally idpol

You do realize this belief is why you fags will never get a gf?

No this is caused by alienated social relations of capitalism and is therefor very relevant and related to class conflict and ultimately capitalism.


women by and large are disinterested in monogamy when they can extract a living from the government. The absence of monogamy leads to shiftless young men with no social capital who go to great lengths to change their situation, again see: terrorism (majority of Muslim societies are polygamist). Go ahead and provide me with a counter example.

Outside of Saudi Arabia and Qatar there are extremely few men who practice polygamy. In those who do are rich men, not exceptionally attractive or talented ones

So are other kinds of idpol

Isn't this something that emerged fairly recently. I know many bitter virgins try to associate this trend to the rise of feminism but I think capitalism and alienation has some effect on this as well, if relationships are all about people trying to prove themselves to the society they are bound to fail and more and more people start to feel like it's not worth.

Some are others are not.

all i want is a nice qt gf or a waifu bot

By fairly recently you mean by creation of the pill? Sexual freedom of choice and our cultural worshiping of romantic relationships has lead into massive amounts of unhappy people and divorces. It has created new generations who will be raised by single parents, whom are more inclined to life of crime and are more likely to end up on welfare alienated even further form society.

it is a tragedy that people got tricked into marrying for love, and taught their kids this is the way of things
with the modern lack of practical skills well into early adulthood this means people facing great tension as they find their married partners are as inept as they are in running their lives

thats a MGTOW and SEDUCTION game lie
a small number of people date aimlessly and promiscuisly
most are monogamous because that is our species
we are more like penguins than like snakes
(snake orgies and sex changes wew lad)

There is no such thing as romantic relationship under capitalism since it will always be targeted by material and social conditioning of capital and how the cultural hegemony proceeds it.

Remember: there's a perfect fascist utopia at the end of every sturdy noose.

my parents are still married and happy together, despite being working class

i'm a useless KV though so who knows how it works


Something like 56% of young Americans are strictly monogamous - and the number keeps dropping.

A counter example to a frustrated virgin's baseless hypothesis on why women don't want to fuck him?

M8, you don't have to be a chad to get a gf or laid and almost all the women I've met heavily prefer monogamy for relationships, with the ones who don't mostly being some sort of swinger. Believe me if women who were cool with being a cuckquean or even girlfriend 2 were common my romantic life would be a lot better.

and this is why I will never have a gf.

how is it that I can differentiate between authentic slavojs and imposters?



damn son

at least a girl has said something nice to him…

Move along virgins this a Chad board

I think he was implying they don't want relationships at all when they can get money from the government, not that when they are in a relationship they aren't interested in monogamy. I agree that women aren't interested in polygamy, but, again, I think the implication was that despite Muslim countries achieving it in a different way, both cultures result in a growing number of men with no relationships, and therefore, few social ties, leading to potential radicalization.

Whether or not this is true in any general sense, I can't say. Anecdotally, perhaps, but that's not proof.



That verification was actually harder than I thought.

These threads need to deleted tbh, they make us all look fucking stupid.

lmao nerds, enjoy your spooks


Thanks, I got accused of sexual harassment for flirting.

The revolutionary is a doomed man. He has no personal interests, no business affairs, no emotions, no attachments, no property, and no name.

33 year old KV. Asexual now.
My life is too fucked up to think about women. I wish I didn't waste so much time worrying about it when I was younger, considering what I'm up against.
I just don't want to be like many of the 50-somethings I knew on incel boards who fucked up their lives over the woman thing. Seen enough of that bullshit.
Somehow I think with the world going to shit people are going to have bigger problems than a dry dick.

How decadently bourgeois

we're probably not going to win anyway, why struggle in misery?

Because the revolutionary is a doomed man. He has no personal interests, no business affairs, no emotions, no attachments, no property, and no name.

I too watched Heat. But really, the guy who said that ended up dying in a Russian prison. I wonder if he could have had more warm memories to comfort him. If you have sufficient revolutionary spirit, it doesn't matter if you have things in your life that you enjoy, if you don't have it, it doesn't matter either way.

He died a year after his group assassinated the Tzar.

Why are you all such huge whiny wimps?

I sympathize with people insecure about their appearance and lack of sexual/romantic experiences, I seriously do, but all you bitter fucks should try to go a little easier on yourselves and realize there are worse things than being a socially anxious shut in or ugly or whatever your issue may be.

Youre all letting yourselves be mentally destroyed by ridiculous social standards by defining yourself by your bitterness towards those standards. Hating something does not change it. Do things that make you happy or if youre depressed try to treat your symptoms. Of course it's not easy and im not saying muh bootstraps or that youll be able to whip yourself into being a cheery chadling, thats not a desirable life anyway.

Requesting that pic (i believe the text is accompanied by a bird) of the description of how sexual relationships are commodified that was posted here a while back.

Sure, which got a way more brutal Tsar installed.

It is pointless to argue with the fantasies they have constructed about women i think.
The autistic socdem was arguing that a woman who could not get a bf irl was could not be suffering and was actually a voicel because she could just go online and offer to have her virginity taken away but did not.

Wasn't that the last one?

Nope, it was Alex III who was pissed about his daddy getting killed and took it out on the people. Of course you could argue this laid the foundations for the Bolsheviks but, you can look backwards through history at anything like that.

fucking spooks

the revolution is in my self interest

You won't steal this board from me chad, FUCK OFF


Do these retards think women are incapable of being anxious or being rejected? Ive had terrible sexual and social anxiety and was a virgin for a long time but it never manifested in this kind of delusiom

Wojack isn't the type to be a virgin. It's inaccurate since he's more emotionally intelligent than the self destructive manifestation of short sighted bullshit that's mobile posters on Holla Forums

Amphibians don't deserve to be associated with these people.

If anything that would damn him to die a virgin

Self-pity is the only thing I enjoy anymore. At least let me have that you pseudo-Marxist liberal.

No it wouldn't. There are more wojack posters on social media with followers who ironically were doing pepe which exploded in some sort of fashion, which ultimately invented the wojack pepe split

You don't see him anymore because he was largely /mu/ and really they were the source of internet socialities.

I can name off the top of my head at least ten people I know who used to do that shit in 2011 who've had plenty of sex and I cannot name ten people off the top of my head who have that believe in Kek.

God the internet really has taken a nose dive

NYT "this is what my hip, trendy friends in New York City are doing, ergo it's a craze that's sweeping all Millennials in America" tier lack of an argument 2bh

You can be in denial all you want I haven't really given a shit about 4chan since 2012/2011 and these are my observations since I left.

You're more of the new here.

That is easier said than actually done. Lack of social/romantic experiences is insignificant compared to lack of social life.

Especially when you choke up internally when you are about to approach somebody.

But I was about to write a paragraph full of excuses and explanations and what not.

And the only conclusion is that I am probably depressed, probably for the last 10 years.
And that I should seek professional help.

Those sexless sad losers that vent their frustrations on the internet should seek help too. But in the States, such help is prohibitively expensive.

If one is depressed, it makes sense that one cannot form relationships. Friends, girlfriends, whatever.
In january, I shall book a visit to a psychiatrist.

Is this the picture you wanted?




Yeah thats the pic I was looking for.

Im sorry if I sounded rude or patronizing or like some tough love faggot or something but I just really dont think these self pity circle jerks do anything to help the pity participating in them.

I know how expensive psych treatment is in the US, ive been hospitalized for it and get shit therapy but am lucky to get it at all because of Obamacare. Im not some rich frat boy sack of shit showing off on the internet. I wish everyone here the best and hope they find some peace and comfort, i also dont think /r9k/ tier ranting about how muh privileged women are ruining your life is going to get you there.

>actually entirely ok with it because i have people i am close to on the internet who i can be emotionally honest with and also i shall dedicate myself to the revolution
feels good as heck bro