Femanost begon!

femanost begon!


feminist bacon

the one anfem poster is ok with me tbh
the one actually arguing against sexists
the "women go for guys hotter than themselves and guys have lower standards so hot guys get laid more than me, wahhhhhhhhh" permavirgins are fucking annoying jesus christ. The fact you'd bring this into your politics is just embarrassing.
Maybe if you grew up in a society with communities and not ==ULTRA ALIENATION== and industrial schooling and all social labor being commodified and all social interaction being commodified you wouldn't be so socially retarded.

Feminism is as bourgeois as democracy.

cuck lol

I kinda just want to hug it.

The revolution will help all proles of whatever combination of sex gender. But since it stands to be fair to unattractive straight men that's a problem.

Read Emma

Fuck off back to r/socialism cunt.

they should have those things, but saying women deserve less freedom because they would sleep with "chads" is bullshit, and if feminists advocated the same thing from the other side (something like, aggressive or low-iq men shouldn't be allowed to have kids), you'd jump on it to show how much they hate men

Chads are low-iq and aggressive, this dosen`t make any sense.

When has anyone said women should have less freedom?

Holla Forums says women voting is a mistake.

Are we Holla Forums now?

you're the socdem so
jk socdems are ok I guess FUCK YOU YOU KILLED ROSA

That's the thing…they don't. They want the generic instagram slut type, but they can't because they're too ugly, uninsteresting and poor.
Make no mistake, when a man says ">tfw no gf", his talking about pic related.

Er, no. I'm a virgin myself but I certainly don't want someone like that. If anything a "generic instagram slut" would intimidate me. I just want a non-obese gf

and nah dude, they want a hot girl that likes the same taste in media as them and will go below there own attractiveness tier

pls stop making these assumptions

We also started an revolution in Finland that Lenin refused to help.

The right side of her face looks scared, while the left looks calm.