The Russo-hysteria has reached new heights

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amazon.com/Art-French-Commune-Albert-Boime/dp/0691015554/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1481838562&sr=8-1&keywords=impressionism paris commune

Liberals yet again display their lack of education

Honestly though, liberals are exactly a mirror image of conservatives after '08. All that hysteria about illegitimate secret foreign background, ahistorical comparisons, impotent autistic shrieking, wanting to secede from the union…

I don't really like Russia that much but Jesus. Peak liberalism.

Yep and SJW is a mirror image of the Religious Right.

Now you're getting it, Holla Forums.

The tweet is 100% real btw

I would have thought even ignorant liberals would consider beating down Nazi Germany a contribution to the world.

Western propaganda has been trying to delegitimize USSR contributions to the war for decades.

Ignorant liberals think the US and the Brits won the war.

c.f. Christopher Nolan's new movie

lol isn't Wise hated by Holla Forums for being "deeply triggering and problematic"?

You don't get to speak

kill all liberals

Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Space Station, the world not being run by Adolf Hitler.

Why go out of your way to look like an idiot just to get a petty dig in at Moscow? Liberals have lost the plot.

I know what you mean.
Russia isn't a personal favorite of mine either, but to simply discount their frankly impressive contributions to the fields of art, science, music, and literature is the height of snobbery.

It's run by an autocratic mob boss now, but that doesn't mean it's okay to downplay the many scientific and cultural contributions of the country.

Especially when their scientific and cultural contributions rival any other country in the history of the world.

If by "deeply triggering and excellent" u mean prominent Jewish shill who claims he's white when it suits his narrative who openly calls for white cultural genocide, then yes

Not a tankie, but Stalin had good taste. See socialist realism.

Christ, seriously? Does he have no self awareness? Has he never actually experienced racism before?

To political for my taste, and the architecture was just fucking awful.
Some of it was good, I grant you, but I prefer art for art's sake.
I'll take almost anything pre-revolution art wise over almost everything Stalin's hacks churned out.

Most of the idiots pushing that swill haven't, but they see it everywhere.

define white culture

This is a position that leftypol has held for a long time.

He's a rich jew, of course he has not.

These fucking idiots really would have taken us to war with Russia. I thought it was bullshit and there was no way the porkies would interfere with oil profits, but apparently it was I who was retarded.

Who cares about the periodic table of the atoms, right?

And since when do we care about Russophobia?

The only people who care about Russophobia are Russians, not leftists.

read Brecht


I seriously don't understand the point of anti-racism without anti-capitalism.. This guy is working himself into hysterics for nothing.

That's a jew that pretends to be white in front of blacks for a living

why is leftypol ignoring that another country helped install trump?

you can think hillary is shit and recognize that what russia did is a big problem.

I'm 100% sure I've seen a nearly identical tweet a few months ago, also by a prominent liberal shitdick

Bourgeois gonna bourgeois.

The DNC was leaked from the inside, even still, why is it a problem that states hack the us now, when far more serious attacks have been ignored,


All Russia did (assuming this isn't an asspull by the ever-truthful CIA) is leak a few internal emails to WikiLeaks.
Neither Hillary or her campaign has EVER claimed what was leaked was untruthful or somehow doctored to make her look bad.

If the Russians did anything, it was to pull the mask back a little and let the public see the real Hillary Clinton, which is as far as I am concerned, no crime at all.

And what exactly Russia did and what is your proof?

Cuz that's BS and you know it

I'm not implying it, I'm saying it outright:
Not everything has to be about politics, Brecht was a minor playwright whose opinion I choose to ignore.

Is this even confirmed yet? Like, is that what the CIA has said?

even if it did, what of it? capitalist states are constantly meddling in each other's affairs

No, and I don't expect it ever will be.
I wouldn't trust the intelligence apparatus of my country if they said the sky was blue.

Not everything is consciously political but the political is inescapable in art
Also, thinking Brecht was a minor playwright really proves that you need to read him.

All we know for certain is WikiLeaks published stuff, and the Hillary campaign never claimed it was false in any way.
Either a disgruntled DNC staffer did, or the Russians swiped it, but it doesn't really matter in the long run.

Short of literally hacking the voting machines, I see no problem with Russia exposing the corrupt dealings of a politician.

And you can go ahead and believe that the US hasnt been doing it for nearly a century… only instead of shedding light on corrupt political dealings, the US has been financing armies of mercenaries to start so-called 'civil-wars' in other countries. Hillary supports this
Bay of pigs, Nicaraguan Contras, Afghani Mujahideen, the Free Syrian army… etc…

This statement is accurate. the extent of Russian interference is exposing corrupt political dealings.

Do tell, what was so damned political about Degas' pastel nudes or Van Gogh's sunflowers?

something tells me you should read about the political history of impressionism
impressionism was a rejection of traditional values in art

are you really asking about how female nudes that went against every traditional rule about nudes in art are political? Those paintings were a huge fuck you to bourgeois morality and standards dude.

I know what impressionism is.
I've been to enough art museums and read a few publications on the artists I like.

They were "political" in that they wanted to upset or challenge the prevailing schools of thought in their particular milieu.
They weren't government sanctioned propaganda, and they weren't being made to influence the general public in most regards.

A huge fuck you that could be found hanging over the bar in pretty much every gentleman's club and in virtually every pub that tried to pass it self off as posh since the late 1870's.


You seem to equate political art with subversive art and/or propaganda
That's not really what I mean by political. I'm just saying that artistic movements are always set in a political reality that is translated in the works of art themselves. It might seem obvious for many people, especially leftists but the idealistic notion that art happens in a vacuum outside of social relations is still prevalent among most people.
Also, the reappropriation of counter-cultural movements by the dominant culture has always been a reality under capitalism. Impressionism was, at the time, progressive and counter-cultural. The fact that it was absorbed by mainstream culture later on was a reality that was bound to happen. Doesn't make the movement any less rooted in political and social protest.

This isn't r/politics bud.

They are extremely high on their own farts. There pride is more important to them than their profits.

I think the misunderstanding started when I replied to another poster who praised Socialist Realism.
Which is state sanctioned propaganda.
The fact that artists who stepped outside it's bounds were denounced, gulag'd or barred from their work is a matter of record.
I said it was "too political" and I stand by that statement, since it was by design meant to serve the purposes of government and it's strictures were enforced through the State.

I still believe that art should exist for it's own sake, but I do have sympathy for the statement "art is what you make of it".

If by "political reality" you mean the social circumstances surrounding it, I agree with you, my bad for misunderstanding you if that's what you meant.

As far as Brecht, goes, can you recommend some reading to me?
This is an interesting discussion, and you've piqued my curiosity.

Yeah I meant it in that sense. Sorry for the misunderstanding. In French academia, le politique is used heavily to talk about the social circumstances of a country or era. As for Brecht, he's renowned for both his plays and his theory regarding art, so I'll suggest one of each. As far as his plays go, The Good Person of Szechwan is imo his most beautiful and insightful commentary on the human condition. As for his non-fiction, Brecht on Art and Politics sums up his weltanschauung pretty well.

Thanks, comrade!

No problem comrade

None of them were ethnically Russians.


t. Ivan Ivanovich

It's all right though guys! Russia is just a racist trailer trash nation unlike the USA!

Impressionism had a political side to it too:
amazon.com/Art-French-Commune-Albert-Boime/dp/0691015554/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1481838562&sr=8-1&keywords=impressionism paris commune

Opinion discarded.

But this is true

t. someone who lives in Russia

Having spoken with a Russian comrade online, they make it sound like Russia is sort of like a shittier America in many ways

just to name a few:

Maybe if you live in Jew York or the big cities in California tbh

Liberals have completely lost the plot, they're like republicans circa 2010


The dems want to drag us into war with a nuclear power.



no wonder you're such a retard

No love for matroska dolls?



ITT: non-artists attempting to claim they understand art

According to CIA, Putin helped electing Hitler in 1933

Hitler be mirin Putins hat hard.

Personalizing a nation-state and "its people" is bullshit. "Russia", and I'm not joking here, didn't do anything because nation-states are not persons who can do things. That's a statist fiction.

This man is clearly having a mental breakdown