Post autistic political charts

post autistic political charts.
Pic related, this is how infowars characterizes different news organizations in order to tell whether they're independent and pro-freedom.


actually besides rt and sputnik i think is pretty accurate tbh



The only accurate one I've ever seen

The fuck is going on in the third one?

still wrong

Another meme appropriated for the motherland

how accurate would you say this is, comrades?


if you like all of these, does that make you a centrist?

It makes you pervy, senpai…

Tim "pork slurry" curry

It makes you a non-sextarian.

Post your compass memes

Switch Costanza Libertarian Left and Libertarian Right and you got it


i can confirm



It's kinda true but we need a way for full communism to emerge voluntarily in pure ancap through sheer free discourse, possibly via fullchan discussion with all tripfags banned. Plus we need to level the playing field first.

Anyone have that one huge, bizarre political compass that's completely nonsensical yet bizarrely comprehensive? I think it had Meyers-Briggs bullshit on it too, but I'm not sure.

MBTI is a NEET horoscope but political alignment is downstream from personality. The ideological particulars replicate the relations to the social conditions and some other, more trivial factors. This BTFO's all leftist thought about le reactionaries but it's true.

Nevermind, found it!


I'm INFP but I'm not some tankie

Reeeee you beat me to it

That's not the only problem. Note how it implies that everyone who's ISTP is Muslim. Also note how "anarchist communism" and "anarchy-communism" are placed around INFP and ISFP respectively, as if they were completely different things.

My kinda thread.


What if i like weed and don't like people in general?

wouldn't Wojak be left-wing?

Don't shoot the messenger, comrades.

Either of the rights (or both) are missing NTR.

the second and fifth ones are excellent

The fifth one cracks me up without fail.

Last five from me.



that third one is deep


"poz law" is right because this chart is aids.

Are there people who unironically think Rosa was a revisionist?

I take full credit for the fifth one so you're welcome.

I never liked you until now.

I only know Bill Nye as Speedwalker from Almost Live