What is the state of leftism in Britain?

What is the state of leftism in Britain?

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Absolutely awful and unfortunately corbyn win hasn't helped.

Poor to say the least but Brexit will help us remove the right wing populists and I predict the working class will turn towards lefty politics again.

Also true but I think Corbyn's leadership has helped it just hasn't had a chance to express itself.

Fucked. Enjoying depriving the liberals of their continued co-opting of the Labour party though.

Enjoy decades of Tories you stubborn cunts.


Brexit's terms being dictated by right wing people though

it seems like in order to destroy UKIP, the Tories decided to take on large swathes of their rhetoric

apparently there's a great deal of friction between the "moderate Tories" and the more right wing kind atm

At least you don't live where I live.

Militant Tendency did nothing wrong


i think we should wait and watch the problem solve itself.
right wingers are notoriously stupid an incompetent, even worse they always end up fucking over the lower and middle class.

i can't wait for Trump to get in office.

burn baby, burn!

I think this is the part where the Tories rhetoric and ideology meet the reality interface, hard.

Exactly, as said their inability to deliver any betterment for people will make them lose support.

It won't mate, it never has before


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Corbyn is absolute 100% proof that Liberals would give up literally everything and anything, before they will give up neoliberal economic consensus.

Look at New Labour and the Liberal media, even the fucking Guardian. Would rather fucking take down Corbyn and his center-left social democratic movement and let the Tories win than go a little bit to the fucking left.

The Guardian especially is a fucking joke.

it's crazy how centrists can be so passionate about their belief in nothing

It's because they're fucking political cowards. As Adam Curtis said, they only want to tinker around the edges of what they have now, because in reality they're the ones in power and derive their power and lifestyle from the current state of things.

They're too cowardly to support real societal change, but also don't want to live with the guilt of complacency and doing nothing to help make the world better. They want to have their cake and eat it too.

The Guardian is 100% neo-liberal, globalist, idpol. The new womyn editor is a disaster, and just wants to shill for muh refugees with asking for donations for her vanity project,.


Hi there, Nazbol Gang.

Doesn't Paul Mason write for the Guardian?

We need to ditch this world. It lets reactionaries and capitalist cunts make themselves look sensible

As for the British left, it's pretty shit. I've considered joining Labour before but I see no real point

Idpol infested and hell bent on screwing up any chance of gaining power.

Seeing UK shit on Corbyn, especially from the liberals and working class sometimes makes me think these proles deserve to suffer and be ruled over


Are you me, comrade?
How can we create authoritarian social democracy where unions are still healthy and capable without turning them into yesmen who get nothing done?

Simple, silly socdem.

You make them the state.

Hmmm, I have an aversion to Trots

who dat ?

Britain is America with a conservative monarchist twist. I have zero hope about you guys.

Absolutely, they're masochists.

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I live in the south. The Southern Rail strikes gave me a small amount of hope, but that's all but been smashed by the amount of people who are criticising the unions instead of Southern Rail itself.

The British left is so fucked, I have a friend who's been telling me to join Labour and be "one of the good guys". People are hopping on the "socialist" Labour bandwagon, all the while being your average libtards and doing nothing to prevent UKIP or the Tories from gaining more power.

Brighton, however, is always fun. There's a fairly militant Antifa down here, so every time we get and ENL marches, people throw the fuck down. So there's that at least.

Reform is neither "stopping the tories" or "not being as bad as the tories".

I wasn't talking about reform, I was simply commenting on the fact libtards are appropriating socialism and being all libtarded with it, but yes, I get your point



R E A D A F U C K I N G B O O K !