Bourgeois women fight to emancipate women

Bourgeois women fight to emancipate women.
Create feminism
Bourgeois women now have a large pool of working class women to hire as nannies, teachers, and maids for low wages so that they have more time to go shopping

Where did it all go wrong leftypol?

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19th amendment.


Nannies, teachers, and maids already existed before the advent of capitalism. Try again anime masturbator.

Feminism is not a capitalist conspiracy.

Dispite what you seem to imply, let me explain something:

Feminism was made by bourgeois women to get property rights. Working class women, like working class men, had no rights at all, and they fought for the rights of every workers. Working class women already worked in factories before first wave feminism. School didnt matter to them because no workers went to school. Property rights did not matter to them because no workers had property.

Capitalism in itself forced women to get into the factories due to the low wages. Feminism did not contribute a single thing to the wellbeing of working class women (working class women got the right to vote 1-2 years after working class men in most of the world) until the second wave , where it fought for laws regarding childbirth.

Yeah, but now with feminism more women are exploited than ever before.

Labor under capital is exploitation but saying you can't have labor at all is utter bullshit with a monotheistic scent.

Wew, sure is cointerpo here.

I didn't say that, you are hallucinating that a said that.

You're a Holla Forumsyp so I'll let the idea labor is slavery slide

It was subtext. But, women really aren't as exploited as "ever before", you're a fool to believe such a thing

I've never got why women want to work tbh

That's your problem why you don't understand why other people would want to achieve in academia or what have you, not mine.

Nobody would be satisfied with limited options for life. I doubt that you would want to live in Indian style cast society either as a shitcleaner.

With wombs, woman is having more babies than before! You have only made correlation, not causation. Meaningless post.

Which is worse?

The one with the kids. It is nobody's responsibility to have to be a parent. Some of us would rather not be parents. By "us", I don't just mean women.


I wonder who's behind this post?

t. Someone that has their mom do all the housework and has no idea how much work it is to run a household

(most) Leftists aren't anti-work, they're anti-exploitation



All novels are capitalist propaganda. All of them.

but work is shit

sure but given the choice I'd just sit around all da

t. Elizabeth Rigby


If they are sold at a profit off of the working class, they certainly are contributing to the problem.

"Writing novels is easy! I bet even I could do it!"

Was Marx and everyone afterwards expanding on his work a Capitalist traitor lmfao

I've got bad news for you son

I don't care about that, I'd like a tomboy gf

Yes, and tankies should be working on killing themselves.

Good, Syndicalist-Cat is second best girl, and more room for femboys.

Wrong friendo. Do some reading on the money and the Ford Institute among others.


But that fucking back garden is just a hobby for him right? The gutters, the yearly house maintenance, roof tiles falling off, painting, doing the lights.

You are talking fucking shit lad.

All of those things and more are not the responsibility of actually forcing the creation of a self sustaining human being. '

Nobody is responsible enough to say they can handle that, it's more work than any one of those things. You do not understand, until you're there.


We are in the real world now, not your ill thought out theory.
I've been there, you do not understand modern woman, they will enforce gender roles as matters of fact and take offense if you bitch.
I did all the cooking so I did not even scrath my arse indoors, and laughed about not going near a toilet.

People take for granted what is done for them and what they have to do as a chore. The modern woman has this on crack.

Femininity is a spook and never existed anyway faggot

You started off early and it stunted your maturation. That's no surprise.

Get out of my face you bourgeois class cuck

I live in the countryside in a European country, I won't live in a fucking shoebox, and neither will most woman, they don't marry down, believe that.

Then they can die alone and leave me with my whores in peace.

More people are single than ever before. You're looking at the activity of baby boomers and desperate people who don't really know what to do.

The NEET phenomenon is not too far removed from wanting to not work and just marry down, it's also a refusal of labor.

I don't really see a place you can argue from where people aren't just people with their own shit problems

Woman are the majority educated and larger earners for this generation, men are being told not to be so dominating or competitive in all work areas, and yet educated woman on the whole are fed, and feel the notion they deserve someone equal or better, ie a man who is competitive and driven on his own success.

Neets are a result of this paradox

Women aren't to blame your life is shit, there's an enormous amount of other factors that are the fault of no one demographic. Women and men are two halves of the same whole, and the whole is fucking itself over.

I really don't care about western women's experiences either. Then again, I don't care much for western man's.

Definitely. More than that, women and men are taught to shame men who aren't competitive and driven, and yet, being taught to not be competitive, they enter a downward spiral where they're ashamed of themselves, women look at them with shame, and they can never be successful - not that they should have to be. Equality has to work both ways, and by and large feminism hasn't seemed very interested in changing women's views on men, only men's views on women.

That's the problem though. Men and women aren't taught to be two halves of the same whole, at least not in Western culture.


brb, going to find a rope to hang myself with

Who are you quoting

You're as Westernised as the rest of us even if your parents should've rightfully "disappeared" in a re-education camp (if only to spare this board from your shitposting)

He says it right in the post:

You aren't a woman, and even if you were, as I just said it hurts men to take woman literally on their preferenes, they should focus on themselves first, not being a good ally, not taking 'a back seat', because they are going to hurt themselves and the woman in the long run, by taking this shit as anything other than a game.

Take the refugee crisis, this is woman putting up a test, they don't actually want to be flooded with disgusting gropers, they want to get off on their emotional position, appearing good to the community, but it's up to the men to put an end to the madness and look out for their future children.

Here's the conclusion of Cynthia Harper and Sara McLanahan, the doyenne of researchers about single parenthood: "[C]ontrolling for income and all other factors, youths in father-absent families (mother only, mother-stepfather, and relatives/other) still had significantly higher odds of incarceration than those from mother-father families."

I wonder if this will lead to some sexy lezdom scenarios.

wew lad.

No shock there.

We should remember than 90% of the men and women in Europe and America had a very difficult time. This idea that men had it good and that women were oppressed is really a view from the bourgeois classes, not the view from the proletariat or from the working people.

It's funny you use that, because controlling for income and all other factors, youths in mother-absent families has a significantly higher odds of incarceration than those from only father-absent families, which is odd since they would be unproportionally represented here, since there are less single-father families.

ITT: Whining about muh feminimity is gone and no female I can boss around :^(

Good. Docile, submissive, unambitious women are fucking shit-tier.

We've traded them for good, docile, submissive, unambitious men.

I don't know of any society where females do more aggressive acts than males or any society where females commit as much aggression on average.

why am I not surprised, are there any other places your life took a wrong turn?


We can have both.

Regardless, oh well.

on a side note.

why ya gotta kink shame me like that fam?

Yes pls :3