So, Germans are teaching refugees how to have sex with German women

Do you think we should have a program like this for autistic Holla Forumsyps who can't get a gf? Maybe they're like that cuz they can't get a gf.

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here's more photos
when will someone teach me how to get a gf? ;_;

grab em by the pusay

yes providing basic sex ed is the same thing as that clearly

muslim girls>>>>>>>>>white girls


>state teaches sex ed and social etiquette

"girl" is the operative word here

the problem is that migrants rape girls, not grown women, so this advice will fall on deaf ears

Why are liberals so obsessed with mixing races together? Do they honestly think that this will solve racism?

Sex ed oh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Why are liberals so against the idea some straight broad likes some black dude

Sex ed was a mistake.

In my school Sex ed never included tips on getting laid. I wish it had though.

Shocking. Maybe you shouldn't have felt the need to go to war since Vietnam.

I mean really who could have seen this coming? That people would commit acts of violence against the west as retribution?

because white people will go extinct from irrelevant shiting

Does it say explicitly German women or is this a lesson about sex in general? Because admittedly the first would be bizarre.

Many races throughout time have shifted and changed, nobody gave a shit then nobody gives a shit now just because you're one skin tone lighter than everyone else.

Get rid of that victim complex, you're not a special individual because of your own race.

I think it's women in general but they're trying to get German girls to like them

i think German gov should calm the fuck down.
teach them how to talk, behave and have jobs first.
getting pussy is not a priority.

beside, as easy as German women are, they're not stupid and are as materialistic as any other women.
i don't think any German chick will see a 5'7ft starving jobless refugee who can't speak properly and didn't shower in week ans a viable mate.

i think if everyone is brown they won't be racial tensions.
but than again, there will always be some who are a bit less brown, and will feel superior because of it>>1150637

what other races?

Honestly? Are you going to talk about race and go into it on a genetic level without even knowing the genetic history of man?

Plenty of people have assimilated into one another, that's how history works. Culture does it as well.

You can't do shit to stop it, so quit worrying about literal non issues. So what comes after whites are gone, anyways? Everyone is ruled by some black totalitarian dictator?

Dumbass, we've been living under bullshit terms this whole entire time.

Daily reminder that there is nothing wrong with race myxing and that the only reason most people (especially guys) are against it is because they have been fed capitalist lies about the sexual prowess of non-white men which were intentionally fabricated in order to keep white workers from joining with the rest of us.

yeah this is a Holla Forumsyp

You just gave me an idea of a Holla Forums setting.

You have people and cultures that evolved, mixed dissapeared and appeared trough time. Modern Italians are not Ancient Romans.
French people are a mix of previous populations (Gauls, Romans, Franks, some vikings, and some others).
I wouldn't have used the term race because the classification behind it is quite shifty to say the least.


I went a programm that teaches me to get a gf and have sex

This has nothing to do with capitalists and all to do with evolutionary psychology. Naturally you would want your kin group succeed vs. other groups. This is why men have no issue with mixing with other groups, but rather dislike the thought of other groups mixing with their kin groups women.

I'm an individual though ;)


t. trainee psychiatrist

It literally is. Nobody takes it seriously and it's been debunked as being too open to interpretation without evidence numerous times.

The problem is the same problem when it comes to arguing human nature. You can see all sorts of abstractions that could or could not be there, that may make sense. But making sense does not necessarily make something true.

Evopsych proponents are often times not so different from people who argue in original sin.

Scientific community seems to take it rather seriously. I doubt that professor Dawkins would have ever risen to his position if his work on subject was pseudoscience with no basis in anything. More over, opponents of EP tend to rise form sociologists who would hate to see their idea of plank human mind taken away.

I think like previous psychological trends in academia like cognitive and behaviorism some of evo psychs insights will stick but the majority of it will be left to the dustbin of history.

Also it relies too much on a mythology of victimhood. Literally every book and paper still talks about an incident thirty fucking years ago where EO Wilson got water thrown in his face. Who gives a shit fam?

Oh I don't disagree, just pointing out the intricate web of ironies in your almost singularly cancerous existence. Carry on.

I'm sure nothing bad will come of your tireless efforts to give everyone a subconscious compulsion to reentrench the patriarchy out of primordial spite, due to your insightlessness into sexual masochism comorbid with borderline personality disorder and narcissistic features.

Soft science celebrities who Discovery magazine fawn over are hardly the source of scientific community.

The scientific community should know where it stands and let the medical community do our jobs. It's not our jobs to peer review the next new hit in Biology's constant mental masturbation of what people are.

Biology has historically been full of itself. In the general sense. In the specific sense it can be all well and good, but the broader you good the more shit and soft science it becomes.

I honestly have plenty to criticize Dawkins over and plenty of people have

Somehow the magical line seems to be there where EP is no longer applied to animals but to humans.

I just wanted to get to root of this saying classifying people's mental illnesses you don't like to this degree, here while criticizing psychiatry is pretty funny. Pretty ironic too.

(that's the joke, Autistotle)

Humans are animals. But animal behaviorism and human behaviorism are two entirely different fields and attempting to merge the two gets the medical community in the mix saying shut the fuck up, and everything gets shit quick.

That's why evolutionary psychology hasn't stuck much. Aside from what I've already told you, how it drags other fields in with it is also a larger problem.

So you made a joke about psychiatry


Well it is based on behaviorism so it does have some leg to stand on.


I'm too shy and useless to be outgoing or ever get a gf

Hahaha that's awesome

There's more to people's motivations in the general sense we can see from other life. Social organization, the need to have sex, eat, shit. The rest gets sketchy because we also act like nothing else really known.

We felt the need to migrate outside of our ecosystem to every single place on the map and expand at a rapid pace.

There's not really a lot we can say from a biological perspective about how human beings work. But there is much more to say about how material conditions may have effected our outward growth as an invasive species.

Mostly we're an Ice Age animal that came about and survived it. We evolved in Africa, all our common ancestry can be traced back to 2,000 individuals. That's right, only 2,000, because the ice caps at that point were large enough to dry out most of Africa. A metric fuck ton of animal life died in Africa because of this climactic change, we also nearly did.

When it was over, we simply found life outside the material conditions we were bound, as a social animal, we quickly spread where we were able.

Evolutionary Psychologists tend to have a more fatalistic view of, we are programmed this, we are programmed that. The only thing I think it has a leg to stand on is linguistics and that field is already its own.

Anfam shitposter.

Its YOUR country that is fighting wars, not germany.

Last time I checked Germany was in fact part of the EU

Last time I check it wasn't the EU funding terrorists groups to secure oil for american corporations.

EU has only partaken in pacification of Somali pirates in 08 and I Doubt that it can be called war.

Fucking disgusting. All liberals and muslims should be executed.

The United States and the EU are allies and part of NATO. I hope you're joking. Do you think international funding is something the US only does, internationally? That's a joke. Even if you didn't directly go to war, how many UN peace keeping troops throughout the world come from Europe?

It's a bunch of NATO bullshit.

The EU is not some pacifist union of nations, it is allies with the United States.

tbh that oil was actually meant for the EU (and Turkey) to reduce its dependence on Russia's.

now the ship has sailed, Russia will fuck the EU sideways.
the US will also get fucked, but thats another story

French are majority the same as they were thousands of years ago, same as the Irish and English natives.

European union peaceful, it has been a organization to prevent inter-European wars and has succeeded quite well in it`s 71 year mission.

Now I don`t claim that EU are pacifists when they are planning on creating more integrated EU army by 2017, but it is favorable to most other options. It has brought democracy to most of Europe and liberated us form coils of nation-states.


The Nord bros are spread out enough. Just keep taking your woman north enough and no darkies will follow except maybe the Eskimos.

I think we found the /r/atheist here guys

The problem is what it does outside of Europe, not inside Europe. Though that is also a problem.

Leftism and Neoliberalism are not the same thing. You wanted the Soviets and the Commies gone, now they are, and all the shit they said about you was mostly true.

In a rough sense, if you can ignore the Vietnamese being raped and never comment on it. Some shit happens to you when the opposite occurs from people responding negatively to being in a war zone where the threat is melting alive in battery acid or join the organization that forced your mother into sexual slavery and forced pregnancy

You really can't blame anyone for tragedies that occur than the West themselves for openly funding these proxy wars and coups and upheavels. Sure, it's the states, but when you yourself do nothing to speak out about it, work towards no alternative

Then really, there shouldn't be any surprise a bunch of people fucked up from a warzone escape into the nations responsible for destroying their home and potentially kill them.

It's not good, but it's far from the surprise gained that I'm aware of on the internet. It's unsurprising at all.

Their military is a joke, they nearly lost to Georgians in 08 and now are not able to but simple Ukrainan conscript army with soviet surplus equipment down.

Their economy is developing towards similar dependency on oil as Venezuela has and embargo has already dropped their productive forces along GDP down by 8% in terms of real economic effects.

It does nearly nothing outside of it`s boarders, it dosen`t engage in neo-colonial economics like China does for example.

Their dependence makes them more relevant, not less.

Plenty of leftists support the EU, adamantly oppose its breakup.
You're just deeply triggering and problematic, admit it pls so we can all move on.

haha anti - white* but the above too

Is it your job to selectively care about which mass rape happens where? Are you intentionally trying to sound like a detached suburbanite?

i didn't say they were going to invade anyone.
i'm just saying that there will definetly be a payback, Putin didn't spend that much protecting Assad because he thinks he's handsome.

Europe is still too reliant on Russian oil and gas.
and now that the US has a moron in charge, the ball is in Russia's side.

they escaped war only to end up as victims of german women

What did they mean by this?

Except they aren't.

It makes them weaker and unable to stay on "top" of their military game and will be left to dustbin of history once our economy`s dependency on oil as fuel goes down.

Oh that's rich.

Your high impact emotive parable is I'm not sure exactly how relevant, but your idpol weaponization of rape imagery is an interesting demonstration of your MO.

Anyway, let me break it down how substanceless your position tends to be for the lurkers:

Their being taught to subordinate their wills to women, to worship them in order to get sex, just like western men. Sad.

Desperate nations are particularly notorious in history for not wanting to fall into the dustbin

Jow is it identity politics to say that you really didn't give a fuck when the mass rape happened in the Middle East/Near East but when it came back home to you from the wars your states themselves funded and played geopolitics with it suddenly becomes massive outrage

You're not the only victims in this situation, it is a shit situation and shit things happen in them.

Life isn't necessarily good right now and the less surprise you have for the negative reactions the better.

It's getting upset over 9/11 or some buss bombing into hostility and security in states to protect us all over again.

You have no substance besides accusations of idpol or me being a meanie.

"Will" to not be shit is out of your own will. If it isn't, you're free to have people not want to fuck with you.

When do they shot on each other ?

You're leaping around a lot.

I'm not saying "we're" the only victims, I'm just attempting to empathize with the white nationalists, in order to understand them, which you repeatedly show yourself constitutionally incapable of doing. It's a kind of elite attitude that I think is really damaging to the left, but unfortunately, there are a lot of voices like yours around at the moment.

I don't see many of them claiming to be surprised this is happening. Your entire perception of them seems to be filtered through Holla Forums or reddit, but I actually exist outside of an academic bubble, and am not intensely grating to working class people, and, again, am capable of empathy, so I can actually talk to them.

And lol, you're idpol personified, honey, just because you have convinced yourself you have a class-oriented ideology, doesn't make it any less so, and you plainly dislike whites, they aggravate you. It's OK though! Being a bit racist isn't the end of the world, everyone is. I'm anti-racist btw.

You do know that's exactly why radicals do these things, don't you


You're even less coherent than usual. What's your point? Being apparently incapable of empathy, you fail to distinguish it from sympathy. God I really hate shrinks. Nothing personal senpai.

Their will is irrelevant, they are already in dustbin of History. 1991 marked end of eastern block and its relevance on history.

Pot meet kettle

Resorting to pure projection is your fallback whenever I BTFO you it's kinda cute.

I was just saying you were clearly asshurt about the plight of your nation, but find the idea of any form of white ethnic identity to be abhorrent, laughable. Because you see yourself as through the post-colonial permavictim lense as you benefit from Western culture. It's just a ridiculous, actually nonsensical position, and it's difficult to critique someone so dissonant. This, and your blithe arrogance is not unique to you, you're just an exemplary specimen, which is why I pick on you, also I hate psychiatrists. But I try not to blame people too much for what they have become in their life, which is what I meant by nothing personal.

PUA isn't sex ed.

Engaging in casual sex is the new normal in developed capitalist economies.

It isn't taught in school as a part of sex ed. We would already hear the autistic screeching of the feminists if it were.


The whole point is probably to prevent rape and cultural misunderstandings.
But Holla Forums are fucking babbies so all they can do is reeeee.

Why don't they give the same lessons to their own citizens?

Do you think this point does anything but make Holla Forumss position correct in the first fucking place?
There are rapists and cultural problems, so we'll give them sex artist tips so the rape turns consensual?
But don't call them rapists or say there is cultural problems or it's off to jail.

There's nothing that can be "taught"

If you're a male that has
-light eyes
-light colored hair

Western women will find you ugly.

It's true, I am pretty much completely brown. Brown hair, brown eyes, brown skin, black cock, and girls flock to me.

It's pretty funny when I am in the club and dancing with three girls and there is just a pasty loser stood there with his little bottle of 4% beer looking all sad and lonely.

Oh boy.


Fuck the left has some major personnel issues right now. How did the enlightened vanguard become so retarded?

What did he meme by this?

light eyes? bitches love blue eyes

Because their own citizens have grown up in the local cultures and thus understand the subleties of the language as what indicates consent and what does not.
Beyond that, many of these refugees are from a much more abrahamic and thus patriarchal society that perhaps does quite understand how to treat women properly, like Germans do.

If it's consensual and thus no longer rape, then it's not a problem.

t.personal experience

The fuck, woman are gaga for blue eyes you lunatic, as long as your face isn't mangled.



So why were they allowed in the country in the first place, is the obvious retort to that. What sane policy imports social problems and at the same time helps less people overall due to cost, than if they were nearer to the crisis area. 12 times more the money goes.

not sure if sarcasm or parallel universe

Because the vast majority of them are perfectly innocent even though their current culture and financial situation leads them to have higher tendency towards less-than-excellent attitudes towards women and because just shutting them out rather than integrating them would cause an end-of-Rome-style clash of civilizations.

The reality is: import religious nuts from a backwards rape culture, while decrying white culture as rape culture, while colluding with the media and police to cover up crimes, while making it illegally hateful to speak out against it, then just give them pointers so they don't rape, and we'll just combat the severe right wing authoritarian activation that occurs after this by uh…. ???

Hooooly shit

Who cares. Let them die

Explain this shit

So said the Romans when the Goths encamped at the Donau River and asked for their help.
The clash of civilizations caused the fall of the former, not the latter.

I didn't say liberals are not wrong about anything ever.
What I am defending is this speciffic thing on its own merits.

The vast majority are not Syrian, who said you have to shut them out, you just have to stop ferrying them to mainland Europe AS A FUCKING POLICY. It's insane.

not much to explain, if your fit and manly, they'll jump on your cock.
bonus point if you look Italian.

You definitely have to ferry them to mainland Europe, and you have to divide them equally to each country so as they come into each country in so few numbers that they wll be forced to integrate rather than form parrallel societies.

Why though? It's not occurring in a vacuum, separate somehow. Even on its own it's fairly grotesque, and almost ludicrously anti-feminist in counter to the entire narrative they've been running for the past few years. If it was that easy to reeducate people why are whites still raping wtf? It seems staggeringly chauvinist to view these people as so primitive we can just flip a switch in their brain and overwrite a lifetime of culture.

Nope. Men who have fair features are disadvantaged.

If women have a choice of a man with darker ones, she will always choose him over the light features.

Are you bellyaching because you lost to a black guy or is this more childish whining over the refugees.

Hopefully the white male devil will go extinct

You sound likea cucko

This. They're not even fucking from the warzone. The overwhelming majority are young men: workers. They just needed to max out the projected immigration quota for neoliberal purposes and figured it would be easier to use refugees than general migration.

It's terrible that these poor people don't have the comforts of western society! We have to help them!

No, you turn every boat around and spend the money arresting traffickers.

Seriously though why do neoliberals love poor foreigners but hate native poor people?

Because their stated goals are the destruction of homegeneity for obvious reasons, helping poor natives grows bonds and pride in the nation.

If you want to win, you cannot artificially try and fuck over indigenous people like this, they will eventually just blow a collective fuse and the media won't know why.

They don't love them, that's a stupid meme to make them look good. When has a neolib ever done a single thing out of the goodness of their heart?

They want them to lower wages and cause instability allowing them to pursue more draconian laws.

in which country ?!

The United States

But even if the effect is slight, then less rape is always a good thing, is it not?

Yes, and have a clash of civilizations that will end Europe. Brilliant.

He's shitposting. Fair haired Blue eyed men get female attention from their very early years in school. It's like saying men think blonde woman are ugly.

Yeah OK so now just tell women to cover up more in general as well. Idiotic/ insane.

The clash is preordained, there is one continent that has a sustainable birth rate to resources, Africa, Middle East has a famine birth rate, in every area.

Your idea is to swamp Europe early doors, then the rest of the hoardes won't come? The current liberal ideals are going to be looked at as laughable in less than 50 years, because people won't be fooled by the media when they have the evidence before them.

i personally prefer brunettes

Their not dumbass that's why they promote multiculturalism and the whole postmodernist SJW culture.


There's no indication that women covering up decreases rape. Also, there's a blatant false equivilancy in comparing telling women to cover up and teaching immigrant men not to rape.

That's mostly to do with the war, the following baby boom, environmental and economic factors. It's not like people in europe are going to have low birthrates forever, although e're going to have a problem with too many elderly people, certainly.

There isn't a "rest of the horde".
The people who are going to be on the move are already on the move, and if they're denied access, civil strife is going to break out in whatever area they'll have to concentrate in, thus starting a domino-effect of migrations, excasserbating the problem.
This is exactly what also happened in the 4th through 7th century.

fail tbh

What are you talking about, it hasn't even started yet, this is the first drops, there will be a stampede at some stage that makes this look like heaven.
And this early stage, there has never been so many people moving that didn't face armed resistance by natives, this is unprecedented, and the backlash is going to be Nationalistic, and very violent.

thats not feminine, you're gay

It will be the first stage of that

That's my entire point.

Also not true. The Turkish migrations were actually surprisingly marked with a lot of inter-ethnic cooperation between kurds, cappadocians, caucasians (kartli-people) and turkish people.


Doubling the population in Europe is going to lead to strife, collapse of civilization and genocidal war. No matter what action is taken now hundreds of millions will die regardless.

Are you actually serious, you think we couldn't kill every migrant with a drone for the cost we pay to house and feed them? All it will take is the will, and if you push people any further, enjoy European fascism based soley on preserving European native populations

The Romans suffered near defeat any time a couple of hundred thousand marched near Italy, that's what caused the end of the Republic.

There are 750 million people in Europe.
There aren't coming 750 million refugees from the middle-east.

No, we couldn't, because insurrection and guerilla tactics is cheap and easy. That's why, in the long run, impires tend to fail against guerilla forces, even though they have way more resources.
What you're proposing, all ethics aside, is not at all a realistic proposition.

Davos estimates that up to a billion people will try to reach Europe this decade. I hope they are wrong, for all our sake.

Why are you being so pedantic and disingenuous about this? Is there any indication at all this hare brained liberal symptomatic scheme, contradictory to their entire narrative, will have any benefit at all? What purpose can it possibly serve fro you to keep arguing this point.

Well, then obviously a large majority of those are not war-afflicted REFUGEES, the group of people we are specifically talking about.
If that number is true, and I really doubt it is, then that would be more that four times the entire population of the middle east, or about the same as the entire population of the continent of Africa.


Sorry if there is confusion, I am not talking about Syrians, they are barely a third of German migrants alone. It's everyone who gets brought in for just getting on a boat with one mile of fuel, and the retards bring them over to Italy and Greece for some reason.

seems legit.

Well… Yeah, feminity is weak, and one who prefers it must be one who's intimitated by strength.

The vast majority of people claiming refuge in Europe are not war-afflicted refugees. They are economic migrants mostly from Africa.

Socialists shouldn't care about spooky things like humanitarianism. And therefore, there is no reason to care about refugees. Deport them and let them die. Fuck liberal humanitarianism.

They will cause racism and facism to rise, and most are islamofacists themselves

Well, obviously Germany, as a capitalist country imports a lot of foreign strike-breaker labour to destroy unions and drive wages down, and economic immigrants like that I'm absolutely against, sure, but this is an entirely different debate than refugees.

It is.

There is no Empire, there will be a dead EU, and border control, there will be terrorism, but in no way if Europe wants to resist mass migration that it could do it easily, the people who want you to give up already have neo-liberal motives or are just fucking retarded liberals.

WE are bringing them over mostly, we turn away no boats.

This confuses me a little? Are you saying that we could easily keep out mass-immigration and easily quell the insurrection of desperate people?

Not if I have anything to do with it.

I'll make Pol Pot look like a fucking aid worker.

The insurrection will be Europeans, then will come repelling migrants. The rest will be Islamic terrorism. There will be genocide for sure though, it's inevitable.

why do Holla Forumsype get a boner for genocide ?

You could stop it already, is the point. Everyone on here knows there will be a genocide in this decade, I would rather work on African and Middle East countries than import their whole populations and destroy Europe.

Next time you hear a liberal demanding more Calais migrants punch it's fucking face in, because they bring us closer to Fascism every day.


Man, remember that time all latinids rose up against the migrating germanics rather than becoming one syncretic culture?
Yeah, that sure was epic.

Century, that should read.

why not next year ?

Why not now!?

read this

cognitive and behavioral psych are the dominant focuses in the field right now though. They work hand in hand very well, and have a pretty significant success rate.

don't get it.

do you think Holla Forumsypes watch movies with genocide in the so they can jerk off ?

There will be no genocide this decade, it will be this century though.

Fucking liberals. It's a really bizarre pathology to not only teach refugees "not to rape" but then shove this kind of smug program in peoples' faces and expect them to smile about it. Fuckers love generating antagonisms with crap like this because any blow-back serves to validate their world-view. Self-serving conceited assholes.

If you're a neoliberal porky desperate because population increase is the only way your overgrown economy can grow further, it is a huge fucking priority.

Well other than maybe the Italian bit, it's not unique to Germans.

Why do liberals do this?


Why don't I get lessons in how to save with refugees?

Eat shit lol

You think you can convince a 'colonised' Germany to revolution in favour of Communism? You think the sub working class that come are going to read theory lel. It's game over and Neoliberal handouts and managerial positions for the liberal overclasses, who defend their positions like revolutionarys

This. Neoliberals need to be stopped by any means necessary.


what are you talking about?
Africa has more than enough room. It lacks European economic opportunities.

There really isn't shit you can do about it. You cannot stop me from being right all the time.

See what did I tell you. Look at this liberal.

Africas population growth is the result of food aid from the west brought on by the last famine. And the last famine was brought on by overpopulation because of food aid from the west because of famine…

They cannot feed them selves, and before Europeans started exploring and colonizing Africa the Africans used to eat each other. They had human meat markets.

Missed opportunity.