Can we have an alt-right cringe thread?

Can we have an alt-right cringe thread?

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This asshole's entire channel.


This guy is so fucking confused. I don't know where to begin.



10/10 fam

The "cuck hunt" guy is totally my type. Too bad about the face.

If you want alt reich cringe just go to any Holla Forumsyp thread

What's wrong with the guy on the right? His teeth not perfect enough?

His reactionary conservatism. Still I think guys like him can be changed. The pudgy wannabe fascist intellectuals are all beyond reeducating however.

No, it's more to do with how they portray themselves as 6'4" Aryan alpha ubermenschen online but irl they look like the "betas" they despise

Cognitive dissonance - Many such cases!


Whose the second pic supposed to be?

The mentality of the far right is fascinating

Those guys are the alt-right dogs


The communism was coming from inside the house!!!!



everything gubment does=communism

I've noticed the alt right loves to post pictures of communists who died at an old age as evidence that they're superior

Ironically enough capitalism is the only reason that those laws and institutions were brought into being in the first place. Marx was right all along.

I find it funny that they think the EPA, FDA and OSHA have that much power. Among other things.

Marx be praised.




Forgot the best part: American French German Russian German Irish Spanish German Latvian American Brasilian German Irish Russian

Wut in the actual fuck?


Oh my!

Douches support trump no one was surprised first pic clearly shows it but 3rd pic is absolutely disgusting 4th pic shows that furries have to go to >>>/gulag/ or >>>/gaschamber/.

I'd really like a source for the Trotsky thing, for once.

Why do Holla Forumsyps feel the need to slap Trump parafenelia on every drawing of a remotely attractive girl?

Or in this case a fucking cartoon anthropomorphic bunny

I almost feel like posting Matt Forney is cheating

What a waste of perfectly good quads.

No. He is the embodiment of Holla Forums stereotypes.
Clearly underweight, wearing a shirt that says cuck, and a camo hat that says MAGA.

There isn't one


What a pussy.

Shut it down!!

Hey fuck you some of us furs are actually comrades

Autism - many such cases!

why the fuck would Holla Forums like sonic youth

lmao, Pinochet's supporters give a Nazi salute openly? That's wild.

His face is much, much worse

holy shit


Who is Matt Fomey?

brace youselves



I don't even know where to start.

He writes for Return of Kings which is like one of those red pill pick up artist type sites. He was one of these alt-right white nationalist types years before it was hip to be one. He writes books and articles about going to the Philippines for sex tourism (despite being a white nationalist). He's genuinely like a huge woman hater and a giant piece of shit all around. In his podcasts and his videos he speaks like he's the biggest alpha male in the world but whenever he gets confronted in real life he pisses himself and runs away.

And despite being a white nationalist he went and covered a BLM rally for his website or something but he's such a fucking beta that he actually shouted out "Power to the people" so he wouldn't look out of place.

Go and listen to his podcast if you want to be horrified at his shitty opinions

Damn that's so fucking lame.

Hi Holla Forums
We hate Shillary here too

Whose the girl in that picture?

Obviously only an evil bourgeois capitalist cannot afford dental care, unlike the masses of working class leftists who totally aren't spending their parents money on a university degree


not an argument. it's all correct

I was posting it because it was pretty cringey. Trying to get an elderly woman to shit her self on live television was definitely one of the weirdest bits of this whole election.

not an argument

you on the right


I still can't believe this is real.
As a moralist I have to call incest much more degenerate than breeding with a women of another race lol.

on the internet

on real life

I had to look up 1488.

Holy shit! they sure love their symbolism and numerology.

I think that's an overly convoluted explanation.

I always knew it to be the 14 words "muh white children n shit" and 88 is HH, Heil Hitler.

he was on the verge of tears at the end

this guy looks like he came out of a comic book or something

I don't know fampai I have a distant cousin who has a really nice personality

And also a really nice ass.

Why the fuck you shave your head with a skull like this, my gott

fix your site, cripplewheels

Say hello to


what the fuck


"entered my wife's womb last night"


here comes them black dicks inseminating our white wymyn

if you judge people on superficial traits don't be surprised when people do the same to you

The real question is how pic 4 knows what his daughter's pussy looks like.


more pussy science

go on.

Would anyone be up for a raid on /cow/?

If you ever wondered how people end up so ignorant.

Why is the alt right so obsessed with black dick?

This may shock you but no - Monsanto, the fed and the existence of government departments is not communist enough for Holla Forums


Marx was an accelerationist.

It's big, it's hard, it's black, and it's destroying the white race so I'll just maintain this 3Gb collection of BBC pics.


1. What is a paedophile? (USA spelling: pedophile)
A person who is sexually attracted to children.

2. Are women who enjoy breastfeeding children paedophiles?
Yes they are, because they feel sexually aroused with breastfeeding and some even admit this has led to orgasm. But even if the female clitoris, vagina, ovaries and uterus didn't exist, breasts are sexual in nature, not only because they can provide high physical pleasure in a more sustained manner than the clitoris and the vagina, but also because the mother craves physical contact with the child, eg she wants to have her breasts sucked, and uses the child to satisfy her cravings. This is not love, this is lust. Many women become so addicted that they carry on breastfeeding their children until they are 8 or more years, most in secret. This is not acceptable and is child abuse. Moreover the children are very likely to behave like the mother when they grow up, and the spiral of paedophilia will continue.

3. What are the sexual organs in a woman?
Breasts, clitoris and vagina. They are connected and can communicate with each other and can all give high sexual physical pleasure. Breasts are sexual in nature, just like the clitoris and vagina are. They crave for physical contact and specially sucking. For example, oral sex between adults covers sucking the breasts, sucking the clitoris, sucking the penis. If a woman wants breast physical pleasure she should find another adult to have fun with, not a child.

move on, nothing to see here

This spooked fuck needs to read Zizek and learn that we don't desire what we desire.

Spurdo poster is the hero of the thread

This is a classic

because they are against fascism? XDD
they are dumb as fuck





cousins are okay if they're distant enough
what polyps were advocating here was fucking their own sisters
trailer trash tier

Fuckin' normie

fucking lol, fake but still funny

smh fam

pls stop trying to reach an ideological middle ground with nazis leftypol

AL vs AR
AltLeft < AltRight

1. the fuck is the altleft?
2. you're probably wrong anyway

1 the Alt Left is anything that isn't
2 you're probably okay

Keep this thread alive.

Get ready.

There is no alt-left you faggot, it's a Holla Forums honeypot

1. not real
2. you're right