Varg vs Zizek

who would win in a debate?

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They'd just end up agreeing with each other

Vargs ideology would get shanked faster than Euronymous.

Zizek has a whole field of academia dedicated to studying his writings, but the debate would probably devolve down to a chat and mocking people they hate.

I'm imagining Varg taking Zizek out to the woods so they can throw axes. Zizek tries on Varg's armor. He looks absolutely adorable because it's oversized and he keeps tugging at the chainmail.

Varg would claim that Zizek lured him to his apartment and then attacked him, and he had no choice but to use a knife to save his life. He'd then do another 20 years in prison.

Some murderous metalhead pagantard vs an actual philosopher. Gee, I wonder.


pick one fagtard

Varg isn't murderous



killing one guy 20 years ago isn't really enough to be considered murderous.
it was also possible in self defence

He send a bomb to a metal band in Israel.

that was also over 20 years ago

An autistic primitivist with no proper knowledge vs an academic with proper education who wrote nearly a 100 books, gee I wonder who would win.

probably the musician

Are we talking about a rock off like this or a debate?

oh, ok

Did he also send the bomb to the band in Israel in self defense?

How did Varg go from a Holla Forums meme to a Holla Forums hero again?

so just because you where murderous in your youth you are it you whole life?

Isn't this basically your opinion on black people?

uh no?