People all over Twitter and Facebook are claiming that assad will kill everyone once he captures the city. Will he?

People all over Twitter and Facebook are claiming that assad will kill everyone once he captures the city. Will he?

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Lel I doubt it
The YPG is right there and they helped take the city
Unless Assad wants beef with the second strongest force in the Civil War he'll be on good behavior

All over I'm seeing headlines that they are burning children and hanging innocents in the streets and the white helmets are calling for immediate intervention. And yet no pictures for evidence anywhere. Something seems a bit off


This account is another:

Do you really think Assad is that retarded?
He would be signing the death warrant on his government

Look at this shit. So many people calling for intervention. All impassioned, emotional pleas and no evidence at all

I'd understand it if IS did mass executions like that.
But Assad knows damn well that doing it himself would mean a stronger international response; it is not in his interest to do so.
So what might this be? Probably fake reports, orchestrated by any significant power that is able to produce those reports. Probably the US, Russia is pro-Assad.
Until pictures come out, I think this is the most plausible situation.

What does it matter? There are no good guys among Middle Eastern regimes.

Why does matter whether or not there will be a civilian massacre?

Apparently Assad's troops are burning children alive in Aleppo

But Assad is actually the good guy

the guy who uses chemical weapons and barrel bombs to commit genocide against innocent civilians is the good guy? okay.

I highly doubt that he is going to do that. I am pretty sure it is complete bullshit as there is no pictures to prove it and liberals are just gullible as fuck retards anyway.

Why would he slaughter them after taking the city?

I've seen that too, but I've yet to see any evidence of any of this and I've been looking for the past two hours. All the pictures I've found are older and claim to be just taken or people who clearly were caught in a blast and claimed to be burned alive

Actually the rebels did that.

>>>Holla Forums

This is the one that claimed to be FSA soldiers who were burned alivs

Whoever wins this particular conflict will massacre the other side. This is how Middle-Eastern conflicts go. There is no use caring about it.

Middle Eastern dictators can never actually be good, just less bad than the alternatives. With that said, the alternatives, like ISIS, are pretty fucking bad.

Stop pretending you know shit about the Syrian civil war and educate yourself. And you don't care, fuck off

thinks you

I've yet to see anything other than hysteric tweets. I've seen pictures of people celebrating in the streets tho.

I'd agree with you but I can't see how YPG wouldn't realize that too.

YPG either is too strong for Assad to pull that off or they have something else up their sleeve right?…..right…….RIGHT!?

They've worked out some deals of their own at the behest of the Russians. I assume the plan is autonomy for Rojava. Maybe they have some plan to split oil profits from the region too. Can't really know for sure, but I don't think Assad is stupid enough to extend the conflict. In the long term he will likely do what he can to undermine Rojava. If that isn't the case and relations with Turkey continue to be shit he may see it as a valuable buffer region and base to undermine the Turkish state. Really we can't know for sure how this will turn out without some insider information, but I think it is safe to say attacks on the YPG probably aren't in the cards for his regime.

Who is this Loubna Mrie, who does she work for, where does she get her information from? I see no sources there.
Who else are these "people all over Twitter and Facebook"? Who is getting shared? Who is getting retwitted?

People who think being anti imperialist is supporting the other imperialist will

Unfortunately nobody can get rid of the tankies

At last anfem tripfag is telling truths

Assad is a big guy

I don't understand why people feel the need to lie about Assad's wrongdoings when he's already done so many plainly awful shit that actually happened.

All these social media activists calling Aleppo another Srebenica also think Assad is committing a genocide against Sunnis. Both regarded ideas

Daily reminder not to talk to tripfags, especially anfem

Whenever you start out a post with daily reminder it reminds me that you shouldn't post on this board ever again


No the chemical weapons thing. In fact it was the Syrian government that requested the investigation into the attacks. The Improvised bombs thing is right though but I don´t see how they are any different from other bombs regarding what the so called civilized world refers to as "collateral damage".

The narrative needs to constantly be refreshed with newer and more lurid horrors to stimulate the public consciousness. American media especially is filled with awful shit happening around the world at all times though neglecting to say that America is at fault for most of it. Lest they become inured, new outrages must be devised in order to shock and stimulate the electorate into compliance with the directives of the bourgeoisie.

Hope so…

Nah, they're better alive. There are thousands of foreign jihadi scum in Aleppo. The SAA is allowing Syrian citizens out. Foreigners are being detained. I expect a bit of torture before being very publicly handed back to the western nations from which they came, or hanged. I'm happy either way.


Yeah that'd be the white helmets.

FUCKING LOOK AT THIS. Fucking blatant lying and I've seen libs already shame people of twitter and Facebook for questioning the validity of this


Assad did nothing wrong.

The Secretary-General is alarmed over reports of atrocities against a large number of civilians, including women and children, in recent hours in Aleppo. While stressing that the United Nations is not able to independently verify these reports , the Secretary-General is conveying his grave concern to the relevant parties. He has instructed his Special Envoy for Syria to follow up urgently with the parties concerned.
The United Nations underlines the obligation of all parties on the ground to protect civilians and abide by international humanitarian and human rights law. This is particularly the responsibility of the Syrian Government and its allies.

wew lad

I love that this non-statement gives carte blanch to western media to trot out headlines like "CIVILIANS KILLED ON THE SPOT" or "CIVILIAN MASSACRES TAKING PLACE IN ALEPPO" as long as they say it was just reported in the body. That way they aren't technically lying or misleading the population.

read the thread


The Rebels have sewn a very large, complex blanket of propaganda in this war – particularly in regards to Aleppo – to the point that it's very difficult to determine fact from fiction anymore. You see it with that Bana Alabed account and in their hundreds of Western journalist mouthpieces pushing warped narratives. No doubt Assad aligned forces have committed crimes and maybe they're doing so in Aleppo. But the rebel propagandists have lied so much that a lot of people have become skeptical to any claims of wrongdoing from SAA. And you know what, I don't blame them.

I also have a lot of disdain for "activists" and charities that hide their sinister motives behind "humanitarianism". Jeremy Corbyn was giving a speech recently and he was interrupted by protestors demanding the UK "do something". Of course when they say this, they mean no fly zones, they mean regime change, they mean complicating and prolonging this war further. They won't say these things outright though and will accuse you of being an Assadist if you dissect their platitudes.

It's a very, very post modern and deceitful war. My heart goes out to the civilians caught in the middle of it, and I hate to see them being used as justification for sinister desires for people who don't have Syria's best interests at heart, just like they didn't give a shit about Iraq or Libya.

How many people a few years ago made an existential nightmare out of Gaddafi and pushed for regime change, only to neglect to ever think about Libya or its people ever again in the aftermath of his murder? Disgusting.

I don't mean to glorify tyrants. I'm not of those Anti Imperialist™ Phil Greaves types. But you can't be a fool for imperial urges either.

They're doing slaughter-style executions AND execution-style slaughters! wtf I hate Assad now

New video showing the last rebel held parts of aleppo being evacuated. They seem to fine

verified video showing people celebrating in east aleppo

And as of yet absolutely no evidence at all for the mass executions, rapes, burning alive etc. No reports from anyone other than "activists". Not even one picture or video


there's pics and vids alright

just of the absolute bullshit kind







oh yeah, I meant ones that were verified. The "activists" pull that kind of shit every fucking week

the war is not over though
just a major battleground has been won
hopefully Assad and the SAA will go on with this new wind in their backs

Absolutely. I wish on normiebook and in normieland you could sage these blatant propaganda posts released by the pro-war cia

But the BBC and co seem to think the concerns are legit!

'Fake News' was a great hand for them to play, just re-establising their credability in the eyes of the public.

Monthly reminder that Russia and Assad were offering a peace deal around 2012, but the west smugly rejected it

'burned alive' could mean they were hit wit an airstrike. They don't look all that crispy in that picture. But burned alive is the perfect emotive descriptor if you're looking to build outrage.

Funny, Russia has just said they've reached an agreement for evacuation of the remaining rebels. Surely the libs will celebrate this?

They'll celebrate whatever the State Department tells them to.

The west has ran propaganda for them. White Helmets were founded by an ex UK armed forces officer/special forces who has ties to Turkey. The NED, IRI and USAID have been running democracy and journalism 'workshops' for years prior to the conflict. It is a well oiled machine but people are seeing through it and this terrifies them.

The number of concessions, amnesties and truces Assad has offered is mind-boggling. History will have a lot to say on this topic, especially when Assad comes to dealing with the foreign fighters already in, or soon to be in his care.


not a huge supporter of assad but the way the US demonizes him gives me quite the chuckle

boohoo those poor terrorist.
dey wuz good bois, dey din du nuffin.
they just wanted to behead, set on fire, explode, stone and thow out of building a bunch of people.

how can you be so intolerant ?

the best thing about Assad is the way the war has liberated him from the PR niceties heads of states normally endure. he straight up calls the US sponsors of terrorists these days and calls them out on their shit. He also called Erdogan mentally deranged recently too lmao

He's a smart guy too. I think this could be another Iran-contra moment for the US.


It doesn't matter if he will or not, #RealNews will say he did.

We aren't talking about refugees itt. Gtfo

kek what's this meant to achieve? it's over, SAA have take Aleppo completely

It's not even funny at this point anymore, just enfuriating.

Every hospital has been the last one in Aleppo for months.

The end of conflict on western soil was a mistake. The USSR should have invaded and stopped the baby boomers and their descendants being completely mentally infantilized.


Call me naive and shit, but until the Last hospital of Aleppo meme I never realised just how untrustworthy the media is when it comes to MENA coverage. I assumed there was bullshit in it but not the extent of it.

Yeah, no army ever massacred the civilians after """liberating""" a city.

Where's the footage of that happening then?

They didn't say it was definitely happening, just that your assertion it couldn't possibly happen was nonsense.

When aleppo was liberated I watched people from syria post images of people celebrating in the streets.

a bloddy civil war was finally comming to a close.

here is what American media conglomerates have as their headlines:

Isnt it funny how the syrians themselves are celebrating, but the American Military-Media complex is reporting something totally different?

==Believing lies told by CIA twit bots== Believing lies told by CIA propaganda bots on Twitter

Lets all be good automaton droids now and do exactly as our masters wish!


I'm not tho

Wasn't there a huge fucking corridor for them to escape that was open for weeks?

Rebels tried to kill anyone who went through the corridors. Think about it, once the civilians left they wouldn't have had the ability to cry holocaust or genocide.



Go ahead. check that theory out. try and report cnn as fake news on facebook. You cant

now tell me that facebook isnt full of gov't and cia bots.

Should we add this debacle to the number of wars started, but not won, by the US?

Just because he's hated by America doesn't mean automatic solidarity

fucking idiot

This whole "last message" psyop took the damn internet by storm today. I wonder who was behind it. CIA? Mossad?

The one good thing about this is that the internet is so fucking ubiquitous that anons can disprove a government backed narrative from browsing Reddit and Twitter.

1. Experts express their "concerns" that an event will take place
2. When the time is right, "anonymous local sources" produce "reports" of the event happening
3. Major news outlets multiply those reports with sensationalised headlines, citing one another, briefly mentioning that they're "uncomfirmed"
4. Experts start to analyze the events as if they had already been well confirmed
5. The event becomes a "well known fact" in the popular consciousness

The rebels in Syria are U.S backed Islamic extremists. If you want to see what Syria would look like with them in charge just look at Libya or Somalia.

I hope based Assad burns them all, burns them in their homes, burns them in their beds.

Just an agenda, careerism and lack of originality tbh.

Journalists know they supposed to shit anti-Assad lines regularly and they know sad stories will get them RTs and will maybe even make it to the news.

Reminder (as if you needed it) that there are no Western journalists in Aleppo.

None. Not a single one.

Literally all of their news comes from "activists" inside the battle zone who they communicate with via twitter and chat programs.

If you follow somebody from Syria on twitter, you're literally just as informed as anybody who writes for the Washington Post.

How can they see how fully manipulated they are? I think people are getting dumber.

Doesn't the same go for Mosul? The Pentagon prohibits any journalist they don't personally authorize iirc


I fucking hate everyone. Eiffel tower literally honoring Al Qaeda terrorists.

lots of fake info about what's going on^tfw^tfw^tfw

despite that, having spoken with many syrians, i think that assad is a brutal dictator and shouldn't receive any support from us

tfw havent kept up with what is going on and where I stand on this

can Holla Forums spoonfeed me on this whole thing, like you're talking to a retard?

ignore flag was memeing

That's just lazy.

CIA or some shady group are astroturfing supports for the """moderate rebels""" again, libs falling for it as per.

I'll admit, I don't know shit about Assad's actions as leader of Syria, but I'm going to assume that the worst he does is jail and execute rebels, and maybe a couple hundred civvies that get caught up in the mess of post-civil war purges and reprisals.

That isn't to say that isn't bad, but I doubt Syrian forces are going to reach ISIS levels of murder and barbarism, for example. Maybe somebody can prove me wrong though, but Assad doesn't strike me as a total rogue. He is a dictator that will brutally suppress opposition, like in the early days of the civil war when Syrian forces were shooting protestors in the streets, but he isn't about to randomly murder civilians caught up in shit they have no part in. A lot of people didn't want to live in rebel territory. What is he going to do, order his troops to kill his supporters, kill people that are happy to just end all of this?


Go to r/syriancivilwar and decide for yourself

But here's a small snippet

who could be behind this


You can support the Kurds while realizing that they aren't going to take over Syria and that Assad is preferable to Salafi fundamentalists. Why can't you people grasp nuance?

Also SDF is currently allied with the regime so I don't see what your problem is.

I think people don't know what is happening. How much of the rebel forces are YPG? I saw a map of Aleppo broken up by faction that shows the majority of Aleppo's rebel area controlled by al-nusra and other jihadists, though it was an MSM map that refused to call them anything other than "rebels". If you dig deeper though, you can find estimated numbers and affiliations of these "rebels" and they're mostly islamic militants and salafists.

You're conflating two different groups. The US doesn't consider the YPG as a part of their official "moderate rebels" that they initially supported. That would be the FSA and all the groups that make them up. FSA has direct ties to Nusra. The YPG is a totally separate issue.

So what do the Kurds have to do with it?

And I don't claim to know anything about Syria or Aleppo, but I just figured if he is talking about Kurds the YPG must be somewhere in Aleppo. But you're right, the map was from a while ago.

What do the Kurds have to do with what?

The YPG currently has control over a neighbourhood in Aleppo called Sheikh Maqsood. They aren't really concentrated on the Aleppo siege as they are currently on their way to assault Raqqa and Aleppo is pretty much over at this point.

Oh, just what that other guy was saying. He said he thought leftypol supported Kurds, but now it is pro-assad. I didn't know what the Kurds have to do with Assad pushing jihadists out of Aleppo.

The YPG and the regime worked together to take back Aleppo.

if he doesnt i will


He could be talking about the SDF which has taken in many former FSA groups like Jaysh al-Thuwar who felt the revolution was being betrayed by Islamists and sectarian death squads.

Canadian reporter holds press conference at the UN to tell the truth about Syria.
Skip to 13:25 if you want to see the mainstream Journalist get BTFO

Civilians making social media pleas from Aleppo actually activists with MSM primetime access (VIDEO)

thankyou, is the reddit as says any good? I don't have high hopes for that site, but I'll take what I can get I suppose.

Assad's soldiers are human garbage but as far as I can tell these "final messages" are just being made by Jihadis or some unfortunate and foolhardy reporters embedded with the FSA.

Trump is in charge now. Nobody would do anything if Assad conquered Rojava.

No, he isn't. He's still a fascist, and the fact that he;s fighting Islamic extremists doesn't change that.

Assad is better than the FSA but the Syrian people need an alternative.

There is literaly no proof that assad ordered the use of chemical weapons.

Do your research plz


yes. Reddit in general is terrible for discussion but the people on that sub scour the reaches of the internet for anything about syria. And there are similar subreedits for most other conflicts around the world

Its awesome tbh

With that info and those trips, I'll have to at least check it out. There's no doubt that mainstream media lies to us about nearly everything, but it can be difficult to decipher how much, and in what way. Thanks.

just keep in mind that the scw sub is heavily pro Assad, to the point of being delusional

not really tbh. People are either pro assad or neutral. Basically no one supports the "opposition" which makes sense because if you have a bit a knowledge about the war and are not a salafi, you wouldn't support them

No. What the fuck do people think he is? Super mecha hitler? Even if I dont like Assas, it seems like a retarded attempt at propaganda, just like when they said those soldiers killed babies.

SAA would get absolutely BTFO if they went near Rojava

fair point

But literal Turkish shill Michael Flynn being in the White House is scary

Why the fuck "liberate" a city if youre going to kill everyone in it anyway? Like just fucking level it, like do a long term siege nigga, starve them to death.

Also getting real tired of these captchas


SAA are an absolutely woeful fighting force you melon. So are the NDF. The majority of SAA are conscripted Sunnis who hate Assad and have no desire to fight for him, hence why they continually get BTFO like they just did in Palmyra.

He hasn't touched Rojava and he's obviously the way better choice than islamist CIA puppets.

Jesus Christ. Are you guys defined now by a pure contrarianism towards Holla Forums? Then you are just dancing to their tune

He won't kill everyone, even the actual rebel soldiers mostly just got exiled to Idlib in exchange for surrender.

There might (probably will) be executions of prominent rebel activists who didn't get out of town, or isolated massacres by poorly disciplined troops. But Assad isn't Daesh and *does* want to govern Aleppo after he retakes it.

I'd fuck that mouth.

The second your kurdish whores touch the SAA will be the second the syrians, the russians, the turks, the iranians and god knows what else will gang up agains Rojava.

They better play nice if they want to survive.

me 2

The Assad regime in Syria are Iran backed Islamic extremists. If you want to see what Syria would look like with them in charge just look at Syria right now.

Pure unalduterated horseshit.

Kek. While Iran is backing him, assad's government has always been secular and I don't see why that would change after he beats back the opposition

Btw where do you get your news and shit from?

This is actual russian propaganda.

Kurdish forces won't antagonise the regime. If they wanted to they could murder every Assad loyalist in Qamishli and Hasakah. There was skirmishes in both these towns when Assad loyalists acted up, and both times they got destroyed. But YPG forces will not go after the regime if not provoked. The only scenario in which the SAA comes into conflict with Rojava is if the SAA is the aggressor.

Jesus you dipshit, her claims are correct, she didn't go on the CIA trips, ie MSM, so all claims shall be ignored.

The people want Assad, there is no massacre in Aleppo, the goodbye propaganda and White Helmet nonsense is laughable.


His primary supporters are the Islamic republic of Iran, the Party of Allah and a host of other sectarian militias.

For Syria and the ME I'm assuming., especially this one
various twitter people, mostly

and also r/syriancivilwar, event though its quality has gone down lately.


no they don't that's why there were widespread revolts against Assad in 2011 and 2012 and why his father had to commit mass democide to stay in power. No one wants an autocrat

Hezbollah don't call for shariah law or an Islamist state in Lebanon or in Syria.

They immediately knew the civil war was a CIA job astro turf, they were asking for changes not a terrorist foreign led campaign, Al Nursra, or any of the hundred other barbarian forces trying to change a regime.

Assad is the legitimate leader, and has a duty to put down the terrorist plots.

It's a psy op.


I don't trust Russian references but trusting western media and NGOs is even worse.

This interview with Assad is pretty nice though, should be taken with a grain of salt but having the Regime's narrative directly from the source is good.

The vdc literally gets all its statistics from opposition activists. Lmao

that was my point

But you are right. Despite the fact the un lists them as an independent originization idk how independent you can be getting all your casualty info from the "rebels"

Literally all the reports of attrocities are coming from rebel sources inside Syria, and then being presented in Western media as fact. None of it has been corroborated by independent sources.

Just saw a post on Reddit about how some nurse killed herself to prevent being raped by Assad's forces.

Thankfully some people were willing to be suspicious. I mean, with all this sob story stuff coming out it's hard not to be.

Of course the question is: why? The war's been going on for how many years now, why are they trying to make the tail wag the dog of war now? Is it because the election's over so they don't have to worry about voters' feelings for another year or two? Or do they simply feel like it's now or never?

This exactly. And it is. The opposition is largely finished after Aleppo. I hear isis recaptured Palmyra, but that won't last long

unproven claim

I guess you should blame the terrorists for housing their American-supplied TOW installations in hospitals and stuffing those same buildings with hostages