Marxist Vegan Restaurant Closes After Customers No Longer Willing to Wait 40 Minutes for a Sandwich

Marxist Vegan Restaurant Closes After Customers No Longer Willing to Wait 40 Minutes for a Sandwich

Worse still, while the food earned Bartertown a spot on VegNews’s “10 Hot New Vegan Restaurants” list, customers complained that it was almost impossible to get a meal at the diner.

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this gonna be their favorite story for a long time

""""socialism"""" doesn't work when you have a bunch of teenagers working for an owner rather than their own benefit

This discovery had rocked Marxism to its core

we already had a few threads about this.


1 fails while the rest flourish, whats your point? Does every capitalist enterprise succeed? You realise statistically co-ops are less likely to go under.

wtf i love capitalism now

40 minutes for a sandwich isn't long if it's a good sandwich, people just don't have any patience nowadays

this tbqh

literally something like 90% of startups fail
in fact cooperatives are larger and last longer than traditional businesses
source: RD Wolff
co-ops are egalitarian capitalism anyway lol
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You mean "Utopian Socialism in One Restaurant"

Will customer service be important in Communism, or will that be bourgoise counter revolutionary attacks on great worker owned vegan eaterys?

Trick question, veganism would be illegal, and rightly so.

So… not capitalism.

you turn into monkeys and so on

what could be meant by this

Pirates are considered to be commies most of the time and they had pay scale. It makes perfect sense to me as long as it's reasonable.

Did you talk about your next investment plan?

let's see
wage labor disciplined by SNALT and compensated with money, which when spent (to buy commodities on the market) becomes capital again
production of commodities for sale on the market with distribution based on ability to pay
capital is invested to make a profit, which is reinvested to make more profit AKA the capital circuit
ownership is private property (split up like a corporation) and enforcable through violence (state or local violence)
business fails due to low PROFIT
darn, this kind of seems like capitalism to me

and I wasn't saying it was still capitalism because it's not egalitarian, you can have different compensation scales in socialism. I was just pointing out that it's not really even egalitarian capitalism


Your cancerous illogical tirade makes no sense nor does your idiotic paragraphing. Time to go back to high school.

NAA lel


Are you retarded? oh wait its council Communism :^)

Clearly this is what happens when you let the people decide.

Just think of the chaos under socialism, everyone setting their clocks to suit their own sleeping patterns, every night being a schoolnight, every night not being a schoolnight, days are nights, workdays are weekends. Pure fucking chaos!

let me guess: you are one of those retards that thinks business owners are managers


Can't you read? These people decided to just turn up to work at any time they wanted.

If you can't make money in a Marxist worker owned store, how do you think anyone is going to make money in socialism? How is anyone going to make money in communism?

These people have single handedly blown the BTFO out of leftism.

You talk like a nigger.

Do you also hate physics because you don't understand it?

It's hardly socialism's fault if they run the place poorly. In fact, businesses like that ought to fail if they're not providing value. Do you think socialism means having no managers and weird, stupid opening times? If a capitalist enterprise did the same thing it would go under as well, and probably faster. There's no helping it if the owner(s) are retards.

Fucking idpol.

Not my comrades.

It will all be sex tokens or what?

Zizek was right

You're blaming your pants for shitting yourself, not your sphincter

You're blaming the people in the workplace, not the retarded system

Sounds like a bunch of retards were in control. This could happen under anything.

Just learn to make a fucking sandwich. All you need is the ingredients a flat surface and potentially a butter knife.

These people would have failed under any other system.

I can't understand why anyone would try to socialize the production of any meal that can't be produced in bulk like soup or something.

Maybe an over-sized pizza or salad. The kind of shit you'd find at a breakfast buffet maybe.

Even Poo in Loos spend hours blending spices and building flavour in big charcoal kitchens. Why the fuck would a soup or pizza be desirable in Communism over large scale but quality produce, You are basically saying make less effort than dirt poor India.

Lol this is a whole new level of lifestylism

lol this is even worse than market socialism

I'm just giving options for prepared food for someone that doesn't have a kitchen space. But I do completely agree just sell the ingredients and produce at a fair price and people can prepare that shit in their own kitchen.

If people don't like cooking all the time than they can go over to their neighbors house and eat a meal together once or twice a week or something.

Is this the first time Holla Forums has heard of a cooperative?

Pic related, coops do it better and without parasitic shareholders leeching off them.

So the people running the place were incompetent idealists and the locals were hostile to the concept
Gee, I wonder how that could go wrong.
Try something like this next time

So are you just going to totally ignore all the successful co-ops like Mondragon?


Wow it's almost like marxist models are flawed or something

You do realize you're basically shitting on capitalist start ups too right?

You can't have a "Marxist" business in a capitalist society and culture. It doesn't work

Yes, you can. Sorry, if the workers own production then it's Marxist, you can't have a communist business in this society though.

And for a Marxist business to work you would need to discriminate to get the most suitable workers, and liberal faggots would shut you down.

I'm honestly baffled at reactionaries bringing this up as a failure of socialism. The business went under precisely because it didn't accept exploitation. It's a picture-perfect example that capitalism is incompatible with ethics.

Jesus fucking christ, I know most of you faggots don't read but this is a new low.

Also, while co-ops have nothing to do with socialism, not all co-ops fuck up in such a spectacular manner. Those that manage to instill some discipline in their workers can do okay for themselves, though they're at a massive disadvantage in terms of finance, since they can't sell shares (obviously) and banks tend to be wary of giving them loans.

Here's a fairly successful example:

It's worth pointing out that the worker/owners of the Mondragon corporation hire managers and have an internal administrative hierarchy, which probably helps maintain necessary discipline.

It went under because you either need a good leader to survive, or you need to discriminate wildly to get the type of people to be part of the workers commitee, that means no 'victims of white supremacy' who have no desire to be really be part of the venture, just get what they can out of it and scheme and scream, without the obligation part.

You have no idea what "Marxist" means.

This isn't true.

Care to be specific?

Neither did Marx, but if a business is owned by the workers, and operates in that vein that their labour is not exploited you can say it is Marxist in philosophy and it COULD work in a capitalist economy, where as a Communist business could not work as a matter of fact.

It is time for those Soviet-styled canteens to return. Latvia still had a few last time I checked, the menu is pretty basic but good quality food a menu of the day with diff side-dishes, and a large living room setting. Usually they are spacious set up diners with carpet and long curtains next to the high windows, for example downtown Riga, check it out. No queues at the buffet.

Read the pdf you dip

Okay, I've just finished reading this and no where does it refute anything I said in my previous post (>>1146937), in future maybe you could take time to make an actual argument rather than just dumping a PDF.

Jesus christ, we're reading levels of read-a-fucking-book previously unknown to man

I did. It refuted nothing I said.

They aren't a disadvantage in terms of finance. there's nothing to indicate they suffer from that. You claimed they were at a disadvantage financially, I posted a PDF that refutes that. They typically last just as long as a normal business, are as or more capital intensive. I also posted that to refute you implying co-ops are more likely to go under when in reality they're just as, or more successful than private businesses.

Anyway, I think the "having a strong leader" thing is irrelevant, It's more about having a cohesive team because most decisions in co-ops are made democratically.

You read a book you wee dafty this has been written about obsessively.
What is prescribed as Marxist now is mostly ideas Marx would or did not subscribe too, so calling Marx a 'Marxist' is nonsense as he would not agree with many 'Marxists'. This is root of the 'not actual Marxism' argument and one of the main Academic topics of the last century, starting with how Lenin wasn't a Marxist; and on and on and on.

Marxism is historical materialism. If you mean that co-ops are supported by Marxian economist then okay, that's fair. But saying you can have a "Marxist" set up in a Capitalist country is hilarious and outs you for the illiterate fuck you are. Stop trying to seem smart, and read a book.

A business can't be viewed in historical materialist terms, only a whole economy. A business can be Marxist in philosophy, did you not read I said it could not be Communist which could not exist in a Capitalist country, so yes that is 'hilarious' to call it communist. But most people don't give a shit about gommunism including me as so they just laugh at Vegan wankers.

You're making some false dichotomy between "Marxist" and "Communist". Instead of playing semantics with you I'm going to ask you to define what you mean by "Marxist philosophy".

I wasn't implying this at all, you need to re-read my post. I was saying that they have difficulty gaining external funding, finance in the sense of a loan or share float, not finance in the colloquial sense of the term. I'm well aware that they have no more trouble with income than a standard business.
What I was saying is that they have trouble forming due to difficulty securing initial funding and furthermore have difficulty growing to the truly massive sizes that joint-stock corporations can reach, again, due to difficulty gaining external funding.

Mondragon seem to be an exception to the rule, probably because they own their own bank and can get loans internally.

Fair enough. I think both are important though, and the business in OP's post seemed to be lacking in both departments.

I'm sorry, but if you think Marx "prescribed" co-ops then you definitely haven't read Marx.

I think we agree overall and I just misread your post, so I'm glad I posted the PDF for reading material for the OP.

I didn't, and I don't think this business was a co-op anyway.

*breath in* boi
most of your criticisms can also be leveled against market socialism which is universally considered to be socialism even by people who hate it, most people who hate cooperatives dislike them because they operate within capitalism
that's not private ownership of the means of production for the purpose of accumulating potentially unlimited profit for the owners of the means of production to wipe their asses with. it IS ownership of the means of production by the proletariat for the purpose of making them a living. it's just not perfect.
see above
see above
no it's not, it's just a smaller public than you would like
even FALC would operate like this. if there's no money going in to pay the bills you close. unless you want a big ol' state to handle this?

Bitch you shut the fuck up and try stepping out of your trailer park for once, don't trivialize Indian cuisine because it's on some ancient, next-level shit. You are uncultured and can eat my ass.


I guess we were just talking past each other then.

well tell me where can other marxist restaurants be found?

I'm eating Indian right now you butthurt street shitter, I said EVEN the Indians, dirt poor as they are spent most of their day building great flavours and elaborate dishes like Biriyani, so why the fuck would it be impossible for great food in a Communist system to have great food.

as i see it it was a bunch of people that decided that profit and marketing were bourgeoisie and so failed to retain customers
despite attracting many

It wasn't real restaurant


Thanks for letting us all know that you're mentally still entirely within a liberal framework.