Future ethics question to Holla Forums

Let's say that we're quite a few decades into the future, and we have full flesh and bone robo-cloning available.
There's a very popular male celebrity (think Justin Bieber at his height x3) and he has offered to send a free clone of himself to live with and be a partner to any female that wants it.
Literally every female in the world takes this option and has no need for any other male. The only way men can now get relationships or sex is by rape, which many men are turning to.

At this point, would you agree and say "enough is enough" and take away female choice in relationships and instead assign them to men?

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If robo-clones exist, what's to stop all men from getting a clonewaifu of their choice?

This was my first thought, but then I realised OP is worried about being dumped by his robot for a Bieberbot.

Get your shit together OP.

This, why would they get a perfect clone while we get used up 3DPD Slags?

Only the original person may authorize a clone of themselves, and no woman wants to because they see it as objectification.


So? They can just get one based off a drawing or fictional character.

Cloning a living person should be banned to begin with.

This is a completely unrealistic scenario. Look at all the women who happily participate in allegedly objectifying professions today. Somebody somewhere would be willing to clone themselves.

The clones are made out of living people, kind of like in Star Wars Attack of the Clones

People tried to but the Stirnerist faction filibustered it

Cloning a living person should be banned to begin with.>>1145578

Why would your solution of ending female rights be approved by congress then

Wow a lot of faggots dodging this question. A lot of feminazi id pol scum in here I bet.

To answer your question, I wouldn't wait for robots to assign a woman a man. When the revolution happens, we must breed according to genes and sterilize those who aren't fit. Those with a docile demeanor should be bred whereas those that are more aggressive should be sterilized. Loyalty is for the whole and not the individual.


What the fuck are you talking about OP? Do you live in this reality in your mind? Are you blaming your lack of a girlfriend on the Bieberbots in your head?

This is a bit silly. But, even then, like

says, there's enough attention whores who'd love to do it.

nobody cares about your eugenics masturbation fantasy Holla Forums

It's a stupid fucking question.

Jesus Holla Forums, you're stupid.

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you're the type that will just slack off while real workers do their shit

This is a recurring theme with the right. They seem to have an abundance of fantastical thinking in potential situations which will almost certainly never happen, but legitimately guide their worldview.

Lol look at this faggot. I bet you still believe in the nuclear family.

And you're still dodging it. Just say it bitch, you support feminazism. We're all aware that it's not equality those barren harpies seek but superiority over men. If they really wanted equality, they would help destroy alimony and the unfair ruling in the divorce courts.

This. I've noticed more right wing people on the construction site whereas the left is found in Starbucks or retail stores.

Let's say that we're quite a few decades into the future, and we have full flesh and bone robo-cloning available.

There's a very popular female celebrity (think Katty Perry at her height x3) and she has offered to send a free clone of herself to live with and be a partner to any male that wants it.

Literally every male in the world takes this option and has no need for any other female. The only way women can now get relationships or sex is by rape, which many women are turning to.

At this point, would you agree and say "enough is enough" and take away male choice in relationships and instead assign them to women?

So in a hypothetical scenario where clonebots, who are also organic I assume, can be made the original must authorize the creation of them?

So for a second let's pretend female celebrities don't do it to perserve their "uniqueness", so no Kardashianbot or robo-Sofia Vergara. That leaves us with instagram whores who have 1mil+ dudes starring at booty pics and pornstars who would likely do it. So I could go down to the clone depot and head home with a roboclonewaifu modeled after Keisha Grey or whatever pornstar I jerked off to last and let the legions of women all have Bieberbot, because for some reason all women want a boyish twink.

Furthermore, if the state is powerful enough to issue gfs, it is powerful enough to get people to contribute genetic material to be cloned, so anyone could get the roboclonewaifu they wanted from the distribution center. I mean, getting Salma Hayek to clone herself certainly seems easier in this scenario than forcing random women to pair up with random dudes based on the centrally planned relationship bureau's calculations.

Fuck nogfnazi, your scenario doesn't really make much sense. If you can't get a gf in a society where they can literally grow gfs for you it may be time to end it all.


you claim to support arming the working class, but what if the feminists developed a no gf ray that turns everybody into an incel like me? you would really arm the workers with such unproven technology? wow, seems like you really are an organized conspiracy against me getting a gf. checkmate leftypol.

Found the feminist. Yes I would fuck my waifu because women are fucking trash. False rape accusations, divorce, materialism, etc. That's why I'm more radical than you faggots and believe families should be sanctioned by the state. Want children? Have them after the state does your blood work, finds a suitable match for you then allows you 15 minutes every other day to copulate. She's pregnant? Good. The child will be raised in a commune calling every adult his or her parents.


it's actually pretty impressive that you've survived this long

go home Holla Forumstard

Don't even respond to this unfunny faggot, he's been trying for (You)'s all thread and is clearly some spasticated kid.

I'm trying to portray the world in a certain light that would see from my point of view. In reality, we have this right now, except there are

There are no girl clones available. Girls just don't do it.

Anyway OP you're fucking delusional.

Clones would still have free will.

Let me translate this for yall:

That's bullshit. Fuck man, you can't even create a fictional scenario that makes sense.

Ethics are just spooks.

The needs and rights of others? Who cares.

The only thing that matters is yourself. Only yourself matters and everything else is just a spook.

Okay let's just say that the clones are created from male sperm and that we haven't found a way to make a female version yet

Ethics aren't the same thing as morals, and hedonism is just as spooky. Read Stirner.

We already have female clones. Dolly the Sheep. Your scenario sucks.

Just go for "it's magic, i ain't gonna explain shit" because your explanations really sucks.

You guys are focusing on an irrelevant detail and ignoring my question altogether. Please just answer if you think female choice in that situation is justified or not

Human vs. Orcs

Your scenario is impossible and therefore irrelevant.

Yeah, it's a choice. Just like you'd have the same choice in a reverse scenario.

Male sperm determines the sex of a baby, going by this new scenario we'd have female clones based off male celebs. And this ignores that the clones already made have been female. You really suck at this m8.

OP why didn't you just say "muh hypergamy" and be done with it?

Because your scenario collapses on it's own logic.

Why are you all such insufferable faggots?

your situation is irrelevant. you're just trying to create a hypothetical where you can say "hey guize there's totally a situation where men should be able to rape women." what's the point? it's the same sort of fantasy that feminists have about putting men in semen extracting pods in the basement. its silly and speaks to how immature you are as a political agent.



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What's with the anti-natalist meme here? Is it just a meme? Why not just let people have or not have children?


How come Nazis always have to come up with the dumbest shit to rationalize their belief systems?

This melon farmer knows what's up

You need to when there's no legitimate arguments for it.

Since it isn't based on material analysis it has to be based on feels, rhetoric, and pseudoscience

Fuck off faggot. Women are a huge fucking problem today. There will be no revolution if we can't get these materialistic cunts on board. They are 80% of consumers. They have more to lose when capitalism falls. How will they compete with other females in fashion when everyone has state issued clothing?(USER WAS SENT TO ANFEM SEX DUNGEON FOR THIS POST)

you're really bad at hiding, Holla Forums. If you're going to pretend to be a leftist at least read a fucking book so you'd know what to say.

In the hypothetical situation that when this happened all women acted as a hive mind and literally all wanted to have sex with the exact same person it would still be wrong to make them mate with people they don't want to mate with. Since you're all for a master race though it would be in your interest to let it happen as if everyone was attracted to the same person they probably have some nifty genes.

Does the technology exist to create non-clone AIs? If so, do that. If not, change the law so that robo-clones can be created without authorisation as a stop-gap measure while you throw all available resources into developing proper independent AIs.

Common misconception is that female choice means that only the greatest people live in. This is very false, since female brains are still in the age of barbarity and have not updated for civilization.

Common misconception is that human choice means that only the greatest people live on. This is very false, since human brains are still in the age of barbarity and have not updated for civilization.

This is fucking pathetic

DO NOT respond to nogf nazi please newfags. He's gone crazy from being rejected by women. The guy's politics is literally revolves around curing his virginity

This is actually entirely the reasons I respond.

His motivation isn't the problem. Being unable to find love does cause suffering. The problem is that regressive fascism would not solve anything. The average Holla Forums user would not be considered fit to receive a state-mandated spouse for the same reason that criminals and the poor wouldn't.

The only solution for OP is to receive a beautiful waifu through transhumanism or post-singularity AI, both of which really necessitate (or rather, inevitably cause) communism.

OP what's your damage

op FOR FUCK SAKE what the fuck is wrong with you

So the only way you can justify your beliefs is by coming up with a scenario that is beyond impossible…?

But the incel problem is a very recent phenomena. Personally I thinks it's related to tech and the internet becoming ubiquitous

Pretty sure he's two guys tbh. A Holla Forumsack wouldn't have the mental proficiency to be able to switch between flags.

He isn't. OP is actually funny, the guy I was responding to is a flagless whiny faggot.

Holla Forums always put on the nazi flag, they love it

recent =/= easy to solve
Nuclear proliferation and global warming are also recent problems.

So we just get everyone to agree to go back to pre-industrial society? Easy!


Even when they do mention events that happen in real life, they tend to be the exception not the norm.

I'd get a clone of myself, switch out a chromosome, and then proceed to make ultimate incest. One dank shitpost deserves another.

But what if your clone rejected you and decided to create another sex-swapped clone of itself to marry?

Check mate, Carl Marks.

They, along with some strongmen, could breed very powerful warriors indeed. Stormfags dropped the ball on this one fams.

this right here

Sperm can be made from stem cells. Women have stem cells. If it's made from sperm, women can be cloned it's just a more complicated process.

OP clearly illustrates how porn and feminism objectify women.

Color me surprised.

Holla Forums has no such problems because nobody here has an ounce of masculinity to begin with

You're going to be sick of winning in a few months, bucko.

user, we both know know I am correct, look at every single attention whore on this board.

Toxic masculinity is why there isn't peace in the world. If all males were castrated and women ran the world, there would be more compassion and equality for all. True Communism.

I've only heard of clones made from two mothers so far Mr. Nazi.


We're more likely to go to the snoo snoo future than whatever you're dreaming about.


Kek, true. We have some users who are masculine, like CavAnon and that tankie who loves benchpressing, and I've not got a masculinity deficit myself, but it is almost like fate that every facefagged user here must be some kind of effeminate autist. Might be a result of some kind of feminine trait though.

I mean, look at Holla Forums - Spencer and Milo are raging fags. What's the deal with narcissism and a lack of masculinity?

But I can compensate it with a full beard.

You know, the first three ones where objectively good, but now it's getting a little old.
The entire Trump saga was great. We want more of that, Holla Forums.

Please never stop posting no-gf Nazi. I never fail to be amused by your posts.

why do people do this

It is very fashionable among the islamic youth.

Because tripfags are mostly mentally female
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OP illustrates well how feminism and porn objectify women.