Im very hopeful about our future because of the advances in automation and robotics...

Im very hopeful about our future because of the advances in automation and robotics. Multiculturalism will make communism on global scale a possibility. We need to keep communist ideology alive until the time comes.

You type like you're trying to scare Holla Forums.

Low effort.

"Multiculturalism" does nothing to solve antagonism between workers. If anything it's liberalism encouraging segregation and ghettos.

It's just a term for the lack of cultural enforcement.

What do you mean?

Enforcing monolithic culture.

Im dead serious about this. I will sacrifice all my countrymen for communism.

Multiculturalism is retarded.

This is why it needs to be implemented slowly. The current crisis has woken up all the conservatives about this issue.

All Russia did was make laws that affect everyone equally.
Multiculturalism? Nobody talks about it there because, slavs get their ass kicked the same way…
say like Chuvash`es do.
Problem solves itself by laws that don`t give special muh privileges.
This whole situation is giant non-starter.

Multiculturalism has nothing to do with the historical development of communism.

In fact, it's a bit of an absurd concept. Cultures don't exist stagnant in their own independent bubbles, there is no "multiculture".

And while the international proletariat have no nation, this is because the nation-state exists for the benefit of the bourgeoisie, not any liberal concept of "multiculturalism"

There is zero revolutionary potential in Eastern Europe. Western Europe is the center of the stage like always. China on the otherhand has the wonderful opportunity to go full communism when capitalism fails them. Trade embargoes between USA and China seem like a realistic scenario.

Yes but the situation is too good for leftist position to let it slip away. Many users here browse so much Holla Forums they are scared when they hear the word multiculturalism

fuckin capcha

I'm not a conservative. It's just true. The predominant culture of a place like Somalia is diametrically opposed to the culture in Canada. The latter is superior to the former in terms of oppressive ratio, and I would rather see the Somalian culture stamped out.

Yes i have heard all this before and it takes generations until the immigrants will integrate to another culture. You really dont have any options about this because i just dont see Nazi masturbation fantasy to be anything other than a internet meme.


It was a excellent move for the survival of the state. They are building up their economy day by day but this crapitalism wont last forever.

I don't care if immigrants don't fully integrate, I'm saying that a superior culture should be imposed and no room for inferior cultural attitudes should be made. Also, I'm more of an NBP type, not an NBF type, so the Nazi argument isn't gonna fly.

Yeah i really dont care about these cultures only communism has some value to me. Multiculture is just a tool in my box to make every proletarian equal.

Automation and robotics is steadily advancing.

What is a broad and exciting field is genetics.
The possibilities are boundless and extensive.